O Stars Above: Virgo Full Moon

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Sweet Energy and a Softened Heart

Aquarius takes us to the highest reaches of humankind and deposits us at the gate of Pisces' garden where a new landscape appears. The Sun along with four other planets in Pisces shifts our focus to a magical, elusive world connected to visions and all that is. Here Pisces' language of myths and metaphors unlocks our potential to experience mystical connection. Through the symbols and archetypes of music, poetry, dreams, dance, art, nature and literature we step over into a new experience where we personally connect with the unity of all life.

Some people want to live in that world as exclusively as others only want to live in this “real” world. Drugs and Jim Beam can take you to Pisces Land – but that is an illusion, no more real than the idea of “Beam me up, Scottie!” And to live in only one of the two dimensions is a poor life indeed.

The true route to this magical land lies through our hearts, cracked and tender from life's journey through the eleven previous signs. Softened and humbled, we leave our isolating ego and step into a world of spirit where body and soul merge. We could call it a whole brain hallucination or a peak experience. Whatever! It is a rich rebirth and we are returned to our innocence.

The Virgo full moon (March 1, 4:51 pm PST) interrupts our watery revery and asks for balance. Even as our souls are fed, our bodies need bread. Tying daily work to spiritual service lightens the load on the Virgo end and keeps us grounded on the Pisces' side. However, Virgo and Pisces blend beautifully in jobs that care for both bodies and soul: medicine, yoga, meditation and massage, NGOs, hospitals and hospice, restaurants and hotels, humane societies and ecological work.

Wounds surface when they are ready for healing which leaves us more caring and kind. This full moon holds a promise of healing what keeps us separated from the great mysteries of life. Go gently - it isn't easy being an Earth Angel!

Horoscope March 1 – 17

Pisces, going with the flow comes naturally but a tsunami of Pisces planets may leave you overwhelmed. Take time to do inner visionary work. (Make art?) Focus on letting others open doors for you. Your work in the world expands in wonderful ways.

Aries, the world is too much with you and your attention's gone fuzzy. Are you clinging to “the way it is” and blocking soul experience? Smell the primroses, shift gears down and rest - which could look like an adventure without a schedule. You are in a different world.

Taurus, kind friends and philanthropic service balances you out so you can you remember “not all things that are important can be measured” (Einstein). From a refreshed perspective, see who and how you can help. It could be fun! Definitely, practical.

Gemini, you try to maintain logic, Data! But your true, right work is intuitive, must have heart and means something personal to you. It could have a legacy or tradition attached to it, maybe from your family. Putter around at home. It will come to you.

Cancer, the highest and best philosophy feels suffering and does something to help. You are right there. Let it work through you. Reach out to neighbors or family to help with pragmatic problems. The right person (or was that an angel?) lands in your lap right on time.

Leo, there is a network of angels applauding every step you take. Open your heart to trust the process, the universe, your near and dear, even, yourself. Do what works for you and your energy, resources, body, and interests and it will be enough. Rest.

Virgo, you can be so persnickety and you know it. But, look at the multitude of angels preparing the way for you every day. Noticing, expressing gratitude and believe it or not, asking for more help, lightens you up. Put your load down, brother.

Libra, set your intention to get to the bottom of any mysterious health issue. Follow your gut. Try an alternative path, energy healing along with allopathic work. Open to the mystical, and fall into kindness and caring as an expression of your heart, not your manners.

Scorpio, your values are yours alone and so don't go preaching. Invest in fun and games, a little adventure. Part of the break you need is from your brain ruts. Trust the world to hold you and let the healing begin. Figure out your own hidden agenda, Sherlock!

Sagittarius, your guardian angel is working overtime to connect you with a mother lode of compassion. Choose - preaching or falling into a spiritual experience. You can't get there talking about it! It comes in daydreams, sleep, through family history and ancestors. Don't talk. Shhhhhh!!!!

Capricorn, it comes to you through poetry or lyrics. You are most pragmatic. Even then you feel the suffering and quietly burn with compassion and caring. Capricornian Martin Luther King dreamt a Piscean dream and made it real in one word - march. One foot in front of the other. It is enough.

Aquarius, eclipses warmed your cool intellect, a (r)evolution grows at your very roots and there's a mighty push at your back. You may be shifting into a kinder, gentler you, but there is a wave of feeling that won't leave you alone. There's work to do - gather the troops and help the People.