O Stars Above: Leo New Moon

Radiant as the Summer Sun

At last, summer arrives and the Sun King's New Moon (August 2, 2016 at 1:44 PM PDT) takes over. Leo coaxes us out of moodiness with a roar to abandon ourselves with exuberance: to play and move in fun and games and summer romances. Under the sun, we are primed to shine - not as family or tribe members – but as radiant individuals.

The Lion, full of confidence and stamina, dares, and takes risks as they engage in conquering anything between them, and all that they can be. The archetypal Lion represents the daunting quest of an individual engaged in the process of becoming a true, whole, illuminated Self: a Divine Being.

Our Leo-self longs to express courage, generosity and warmth towards ourselves and others in an endless stream, as giving as the sun. It is a restless quest, full of false starts and requiring feed back. Some Leos pitch a tent at the oases of attention-seeking, ego-entanglements and bombastic buffonery, a tribe of pretenders. We know them when we see them, and move across the room...

But soul-seeking Leos use even those mis-steps to ferret out dark fears in the grand adventure of becoming more than simply human. They inspire us to reclaim (yet again) our child-like innocence, as we disappoint our human selves and give in to small-mindedness and mean-spiritedness, breaking our own hearts.

Leo remembers that our nature is to be Light, as radiant and encompassing as the summer Sun. Leos like that are noticed – even if they aren't on stage. The Leo task is daunting and demands a lion's heart and when they shine with hard-earned radiance, applause is a worthy response.

Horoscopes August 2 – August 16

Leo, you're alive with fire and light. Watch how you carry it. Do you inspire, scorch, let other's use you for their gains, give into flattery. But, you know that when you are not questing for full Self-Expression you are not doing your work. It takes courage and heart. Focus it with care.

Virgo, notice the secret cues that want you doing only the work you are here for. Take some hammock time. Correct course as needed to do your work and not the drudge of others. It will open the sweetness of your heart. Still, your mission is integration through daily details. Chop wood...

Libra, broader friendships and networking groups need your social-graces and -grease to move us all along. Polish yourself behind the scenes. You are about to find yourself stage-center - with your personality in the spotlight. What is your platform? Relationships and beauty, of course.

Scorpio, if you are not being adored at work, get a new job! You are awesome and have powerful friends who can help position you for expansive work behind the scenes soon. Value yourself and develop a strategy and action plan. Make the move to an adventure of a lifetime. Yea - now!

Sagittarius, the person-of-action is back. But with a fine pointed focus. All that hard work is paying off and you are seen as the future. Inspire others to get on-board your star-wagon. You are almost past the point of no-return. Still, work, details and such ahead, but you have people!

Capricorn, outward radiance demands the draining of inner swamps regularly. The good news is Leo's light ferrets out the gunk and gives you the heart to dig. See results soon. Your no-nonsense guardian angel wielding a sword is nudging you on even as you sleep so clear up deep hurts.

Aquarius, give those closest to you the spot light - adore them and applaud. What you see in them mirrors you, so you must own it...the good, the bad, the YOU! Carry those instructions into your broadest base of associates. Everyone may not be as brilliant as you, but they shine, too.

Pisces, your work buddies - applaud them, adore them and let them return the sentiments. When they do, open and receive. It strengthens bonds and makes a stronger team. Sometimes you can't see the road ahead or how to navigate. That's when they do. If they are your right team, relax and follow.

Aries, focus, focus because fire energy is wild right now and must be directed. If not you can steam-roll folks. Inspire them to join your mission. It's fun and faces the future. Get on the floor and play with the kids. Write your goals down, stay focused on it and use that amazing fire energy!

Taurus, you feel most radiant and loved at home. Fill it with the best of arts, foods, flowers, people you love and enjoy them enjoying your largess. No one at home? Go deep and dig out the impediments (money) to your heart connections. It's easy right now, but hard. Hard but productive.

Gemini, fire and air are the expressive go-go people and six fire signs light you up. Talk, talk, talk it up, friends and gatherings, daily doings – shake the tree of what's shakin'. You are ready for a new everything and you won't get it by focusing - but by moving. Shake it up, baby and follow the fun.

Cancer, last month's action moves on but you are not forgotten, Moon Beam. Move the attention from personality to self-esteem. As an executive sign you can do anything. What have you been clearing the decks for? Get strategic, the starting gun is primed. Relax, too - fire can frazzle water.