O Stars Above: Capricorn Full Moon

Capricorn Coin Beaded Embroider Necklace by Suzanne O'Clair. Custom orders available.

Capricorn Coin Beaded Embroider Necklace by Suzanne O'Clair. Custom orders available.

Mom and Dad and Life

Even as we relax and play at summer solstice, the sun weakens a bit every day until the darkness of winter solstice. It seems counter-intuitive that at the peak of summer's light, winter's dark creeps in, and in winter's cold nights, the summer's sun begins to warm up. It's a loop, a cycle and the eternal balance of nature that we feel in our heart and bones as we take measure of our lives.

Full moons are balancing cycles, too. This one (July 19, 2016 at 3:56 p.m. PDT) highlights the signs of the solstices. Cancer, related to the mother, nurtures growth, feelings and instincts rooting us into our clan, tribe or family. Capricorn, related to the father, directs attention to what it takes to mature in the society. Our skills in dealing with time, discipline, and boundaries structure our environment just as the shoulds and oughts of family traditions empower us.

Both signs are receptive and yin, calling us inward to be still and listen. Although solstice vacations to visit family, and year-end holidays demand busyness, in the quiet moments, we glimpse our place, first in the close bonds of family, then in the broader society and ultimately, in the circle of life.

These quiet moments let us see what needs rebalancing between our inner 'Mom' and 'Dad'. Too much 'Mom' and we coddle ourselves. Too much 'Dad' and we over work. Once we tune into our intimate feelings, only we can follow its wise guidance as we respond to society's demands. Extra courage to answer our hearts comes with this moon. In this way, we honor our Mother and Father.

Horoscopes July 19 – Aug 2

Cancer, self-care includes caring for friends and your honey. Partners - who sometimes care for you - are worthy of your focus. Just strike that inner/outer world balance. Love and value yourself enough to be your own best friend. You glow – and as humble as you are, you feel it. Use it well!

Leo, minor actors are center stage, but as the star, you are still in the wings listening for your cue. Play life roles that match your nature and motivations for fabulous reviews. Chase roles that aren't yours. and the lion roars over meaninglessness scaring colleagues. Don't do that.

Virgo, somebody you know knows somebody who can help you. Make contact and it feels like kismet but don't loose your sense of self. It's still your quest and the song “I did it my way” is whispering in your ear. Family and close friends have a view of how to get 'er done. Trust them.

Libra, your body is at work, your heart is at home. It's exactly the dilemma this full moon amplifies. Work must come from your heart and home must be a place to nurture yourself. Your gang sees the adjustment needed – someone could connect you to someone - listen to them.

Scorpio, stick close to your true north in all you do, aligning meaning with work. You have skills, abilities and resources but doubt yourself. You can do it. The time is now and others want you to win. This calls for strategic thinking, meeting with wise friends and baby steps.

Sagittarius, align your values with others and watch your life transform. The magic is in the daily details. They must be done and you are on display, so get busy. Work towards a practical goal, fine-tune yourself with discipline and patience. This is a growing up period – use it well.

Capricorn, in the rebuilding of your ambitions, let others see your heart and vulnerability. You have enough personal power to do that, and it's a mark of true leadership. Whatever you want to accomplish, mix in kindness and compassion so there are no regrets later.

Aquarius, you are a-buzz with electrical energy, but stay still. Listen to the silence. Tune into the feelings of your last cycle and tidy up details. Your body needs you to eat, sleep and exercise. Metaphysics is a science, too, full symbols, cause and effect, and universal laws. Tap in.

Pisces, who are your can-do people? Let them show you how to take creativity out of the dream world and to the street. This isn't a time for dreaming it but for making your mark, moving your body, singing your song. Baby-step into reality and grind it out. The universe sings through you.

Aries, yo-hoo, look out here at your family and work results. Adjust accordingly even if you have to deal with your own bulls--- oops, psychology! You're looking for a meaningful life. Late degree Aries are in an especially messy, chaotic process. No acting out, please, fine-tune your impulses.

Taurus, routines, messages, siblings, just the usual while you're dreaming of far-away. Time at home with friends, especially women, who adore you give you confidence. Talk to those friends and listen to yourself, really feel your heart. It's active, and feelings and such need attention.

Gemini, self-worth is not always about money and others don't have it better than you. Women friends are invaluable for getting a view of what your true voice is struggling to express. Talk it out, try on a new story. Quiet down and listen. There is a fire storm of courage available to you.