O Stars Above: Virgo New Moon - Eclipse

Eclipses - Dramatic Beginnings and Endings.

School is back in session! Virgo tutors us in how to keep body, mind and emotions together by focusing on order, routines and the details of life. Two eclipses emphasizes her expertise, and Mercury goes retrograde as Jupiter, the largest planet, moves to Libra. After a year in Virgo, Jupiter schooled us in owning our personal goals and routines. In Libra he can be problematic with a tsunami of people, people, people and parties that can easily pull us off our path over the next year.

Mercury re-trograde with this New Moon eclipse (September 1, 2:03 AM PDT) gives us a chance to re-view, re-evaluate, and re-think the purpose of said routines. Are we taking daily baby-steps in a direction we want to go? Or are we meandering along like a lazy river? Mercury, the trickster, happily screws up what we shouldn't be doing - until we get back on the path of our true purpose.

Eclipses bring dramatic beginnings and endings. With one 'aha' moment, the ego's tyranny can snap when we see the emotional cost of going after what we don't want. What are you so 'over' you can't stand it? Let it go. Just quit. Cross it off your list and give it no more of your life energy.

Freed from that quagmire, what do you know deep in your gut (Virgo territory) that you simply must do? It may be a seed of an idea you've had since you were tiny. Start today. Find a mentor. Make a plan. Put it on your calendar. Take action. Accomplishing an astonishing goal happens day-by-day or not at all.

This eclipse, like a fairy godmother or a guardian angel, grants grounded energy to propel us further along our soul-dream than makes logical sense! If the original to-do list was a reminder of what our souls came to accomplish, it would be a simple, but potent, list. Right?

Horoscope September 1 – 16

Virgo, humble as you are, your personality lights up and you are seen. You lead by living spiritual principles of tender care for all – including yourself. What would the Goddess do? Think back to September 1997? Where were you and what did you drop out then? Is now the time?

Libra, prepare a welcome as bountiful Jupiter returns after a 12-year absence. You look lovely and your people skills seem effortless - even as you worry and fret. It's such a secret that even you don't recognize the anxiety you carry. Ditch any critical attitudes. A healthy mind creates beauty. Rest.

Scorpio, invest in yourself. Count on your disciplined, focused instincts. The eclipses activate the crossroads of connections and creativity. Jupiter arrives in your karmic house bearing gifts to manifest. Meditation, contemplation, simply listening helps. Strategy tops spontaneity.

Sagittarius, shouting your beliefs over others? Relax, they have their philosophies, too, and God talks in many tongues. Free-wheeling Jupiter wrapped up in details was stressful. He moves into a social realm you enjoy - if your own ideas don't block your view. Focus on administrative details.

Capricorn, karma also returns good stuff we did and forgot: call that forth as you rebuild your life. Working harder at what doesn't work is a stuck belief system – often based on anxiety. Go for simple beliefs, actions and kindnesses, and include yourself. Better, yes? Prepare to socialize.

Aquarius, analyze where you spend time and energy. Get practical about business and connect with shakers and movers. Your mission depends on others buying into your ideas and you've got the psychological acumen to figure out what motivates the players involved. Steady on.

Pisces, the power arenas are active so this is the time and the place to move forward. If you're foggy, use grounded friends for clarification. It may be that by hooking your wagon to their star, you end up where you want to be. Still it takes a reality-based focus and it's worth the work.

Aries, born after April 11th? A cosmic make-over is shaking you loose to be who you are. If you aren't, chaos comes calling. Still you have to carry your weight with colleagues even as you rework your basic life plan. Preaching feels good but it may be a sermon you need to hear!

Taurus, your idea of fun and games runs along the ideas of living the good life: wine, food, massage, lounging on the beach. Go, have fun and put yourself in places where you might bump into someone and suddenly, love appears. Then you can skip the anxiety producing impact of dating!

Gemini, steady down. Make home a place of order, all clean and tidy. You need a peaceful sanctuary when your busy mind lands. Writing helps you see what's lurking in your depths and ties past with present. Deep cleaning lets your mind wander while hands are busy. Company is coming.

Cancer, even as you run the daily track, past and future meet in you while the present isn't quite right either. The focus of diet, health and rest stabilizes everything for you. Rework what isn't working - and let go and let God what you can't put your finger on. Deep breath, dear one.

Leo, as a reminder, money is not a measure of your self-worth. Tend to finances but leave room for some luxury. You know, where they wait on you! Also, don't sell yourself short by taking less than you're worth for services you render. Once financial bases are covered, enjoy what you earned.