O Stars Above: Capricorn Full Moon

Cosmic Weather: Messy

No place to run? No place to hide? Nope! We are the change we are waiting for and the full moon in Capricorn ( July 8, 9:06 p.m. PDT) brings this point home in an intensely personal ways. Mars and the Sun in Cancer oppose the Moon and Pluto in Capricorn. Plus, Mars and the Moon are in signs that don't bring out the best in them. This combination is edgy and can careen into outright explosions – like unexpected fireworks!

The full moon may stretch us to the snapping point because the direct action of Mars and the Sun's stir up the subconscious Moon and subtle Pluto. When psychological buttons get pushed, fast and furious responses can inflict unexpected damage.

In personal charts, free will influences the cosmic energy's outcome. In other words, it is imperative that we bring an abundance of awareness to our choices now. Watch warning signs around frayed nerves or hurt feelings. Give yourself down time and time in nature. Slow down responses. And be gentle with yourself and others when situations get messy.

Acted out on the world stage, cosmic energies drift in the direction of the lowest common denominator of consciousness which can make for dynamic headlines. It is good to remember that the change our society is going through happens through choices we make moment by moment, day by day.

This energy is on the cutting edge of healing ourselves and society. Hard as the lesson may be, we are learning to nurture (Cancer) and provide (Capricorn) for all people and animals, and our planet. We will not learn the lesson of 'we are all-one' - not alone - without each other. Like-minded, or not, we are in this together.

Our individual choices help the group consciousness step up to a higher level of caring. (Wake up!) Without consciousness, this energy is confrontational and explosive. (Stay safe!)

Horoscopes July 8 – July 23

Cancer, you are in the thick of the moon's energy. You gotta be who you are and if partners get their knickers in a twist, well, give them some space to adjust. Remind them you care about them, and you are speaking up for yourself. You have needs too.

Leo, an unconscious level of stress pulls on you and you feel it in your body. Take a deep breathe and let things flow by you if at all possible. Slow way down. Let the must-do-list do without you this month. Too much reality makes you irritable. Deeply relax 'cuz next month you're on!

Virgo, are you energized! Commanding the troops, getting stuff done, putting your personal stamp on life! Messages from the universe come personally addressed to you and add to your zest. Here is a message: the troops might get irritable. They have an agenda too. Just sayin'

Libra, opportunities abound. Even if you feel like you're between a rock and a hard spot with home and work wanting your attention, it's all good. Especially when you know what you want and grab hold of the right opportunities. You feel the tension, but no one sees you sweating it!

Scorpio, your two ruling planets are at a stand off. Pointed action on one hand, psychological stirrings on the other. You are the master of other's hidden agendas. Now see if you can get your hands on your own. If not, someone else may act out the dilemma for you. Pay attention.

Sagittarius, self-worth isn't about who you know or how free you are. It's knowing who you are and what you're worth is. Sometimes our blind spot rises up like stepping on a rake buried in the grass and getting a black eye. Careful...feelings ahead! Not your strong suit!

Capricorn, feeling vulnerable? You? You don't feel safe if your inner child is having a moment! Still, letting others see your vulnerability gives you a different kind of power. (Think on that!) You, your partners and inner child need TLC. Find your softer side and relax.

Aquarius, your body takes the brunt when you can't get to your feelings. Electrically speaking, you are tapped right into the collective angst and want to do - something. Wait, watch and feel the answers. Then take grounded action toward change. Meanwhile, good food, exercise and sleep!

Pisces, you are all in for play, creativity and summer fun. But friends far and wide demand tender attention. No sacrifice, Little Fish-y. Let them work things out for themselves. Some friends in high places open doors for you. Feel right action and go with the flow.

Aries, getting the balance right between a demanding home scene and work – OMG! And feeling a little used at work to boot! No place to run, no place to hide. Always energetic, remember the balance is precarious. Finding fun with casual friends might be the ticket.

Taurus, expand your horizons, diversify your emotional values and engage in dynamic conversations while being mindful that energy can change in a minute. What might seem theoretical to you could feel deeply personal to another. You benefit from interacting with casual acquaintances.

Gemini, make-over time. Are you presenting yourself in a way that expresses your current goals and how much you have to offer? If not, change it up! Sometimes it is 'them' but frankly, right now it's probably a deeper issue of yours coming to light. What a relief!