O Stars Above: Libra New Moon


Plots as Endless as Time

Romantic movies make us laugh because we know where the lovers are headed from the opening scene. Why? Because we've been there! They want love and will battle themselves and each other to reach the sigh of contentment found in the kiss in the closing scene.

Okay, we don't know exactly how our cinematic lovers will get to the big kiss. Heaven knows, the plots are as endless as time. Will one lover see the dewy-eyed friend standing right there? Will the lovers, like Spencer Tracy and Katherine Hepburn, dislike each other at first sight and fight all the way to happily ever after? Maybe the lovers look like the ideal match because they are exactly alike but the romance still turns into a disaster - until the odd ball who is not at all like them shows kindness and wins the kiss.

However it happens, this is the quintessential Libran urge and the new moon (Oct 19, 12:11 pm PDT) re-awakes our need to love and be loved – which is our greatest vehicle of self-discovery. With Jupiter moving into Scorpio, the longing to merge with another runs deep. This year could find us feeling optimistic enough to break deep patterns so we can fly to the far horizons of love.

Venus, goddess of relationships, has a wicked sense of humor. Or does she? After all, as the expert she knows the path to love is fraught with peril. Teamed up with Uranus, the Trickster, they dare us to break through old rejection and abandonment issues and risk all for a higher understanding of love. Venus holds steady the mirror so we can see ourselves projecting onto the other. What? I need to dismantle my own protective patterns to claim love and partnership.

Yep, the reason we love romantic comedies is we're laughing at ourselves. Relationships can look like a battle between the sexes. But we know deep down, each of us is engaged in a battle to love ourselves as much as we want to be loved. Surprise! It's an inside job.

Horoscopes October 19- November 3

Libra, it takes courage to be yourself in a relationship. Surprise yourself by using your graceful diplomacy to speak up for yourself in the relationship. Be on your side. Fence-sitting, eye-rolling, and people-pleasing are sure-fired mine fields that take relationships down.

Scorpio, Jupiter checks in after twelve years bringing new faith and optimism for your urge to merge. Doors open for you. To go through the right ones your best strategy is emotional transparency. Take time to ruminate about how you connect. It's your blind spot.

Sagittarius, you may feel like you are wearing body armor, pinched in with no room to roam. Focus on your network and get out there. Far and wide is not just an outer adventure. The inner world is huge, too, and takes faith to explore.

Capricorn, work partnerships are there for you so be sure you are there for them. Some projects move slowly because of behind the scene details. The new game is about who you know so get out there, hand out business cards and look for power players – like you – who keep it real.

Aquarius, stay connected to high-powered players and partners already aligned with your most optimistic, but realistic visions. The game is changing. Focus on reality and details. Work demands strategic thinking to open the way. Good ideas are not enough for the current climate.

Pisces, with the wind beneath your wings, take the highest view you can and think deeply about strategies for execution. Align with partners who share your values. Inspiration comes in odd ways. Idealizing, romanticising, and woo-woo thinking are addictions. Stay grounded.

Aries, you made headway around partnerships this last year. Keep it going. Send flowers, chocolates, make date nights regular events. Remember you scored points, discovered how fun partners can be, and how much more you get done. Some may help with financing ventures together.

Taurus, your best partners are pragmatic and work oriented. But, YOU need to make an effort to connect beyond work. Cameo appearances leave you lonely at night. It's time to apply strategic thinking to how you are going to fulfill your growing urge to merge. Invest in a partner!

Gemini, okay, butterfly-spirits, get out and play. Fill your calendar with diverse entertainment, gal-pals and re-create yourself. It's time to rework work and daily routines. If your body is talking to you listen. Lighten your daily load so you can open up to new opportunities.

Cancer, call the clan home. Maybe there are autumn chores for them to do, but a family dinner afterwards is just what everyone needed. Children, fun and creativity get a lift this year and fill your heart and soul like nothing else. Plan on fun. Stamp everything with your style.

Leo, the summer eclipse comes home to your hearth. Your golden heart needs relationships to shine your love on AND keep it open. Be sure companions can keep up with your ability to go psychologically deep. Inner work is easy, but while down there, find your goodness, too.

Virgo, stay focused until a few more details are finished. Acknowledge your good work. The to-do list can be a bit much but you're seeing the fruits of your labor - so celebrate YOUR harvest! It's time to let the day-to-day flow and establish deeper priorities.