O Stars Above: Aries New Moon

Aries: A Fountainhead of Energy

Astrologers look to the stars but recognize that we live earth-bound lives. The dynamic unstoppable energy of the Spring Equinox, or zero point Aries, becomes the start of the astrological new year. This fountainhead of energy empowers everyone's charts. Knowing where it is and how to use it can bring us back from forty days in the desert, so to speak!

And thank goodness! It's where we personally find excitement giving us raw energy to get up and take action every morning. Adventurous, youthful Aries pushes forward with the power and innocence of the crocus rising out of winter's soil.

The Spring Equinox chart (March 20 at 9:28 am PDT) features stable Saturn moderating five fire planets in Aries plus a fiery Sagittarius moon. This chart reawakens issues confronted in April 2014 concerning how we bring our truest voices to relationships in order to build collaborative partnerships while throwing in questions about social philosophies and justice.

The New Moon chart (March 27 at 7:57 pm PDT) urges us to align wants and desires with core values while highlighting how personal power can benefit group agendas based on principles. Venus retrograde in Aries reminds us we must re-claim the weaker parts of our character before we can truly love, serve and protect our neighbors. Otherwise, we “punish” people who appear to match our personal weaknesses out of our fear of being bad/wrong/weak/mean/out of control and unlovable ourselves.

Aries' soul mission searches for courage, and so they seek the edge of fear and take actions that make the rest of us cringe. They climb the highest mountains – and fly off of them in squirrel-suits. They find courage. We find the nearest laundromat!

Arians congregate around dangerous missions like war, extreme athletics, or quick response emergencies. In business, they are 'drivers', impatient and abrupt. Count on them to start projects but not stabilize or finish them. Still, as they mature toward the groundedness of Taurus, boy, can they move mountains!

So here is the question Where do you imagine your Aries warrior or Amazon goddess reigns in your life? And how do you keep this precious flame alive?

Horoscopes March 27 – April 10

Aries, you are a rock 'n' roll band lit up by fireworks. With this charismatic energy it is easy to go too far. But with a controlled hand, and good sense of purpose about who you are and what you stand for, you can make BIG moves forward. In fact, people lean in to your project.

Taurus, imagination, dreams, symbols, music, poetry draw you in though not your normal field of endeavors,. The entire universe speaks to you in puzzle pieces and you listen. Take time to daydream and dawdle. Hang out with woo-woo friends and no bigger goal than spading up the garden.

Gemini, your networks are on fire. Get out and mingle. Focus and move forward now. Talk about what you envision with friends and organizations. Ask who knows someone who knows someone. Get the doors open. Make connections NOW. Details can follow. Easy-peasy!

Cancer, so much for hanging out at home. Work needs your executive hand delegating with kindness. Nurture the troops and let them nurture you. Re-evaluate care and security issues for all. This is the time to ground big projects and plant seeds for the future. You have energy to spare!

Leo, show up and speak up. Be authentic and self-assured. Guide others with your courageous presence. Discuss philosophies, principles and spiritual laws. Speak to inspire. Travel outside of your known circles. The six fire planets of this new moon fire up your Sun. Do not go quietly!

Virgo, catching ourselves in our psychological peccadilloes is challenging. It's like looking at your back or keeping an eye on the car driving in your blind spot. Anything unexpectedly going awry now is a mirror, directing your attention to your part in the situation. Should be interesting!

Libra, an expanding sense of yourself helps you evaluate 'partners' in your life. Are they partners to you or are you partners to them? Do you have to quiet your voice to stay in relationship with them? Break connections unless they are as win/win as you are. Equal partnerships only, please!

Scorpio, few know how highly Scorpios hold their jobs and work matters.. It is where their fount of energy arises. Right now, the fount is gushing with dynamic energy, ideas and self-directed action. Grab your sword and go...in your usual skillful, precise manner.

Sagittarius, creativity, play and recreation abound and you NEED it! Go have fun and put your personal stamp on your life. Find true partners in work and life by getting out and being seen. You can't help but be yourself right now. 'Yourself' is a more mature version than it was two years ago!

Capricorn, you spring forth from your roots. Ambition is fine but nurture your roots in order to climb skyward. Tell yourself the truth about who you are, where you came from, what nurtures you and how you find your clan. A firm foundation is part of your strategy. Make the most of it.

Aquarius, talk it up and put your ideas out there to everyone you meet. Listen closely, adjust your plans. Stay current on e-mails, texts, phone calls, and voice mail. Neighbors, siblings, teachers, and networks want your attention but have something to offer in return.

Pisces, the new cycle brings a renewed sense of your value. Stay energetically focused on emotional and financial security. In legal cases like divorce, inheritance, or insurance stand your ground and don't sell yourself out. Hire an attorney if needed. This is a test of self-love.