O Stars Above: Cancer New Moon

Cancer Coin Beaded Embroidery Necklace by Suzanne O'Clair. Custom orders are available.

Cancer Coin Beaded Embroidery Necklace by Suzanne O'Clair.
Custom orders are available.

An All-In-Pool-Party with a Cannonball

The Cancer new moon in Cancer arrives on our nation's birthday (July 4 at 4:01 AM PDT) as we stuff ourselves with childhood memories: hot dogs and hamburgers, marching bands and fireworks. Cancer with its emotional pincers clings to the past like barnacles on the good ship Lollipop.

The adult version of Cancer runs the gauntlet from sentimentality to deep wells of personal and ancient sensitivities with dexterity. The popular view of Cancer nails the sign with taking care of others. But in the inner world of astrology, the sign's true mission is one of self-care, self-nurturing and self-protection.

In the softness of summer, in the energy of Cancers care, we catch up with our inner mothers and ask “How am I, as my inner mother, nurturing me, helping me identify self-care needs, and teaching me to use my emotional sensitivity?”

Once we tend to ourselves, we can sooth the fretful brow of our clan. Heaven only knows that clans, children and parents, bosses, and our kindly neighbors demand more care than one lone person can give - even if that person is a Cancer. Remember the oxygen mask instruction and put yours on first!

July's energetics point to all of us being more sensitive than usual with seven (!) water planets teamed up. It's an all-in-pool-party with Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces, a 'splishin'-and-splashin' away. Here is the 'We Are All One' lesson: everyone has the water signs in their charts. No one is left out of this party and there is bound to be a cannonball or two.

Pay attention to feelings – yours and theirs. Feelings hold information. Listen with your heart. And as the Dalai Lama, a Cancer himself, reminds us extend kindness and compassion to all including ourselves.

Horoscopes July 4- July 19

Cancer, your heart IS your head – pure emotional intelligence. Pay attention to what it tells you because that is what you want to share with the world. Your energy is the fountainhead for all water signs. Show us how to flow, receive, sense, feel and live from our hearts.

Leo, privately, take on the role of High Priestess and merge with angelic helpers. Tap into intuitive abilities through music, nature, dreams, and ceremonies, like reading tarot cards or doing art. Rest and fill up with support from other worlds. Show time comes later.

Virgo, turn to your nurturing tribe imperfect as they may be. Hold a candle for the future where kindness and caring come naturally, and tomorrow is better for all. Share your goals with buddies, sense the alignment of partners. No words. Feel supported. Act later.

Libra, this is an instinctual pull. Not your normal arena of abstract philosophy, aesthetic dialogue or social grease. Though out of your niche, your troops trust you. Trust your own sensitivities for natural expression - a gentle touch or word with the tea ceremony. Rest your mind.

Scorpio, deep desire set free. Begin moving in the direction you simply must go. Dedicate yourself as though the finger of God pointed and said go there. Your new journey is long and must be a true one for you. No apologies, it is your sacred mission to be you in the world. Fly, eagle, fly.

Sagittarius, discipline and routine see you through a blind patch. Grind it out with sensitivity to others - as though they have their hand on the moneybag you want. Watch for signs in this watery world: daydreams, bits of songs. Emotional intelligence isn't your strong suit, action is. It comes soon.

Capricorn, this is not the time to push partners and friends to a goal line. It is time to receive their care and concern for you, and reciprocate. Old stories of hardship and isolation create more of the same. Steady planning with an eye for the unexpected sets up your future.

Aquarius, balancing a brilliant mind with the emotions of seven water planets is a must for the moment. Great ideas are based on caring for the little people, so feel their pain. Get out of the ivory tower and exercise. Feed what hungers you. Sense yourself into a good routine and follow it.

Pisces, the water energy is a tsunami empowering you to use your creativity and skills in real ways – your way. Stay focused. Make a list and stay on task, a task that has to do with heart, imagination and helping. Remember water paths meander like streams and rivers.

Aries, you are primal masculine energy but push too hard and you break things. Water energy, feminine and intuitive, responds to finesse. Be like a martial artist, sense the right move. Only take action needed for progress. Otherwise, do laps around the track to burn off excess energy.

Taurus, adjust the daily routine to what feels right, not 'practical' but it moves you along. Water is not about doing it's about 'being' with the flow – not stuck in the mud. Friends need time and care, and you need your friends. Stop for a bit. In fact, focus on finding a mate already.

Gemini, just throw up your hands and give up or give in. Intuitive water energy goes against your penchant for logic. It opens the door for the 'bad twin' - the one you don't understand - because s/he is NOT logical. Your emotional watery twin can teach you there is a logic to feelings!