O Stars Above: Leo Full Moon Eclipse

The Leading Edge

The eclipse season comes in like a wrecking ball full of drama as the new administration (Leo) and the U.S. people (Aquarius) test and resist each other in a societal macrocosm. Leo's personal power does not mix well with the masses unless being adored by them. The masses dispassionately remind the king that the people have power, too.

A partial eclipse of the Leo full moon (February 10 at 4:32 pm PST) grants additional star-power as it sounds the opening gong to a two-year series of eclipses in the Aquarius/Leo polarity. We can expect energetic dances of resistance like tangos in which neither Leo nor Aquarius gives ground - since both are stubborn!

Jupiter expands whatever it touches: it currently resides in Libra's territory of social contracts and justice. Citizens world-wide responded to the cosmic winds and turned out in unexpected historic numbers marching for social justice on January 21st. The marches themselves took over Leo's role in their playfulness and creativity. Aquarius' inclusiveness showed up in the signage of many factions joined in co-operative action.

An eclipse's reach is six-months and this one is the leading edge of changes yet to come. Eclipses bring major shifts in the wake of where they are actually seen. Coming in August a total eclipse of the Leo sun cuts its shadow across America from Oregon to South Carolina. Meanwhile, everyone learns about the limitations of the executive office (Leo) within a system of checks and balances (Aquarian.)

Aquarian principles of co-operation for the common good are alive in our psyches as are Leo desires for personal expression. We find our balance point through inner questioning and re-alignment as we mature. What freedoms do we want for ourselves? Can we extend that to others in co-operation? Where do we want to rule others or to be ruled? Answering those questions reveals where we stand between autocracy and democracy in the microcosm of our lives, and ultimately, our society.

Horoscopes February 10 to 28

Aquarius, use inspirational words to rally the troops. You show a magical ability to bring people together no matter what their personal agendas may be. Focus on universal principles and build coalitions. Psst, your mate needs adoration. As an experiment, go ahead - adore them.

Pisces, a two-year eclipse cycle ends in your sign. Have you learned how to extend your compassion heart into practical daily action? Notice how much you've accomplished and how grounded you feel. Play with co-collaborators. Take time to tend to your body and daydream.

Aries, you are energetically on fire with Mars leading the pack. Use that energy to activate friends into humanitarian action. Show them how to have fun, be themselves and get the job done too. Line your guiding principles up with your personal passion and woo-hoo - you could lead a parade.

Taurus, sometimes what you can't see or don't understand can trip you up. Practicality is your long suit, but messages come in woo-woo ways. Lines from movies, fragments of poetry or lyrics stuck in your head point you toward a work-related solution. Even home is dramatic. Stare out the window.

Gemini, if not a vacation, commute through a new neighborhood, talk to people with different views than yours. Get out of your rut by revving up diversity in your life. Join the masses, work for their dreams, teach a class, write a book, take a class. In other words, shake yourself loose!

Cancer, you are valuable for being who you are and doing life exactly the way you do it. Period. Take a bow! Shake up close partnerships with progressive ideas. Let your mate see the radical in you. Your guardian angel stands strong and you can afford the risk.

Leo, it's your first eclipsed moon in a while! Either you've conformed too much and need to break out, or you are so used to having your way you don't know when you are having a snit. It's a conundrum. Watch closely to how others react to you – signals are everywhere. Smile!

Virgo, after two years of soul-searching between yourself alone and as a partner, you've found your balance. Step into the wings and take a break: music, nature, creativity, imagination and unstructured time. Open your generous heart to yourself. Experiment with your routines.

Libra, take a deep breath. Jupiter's expansiveness ran you ragged since last August. It's all good but he just slowed down so you can catch up, review and reorganize. Go play with your honey – that's where the fun is. Do something you don't normally do together, something uncomfortable even.

Scorpio, put your shine on at work. All of life is a stage and you are ON! Colleagues follow, assist and applaud as you do it your way. Home is your laboratory for revolutionary ideas that energize your dreams and principles. This moon is air and fire – ride the wind currents.

Sagittarius, travel if you can. Maybe for educational purposes. From afar you see the progress made over the past eighteen months. Move into consolidation mode and face forward. Party with your network to see what shakes loose - new horizons or fellow collaborators? Talk, teach, envision.

Capricorn, personal renovations move along. You have power behind the throne, your tool box overflows with new skills and you see your value. If others don't, find new partners who applaud you the way you are. This moon is all action and moves fast. Find your center and push off.