O Stars Above: Aquarius New Moon

Gabriella Vogt, Seattle Women's March, January 21, 2017

Gabriella Vogt, Seattle Women's March, January 21, 2017

Democracy and
the Age of Aquarius

Words describing Aquarian energy resonate with the ideas of democracy: inclusiveness, brotherhood, pursuit of life, liberty and freedom for all. Our Declaration of Independence expresses the heart of the moon in Aquarius in the United State's chart. The very nature of our republic is Aquarian – as are we.

How Aquarian are these times? Very! And becoming more so as the Age of Aquarius increases in light and a two-year eclipse cycle in Aquarius and Leo comes into phase. The Aquarian new moon (January 27 at 4:06 pm PST) isn't an eclipse but an initiation. As the eleventh sign of our unfolding, Aquarius asks us to consider if we can come to the table, as fully developed adults, and participate in the hard work of building an egalitarian society.

Last month's Capricorn moon engaged us in examining authority - how we use it, work with it, or against it, and work together to build large structures and hierarchical systems. Aquarius shifts authority to the group as a whole which shares leadership. Different skills are required.

Can we listen to each other - as one of many - in co-operation and find common ground toward a more inclusive, equal union? Or do we want to be the boss (Capricorn), only play if we get our way (Leo), or act-out and create chaos, emotionally or otherwise?

The universal lesson of the next few years focuses us on maintaining our sense of selves (Leo) while participating in groups (Aquarius). The high side of Leo expresses our generous, radiant hearts. Aquarius asks us to bring those hearts to the table and work with, and for each other.

First lessons build a foundation and show us where we are headed. This moon does both. It stands at a pivotal point between compassion and high-handedness while bringing clarity of thought with an eye on the goal. In order to stay in the game of society building, however, we must increase our emotional intelligence and learn to recognize and manage knee-jerk reactions.

Horoscope January 27 – February 10

Aquarius, ivory towers are your natural habitat, but stage center is your new home. Your view point can blend emotional sensitivities and disciplined work. Everyone walking their talk would be a worthy revolution to undertake. Communication has an explosive element. Talk on purpose.

Pisces, what have you learned about grounding your dreams and embodying spirit these last two years? It is a month for less structure, and more creativity, nature and long naps. You're receiving communiques from the mother ship...

Aries, be sure you're hobnobbing with your true tribe, people who really get who you are and what your mission is. Mars moves into Aries just hours after the new moon. Be aware that you carry a robust amount of energy, ie a big stick! A traffic jam in Pisces says stay in your heart and listen.

Taurus, compassionate groups and a revolutionary approach at work inspire you. You move at your own pace, but you feel a different drummer picking up the speed. Weird times for a pragmatist but you may experience the thinning of the veil! Steady on.

Gemini, inheritances, loans, grants, and people who seem to have power over you PLUS evolutionary thoughts around old psychological wounds. Don't mix these two up. You have value and authority – trust yourself and don't give them away. Open your heart at work.

Cancer, more intimacy is a revolutionary thought! Drop your shields and claim your power with your honey. Emotionally, your kind heart feels supported and renewed faith. Stick to routines that support your body. Energize your job!

Leo, you like odd balls. You marry them and they are a reflection of you. Enjoy yours and their quirkiness. Now is the time to do the disciplined work of your creativity/craft. Rewards come later. A healing kindness fills in where old wounds lived. Extraordinary ideas are pouring in.

Virgo, shake up routines with something revolutionary for diet or exercise. Lighten up on your creations – like children. You're in a heavy mental place around them and your own self-expression. Look, but don't pitch a tent there. Bring compassion to the marriage.

Libra, hang with friends that bring the irreverent and quirky out in you for a change. Enough of social grease and diplomacy. Take care of any vague health issues. Are you seeing the effect of your sweet tooth? Yes, beautiful one, you need to exercise enough to sweat.

Scorpio, shake up your home space. Throw out everything that isn't creating a revolution in your life, and routines. Creativity is at a peak as well as a healing in how you think about old, emotional scarring you may not even see. Break free.

Sagittarius, the last two years brought you a serious dose of reality. But there is a difference between responsibility and drudgery. If your job isn't inspiring, it isn't energizing. You have a huge network – talk to everyone and find what lights your fire. Don't sit around moping.

Capricorn, you look sedate but you value revolution! Ponder the work of Martin Luther King whose compassion lit the fires of a civil rights evolution. Look at how far you've come in the last few years. Let go of anything that doesn't create a rebirth in you.