O Stars Above: Libra Full Moon

Speak up for Harmony

The four signs, Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn, named after the four directions herald the change of the seasons with the force of your boss shouting, “Follow me!” They also rule the four crucial areas of our lives: our sense of self, our relationships, home and work. Indeed, what else is there in life you might ask?

The full moon in relationship bent Libra (Monday, April 12 at 11:08 PM) stands opposite Aries of the “me, myself and I” fame. With cosmic bodies in Cancer and Capricorn involved, too, you can well imagine that we may feel a tad stressed coming into this moon. It's like having two-year old quadruplets tugging on your apron string, or Superman's cape, all at once! If that isn't enough, this moon relates to the solar eclipse of February 26 stirring the pot of left-over issues.

Happily, Venus brings heart healing as we embrace parts of ourselves shelved until “later.” Now is later, and offers a calming balm as we remember that inside us all lies a limitless source of love. Claiming it feeds our souls and stabilizes our relationships. Mars and Pluto who normally make strident recommendations surprise us with a strategy of practicing patience and kindness. If we ignore their plea, we could be strangled by a circle of stress.

Libra's moon lives for co-operation to such a degree that she can give up her true voice. But, Aries' vigorous energy elicits everyone's opinions at the negotiation table where lively exchanges create consensus. Alone we can do some things, together we can do more. So, everyone, speak up - politely!

Horoscope from April 12 – 26

Aries, the on-onslaught of planets in your sign dissipates a bit. Hopefully, you used the energy to get on down the road. Energies shift to a less reactive approach. Repair any ruffled feelings. Keep the momentum going by inviting others into your vision, especially those closest to you.

Taurus, changing your mind or direction is usually a slow process, but there are forces at work which leave you twirling. At night, dreams are busy. Many roads lead to town, so perhaps you can't go wrong. What feels right? Colleagues bring camaraderie which brings you stability. Patience!

Gemini, if no one else knew, you did. Mercury went retrograde yesterday after dragging his fleet feet into Taurus mud. Catch up on idle time, do your filing and prepare for your friends to ask you to re-do work you thought was done. Imagine this – you are the grounded one!

Cancer, it's time to drive Miss Daisy home. Whatever is needed will run more smoothly if you take time to entertain at home, even if it just you and your honey - but don't count on that! Feelings run deep and you need time out of the limelight, even as it calls. Delegate what you can and rest in your nest.

Leo, everyday errands, calls/texts, appointments are demanding time while you work out your vision for the year. Much of what you plan will get reworked but at least do the first draft. Make a list. Plan A. Plan B. Do research. Crank out the daily grind and stay on the proven path.

Virgo, you've done as much as you can on your own. Take your plan to your consultants and let them have a go at it. Be sure you've given your spouse a say. Did you listen closely? Let the plan sit. Then go back in with a clear eye and open mind. Remember proven principles as structures change.

Libra, pay attention to who and what feels right. Your closest relationships are in flux as are you. It's not a bad thing – scales swing as they find the new balance. There is a natural healing happening and honestly, it doesn't need your help. Just allow it and be your gracious self.

Scorpio, Luna shines bright in your luna-tic area. Bits and pieces rise to the surface but the full picture is illusive. Relationships seem stable, but something deep is happening. Logic, strategy and straight communication isn't the tool for the moment. Shift happens and sometimes it's good. Let it.

Sagittarius, a new, stronger sense of your value and faith in yourself lets you pull others into your personal vision. Ask for what you want from your natural partners, both those close to you and those in your broader circle. Step into true responsibility by being you.

Capricorn, even after major renovations, good bones show. Follow the tried path and let work, where natural partners are, carry you for a change. Sense a stronger foundation, a deeper sense of your roots and personal strength. Be patient and loving, relax even. Don't worry - you are still ambitious.

Aquarius, sometimes the daily work blocks the vision. Get back in touch with your humanitarian instincts and those who carry the torch with you. Use new technology and media to carry the word far and wide. Let it flow from your roots. Feel your strength. Do you “Hear the People Sing?

Pisces, if you lose yourself in watery depths, check in with friends and their good opinions of you. Love is an inside job now more than ever. Go there and allow the healing to wash you clean. You have an opportunity to reinvest in yourself. Find your feisty edge and never (ever) undervalue yourself.