O Stars Above: Gemini New Moon

Read It In The News - Feel it in the Stars

Alan Shepard, Project Mercury.

Alan Shepard, Project Mercury.

Want to know what's happening astrologically? Watch the headlines. We are the shakers and movers that translate celestial energy into reportable actions. Headlines at the full moon of May 10 directly related to Scorpio: FBI director fired, Hanford's plutonium waste exposed, and earthquakes shook us awake.

Astrology led the way as the first science when humans noted a cause and effect relation between movements of the vast sky and the antics of the village people. Without a doubt, the first person to add those two events together was a Gemini, whose New Moon (May 25, 12:44 pm PST) activates our need, nay, our craving, for curiosity, diversity and relationship.

Gemini systems fire on all cylinders driving us to rock 'n roll in life with the vigor of hyperactive teenagers. The new moon's monthly meet-up is bound to be as riff with innovative ideas and interrupted sentences as a monologue by Robin Williams!

Ultimately, Gemini's write headlines. They perceive, talk, listen, teach, coach, interview, negotiate, broker, write, relate and stimulate people to break out of their restricted points of view so we can learn from each other and live together. They seek out the fringes, crossroads, market places and oddities to make us whole and appreciate the differences among us.

Gemini's inquisitiveness takes them far - even into space. NASA chose Gemini's ruling planet's name for the first manned missions, Project Mercury, and followed up with Project Gemini which shot astronauts to the moon and back.

This moon, conversing with the asteroid goddesses, asks us to listen and receive instructions before we sling-shot into action. Conscious sacrifices, making amends or granting forgiveness may balance societal and personal needs while our Gemini president's overactive nervous system tweets away.

As always, free will let's us choose how to use universal urgings. Conscious or not, Gemini's energy moves through us into the headlines.

Horoscope May 25 to June 9

Gemini, with Mars in chatterbox mode, a whole lot of talking is going on. Using heartfelt words to mend bridges and heal hurts is your super-power! People find your curiosity charming and want to hear what you have to say. Speak up on your own behalf.

Cancer, brain chatter drains your body, so piddle away at something needing minimal attention so you can rest. Let your most grounded and loving friends carry you. Allw a soulful healing comes to you. Rest more, be gentle and flow.

Leo, this is a big month to align your agenda with your broad based networks. Use personal appearances and contacts to accomplish your goals. Get in front of as many people as possible and don't squander opportunities chattering mindlessly. Talk on purpose.

Virgo, put forward moving Mercury to good use by giving it real world jobs to do. Many balls are in the air - you must delegate - but guess what? No one does it the way you do, so take time to give good instructions. You LOVE managing a great project!

Libra, you know everyone has a proper place and you are determined to find yours and help others find theirs. Articulating new beliefs is the job at hand based on your foundation of wisdom. You MUST be you in all relationships! Now is the time to quite hedging your bets.

Scorpio, your own moodiness can keep you stuck but wise counselors, consultants and elders talk you through it. You need a personal board of directors because change is afoot! The only way to look in charge is lead the parade. Get out front and show your style.

Sagittarius, ease up on your imperfections. Yes, they're there and your job is to heal them but, we all have them and can't see yours for looking at our own. Talking less and saying more in the relationships nearest your heart revives your partnerships.

Capricorn, can you say lifestyle changes? Reading and talking about it doesn't get the job done. You must DO IT! Pick one that feels right and stick with it. This is about your health. You have to have a body to play the game of life. Think of it as applied management – applied to you!

Aquarius, you need two things right now. Be yourself and have enough playmates to make life fun. Party, play and recreate on purpose – travel for educational, cocktail parties for charities, coaching for community involvement. Share your weird self!

Pisces, on one hand you want to retreat home. On the other, you want stimulation. Have a party full of like- and diverse-minded people. Then hang-out, listen, absorb and re-energize. Invite the most interesting people you know and ask them to bring their friends. Many channels are opening.

Aries, loving yourself is not half the work, it's the whole enchilada. You've been under renovations to become irrevocably, irrepresible you. Drop those who don't get the new you and hang with those who love the way you are. Invest energy close to home: neighborhood, siblings family.

Taurus, make a list and go after what you revel in because more is coming your way. Be your most calm, engaging and charming self - you know, honey, not vinegar and all that jazz. It's a great time for a physical make-over so your outside style matches the updated inner you.