O Stars Above: Pisces New Moon


Let Love, Compassion and Forgiveness Blossom

Finding our way out of winter makes March tricky terrain every year. But with a plethora of planets in watery Pisces (!) it's easy to feel adrift unless we embrace the opportunity to experience our unity with everyone - plus plants, animals, rocks, and even mystical dimensions of fairies, angels and aliens. (Think of them as symbols if it helps.)

Pisces blurs the edges between our egocentric selves and the broader experience of the mysterious universe available to us. We are in the 'wave' of consciousness and can feel lost to ourselves in this unfamiliar territory where spirit and matter cease to exist as duality. They are a unity, part of a whole. The New Moon in Pisces ( March 17 @ 6:11 am PDT) bridges the gap between dreamy days of winter and energetic spring – but just barely! Mercury and Venus like those harbingers of spring, the robins and crocuses, forged their way into Aries on March 5 and 6 signaling a return to our sense of individuality where we are 'particles' of consciousness.

Astrologers and many cultures celebrate the Spring Equinox as a new year. Remembering that new moons are times to plant intentions and with this one coming a mere four days before the equinox, it's an especially potent time to set our hopes and aspirations for the new cycle. It is zero degrees Aries which infuses us with a dynamic energy to carry us forward.

This moon travels with Chiron, the Wounded Healer, who offers us a look at how far we have come in releasing our isolation and including ourselves in the Piscean sense of oneness. What illusions, addictions, powerlessness or victimhood have you released over the last eight years? How has unconditional love, compassion and forgiveness blossomed in your life over that time? Good work, and keep it going until spring and Aries arrive in abundance.

Horoscope March 17-31

Pisces, you embody unity. Catch the vision of how spirit moves through your body and personality. The more you are you, the more spirit moves you. (Dance, ballerina, dance.) The lesson you carry we need. If confusion sets in, let a girl friend untangle you.

Aries, Uranus, the planet of unequivocal individuality, has traveled Aries for YEARS! It moves on soon so make good use of it now. Break through barriers keeping you from your unapologetic, radiant self. There is a warrior in you. Take on the good fights!

Taurus, you've gone all altruistic on us. Good, your associates need your pragmatic philanthropy. The source of this benevolence lies in time with nature, music, quiet and dreams so don't skimp on down time. It fuels your sense of beauty, harmony and values making life richer.

Gemini, before tilting at windmills, you need a girl-friend conference to sort yourself out and pick a direction. A renewed sense of the common good is calling for your attention in your 8-5 job. Let the word out to your network. You are ready!

Cancer, your executive skills seek employment, collaboration and an exploration of the mysteries of the universe! Knowing your purpose and surrendering to it is the point of your life. Breakthroughs in how the dimensions intersect abound and you are travel through them.

Leo, creating is your game and when you dedicate it to the common good, you yourself are re-created and passions fire up. Dedicate your art to the art itself and those who benefit. Take a break from personal desires and let the river carry you. Stay positive and keep the faith.

Virgo, plant new intentions concerning close friends, spouse and enemies. Pile on the compassion and forgiveness. Yes, you spend LOTS of energy dealing with their stuff, literally. If they are gentle souls, remember they soothe your frayed nerves. For balance? A gossipy lunch with a witty friend!

Libra, for a relationship-oriented person wanting peace and harmony, relationships are a mine-field. Let friends sort you out and don't argue. Just listen! It would be hard for you to work too hard - it's not your thing, But it may be your turn and no time for a 'headache'. Sacrifice for a cause.

Scorpio, four days and counting before work goes into high gear at equinox. Put all ideas on the table and get creative. Then, enact the plan! Personal opportunities that opened up over last fall are up for review. It may be a question of which ones you want and how to balance them.

Sagittarius, what was up in the air could appear to be grinding to a standstill. It's just your guardian angel rehashing recent undertakings. Check your roots and home for details that trip you up. Untangle skeletons in the closet and watch your natural enthusiasm resurface.

Capricorn, a life, body and health renovation goes on even as things appear to fall apart. Bring your ambition home to the family. Focus on what you want - not what you are assigned to do. Inappropriate responsibility ruins health, family, relationships and work. Don't go there!

Aquarius, here's the scenario: you sold the idea, money is flowing your way and you are working like crazy behind the scenes. You may doubt yourself, so keep talking to allies, keep good records and keep going. You won't know you can until you do. Put your hands on the steering wheel.