O Stars Above: Leo New Moon

Leo's Heroic Quest: Re-igniting Our Courageous Hearts

The messy cosmic weather promised for the full moon of July 8 appeared in a sniper on a sailboat holding boaters, businesses and homes at bay in Bainbridge Island's Eagle Harbor. The sniper, whose activities began within minutes of the full moon, did not live to tell his tale, but his actions will fuel future stories of those who endured a frightful few hours.

Cosmic action unfolds like a matinee's serial adventure. Mars, co-starring with the last few moons, remains on stage ramping up adventures. With planets partying in playful and courageous Leo, we may rearrange our lives so we remember to delight in life and ourselves.

Leo's new moon (July 23 at 2:45 a.m. PDT) ruled by the Sun itself, focuses on our vitality and willingness to be seen. We must re-commit to what brings energy and lightness to our hearts where it is natural to express warmth and generosity of spirit.

Two new moons instead of the usual one add weight to Leo's urges. Additionally, a lunar (Aug 7) and solar (Aug 21) eclipse are on the horizon interrupting the Sun and Moon's normal light and function. The switch up shows us where our inner Leo lives in the light of awareness and the dark of denial – and reminds us of the cost of denial.

Leo's shadow shows up in bullying, pompousity and constant demands for attention. The perpetrator remains oblivious while observers cringe at his obvious ineptitude. Perhaps the pain and disappointment on our national stage acts as a cautionary tale reminding us of how we look when we fail to clean up our petty dramas.

Only we know where our hearts are broken and what we must do to mend them. Therein, lies the heroic quest of Leo. When we undertake this task, we return to the innocence of the true Leo, a Golden Child with a courageous heart and on fire with life.

Horoscopes July 23 – August 7

Leo, at center stage, spotlights show every flaw. Few dare stand there but amp-ed up courage lets you look deeper at your reflection in your audience's eyes and shadows. You know the work and integrity it takes to live your life with your heart open. Polish your image!

Virgo, give your to-do list away. The collective unconscious beams powerful messages to you in quiet times. They fuel your coming year. Some point to unfinished business and some you receive for the group. You can't 'think' this through. Peace. Be still...and charitable.

Libra, until autumn, opportunities abound. The best partnership work happens when you speak your truth. Stand in your heart and tell yourself what you really, really want. You know people who know people. Let them help you find your balance.

Scorpio, the sun shines on you at work thanks to your creativity. Take a bow and let this infusion of energy inspire you. Are you surprised to be so appreciated? Does it stir up longing for more? Radiance and shadow. Watch and learn, Grasshopper, about yourself.

Sagittarius, expand your horizon through fun, daring and discovery. Many are pulling for you. Don't step off the ledge until your squirrel suit is zipped tight but the winds can carry you far if you've prepared over the last two years. High flying, Rocky, and happy landing.

Capricorn, oh, lordy, will this transformation process never end? Digging too deep and tearing open old wounds could smack of hubris. Use your creativity to dig yourself out of a downer and find the hidden warmth and gold of your heart. Friends lighten your load.

Aquarius, the world will survive just fine if you take your dearest heart out to play. A date, a romance: hold hands, revisit the old haunts, stir the magic and fun of the two of you. Some months are about humanitarian visions. This one is about the two of you.

Pisces, among your colleagues, you are quite a star in small day-to-day ways. Creativity doesn't have to be 'art.' It can be how you put it together each shining piece of your life. Like making work fun, competitive and exciting for the whole group. Yep, they think you're fun!

Aries, wherever you go, you bring the party, and kids love you because you pay attention to them, play with them, and take them (and you) on grand adventures! This is the lesson you are relearning – life has to be fun and a little risky! No taking yourself seriously.

Taurus, diversify your resources by investing time with your family. Shine the light of your attention on them. Bring all of your radiance through the door to them at the end of the work day. Courage to live from your heart - at home - is the ultimate asset.

Gemini, get out, be seen and expand your neighborhood. Open your eyes to what you don't see daily just outside your door. People have their hearts open to you. Hang out, chat, feel the goodness of being alive. Daily life, little routines, you love this stuff! Don't miss it.

Cancer, do not waste any time, energy, or your brilliance on what you don't value – or with those who don't value you! You are a powerful force even when you can't see it. Can a lighthouse see its own light? No! But it shines it far and wide for the benefit of many. We flock at your feet.