O Stars Above: Aquarian Full Moon

Single Stars and Constellations

The Peanuts character, Linus, made an astute point when he said, “I love mankind (Aquarian). It's people (Leo) I can't stand!” Yep, we get to deal with each other, and society, while striving to be our best selves. This full moon (Thursday, August 18 at 2:26 a.m. PDT) blends Leo's drive for Divine Illumination with the Aquarian vision of a Utopian Society. Taking on either of these tasks lifts us from an ego -bound drudgery to a great adventure – even if we fall short!

Full moons shed light on issues, sometimes personal, sometimes societal, and give us a chance to work things out. It would be lovely to think society's flaws are different than individual faults. But, society's issues are grass-root affairs. Once we get ourselves together (which none of us does alone) the job is to offer our gifts to the community, and pay it back.

Sitting with questions that arise in the light of a full moon, we are rewarded with self-knowledge and self-empowerment and move from pity parties to compassion. We discover our common human dilemma - every single person works hard at being alive no matter his circumstances! Personal clarity contributes to group clarity, and the grass-roots find the will to act. Thus, the collective unconscious becomes collective consciousness and society inches along.

This moon comes equipped with extra zest for 'we, the people' to join hearts with minds, both within and between ourselves, and get real about tending to society's most meaningful values. Who knows? By the light of this moon, we may awaken to find ourselves marching in a multitude headed in a direction that empowers wholeness at all levels for all people.

Sometimes we are single stars, and sometimes, we are part of a constellation - but, no less brilliant.

Horoscope August 18 - September 1

Leo, you lose no radiance when you lavish applause on partners. Assess skills and shore them up as needed but don't count yourself short. Bluster doesn't last - solid skills built with practice and detail does. It enhances what you have to offer and how you offer it in satisfying, focused ways.

Virgo, enjoy a few more days of life behind-the-scenes. Your personality is burgeoning with gifts, attracting friends and much good. Jupiter, your favorite uncle, finds yet more gifts for you in his bag before he moves to Libra. He leaves you brimming with self-confidence. Own it and use it well.

Libra, you see star-quality in friends broad and wide. They light you up. Your inclusiveness makes odd couples feel right at home. This month demands play, fun, romance. Angels, fairies and elves gather to rev up your imagination and dream world. Take a nap and good notes on insights.

Scorpio, use your brilliant strategist-ability to form a plan around money. You like it and school is in on how you manifest it. Focus. At home, the moon wants you in your heart and sharing your radical ideas. Then, uncomplicate it and go have some fun with your woo-woo friends.

Sagittarius, personal power and focus combine to get 'er done. If you don't know what you want done, seek advice. It's too good an opportunity to miss. Pretend you are the noon day sun - so high up you see everything, how it works and unfolds. Make decisions from there and mobilize the troops.

Capricorn, stay patient and steadfast on your own behalf. Your journey is slow, deep and at times painful as you reconstruct almost everything you think you are. Your dreams may feel heavy, pointed, and confusing. Sit with them. Honor the hard work you are doing day and night.

Aquarius, planning for the masses, while being human and vulnerable is a challenge. Oddly enough, that is where your power lies for the moment. Feelings, plus, not seeing the path clearly - darn, welcome aboard, Spock. Powerful friends work under these conditions and each has a puzzle piece.

Pisces, cement new, productive friendships with collaborative partners. Let them lead when you are on your hands and knees patting the earth to find your way. Watch for astute business partners. Dreams are restless. Your work focus is pretty amazing now. Push through and stay with it.

Aries, expand your friendships. A warrior's spirit combines strategy with attack and it's time to actively pursue your future. Small course changes make big differences over time. You discover work buddies are delightful and fun to be around. In fact, they are effective. Go, to – you have a mission!!

Taurus, your small turf needs work before saving the planet. Head, heart and a final sweep of good fortune are aligned on your behalf. There is a conflict between going for fun and staying in to dig through the mud of psychological mines. Do some of both, but do dig. Your future depends on it.

Gemini, family and childhood emotions surface in a way logical enough for you to 'grok.' It sheds light on the heaviness (fighting?) around your closest. Science says our hearts and guts have brains, too, so sit and think with a hand on one of them. Crazy ideas about your future edge in!

Cancer, you have enough sense of yourself to dig deep and rise up to a higher level of expressing care. Be irreplaceable you. This is especially true at work - you just aren't that weird! Focus, strategies and your soft touch solves issues of work and employees in a way that feels good.