O Stars Above: Libra Full Moon

Prologue to a New Astrological Year


Sitting at the foot of the Olympic Mountains where Greek gods and goddesses may romp, we must not forget the power of their archetypal myths. Archetypes emerge from parts of our human brains. Fairy tales, stories, TV shows, movies, operas, song lyrics, news stories, even religious lore grab our attention when their underpinnings are archetypal. We need these classic comedic and tragic stories of men, women, children, lovers, parents and ancestors, heroes and jesters, elders, teachers, politicians, servants because they are instructional in their endless permutations of pursuing wants and needs.

We are fascinated by stories of “once upon a time” where the “hero with a thousand faces” marches on whether it is through a forest to a forbidden castle, to a galaxy far-far away, or a quest to Mt. Doom. We become Dorothy, Frodo, Harry and Luke longing to both be and have worthy companions like the Lion, the Tin Man and Straw Man, Companions of the Ring or friends at the Star Wars Cantina. We pray for magical helpers like Yoda or Gandalf, Oz the Terrible or Dumbledore to save us from Darth Vader, Sauron, a Wicked Witch of the West or Val de Mort.

Astrology's power and fascination lies in archetypes where planets named for gods and goddesses interact weaving star stories in charts of individuals as well as nations. Each month a new and full moon call the Olympian court together and in their timeless antics we imagine and re-imagine meanings, possibilities and pathways for our lives.

The Adventure Begins: The Strategic Dance of Partners


The gods and goddesses gathered at this full moon's (March 31 at 5:36 am PDT) are unsettled but the mood is slack. Mars and Aries, however, are not sluggish energies. (See, the plot thickens already!)

Mars wins the starring role (pun!) as ruler of the dynamic Aries' Sun. In the earthy realm of Capricorn, where Mars is a prince he's meeting up with its king, Saturn. Both are talented in strategy and action. Saturn bears the standard of a realistic, conservative, long-term view while Mars represents the youthful, hot-for-action warrior energy. But, both are as direct, focused and pointed as spears.

Aries and Mars move fast-fast-fast. Capricorn and Saturn move slow-slow-slow. To contain this energy split, we can use it physically while considering emerging options. Brisk walk, anyone?

Mercury retrograde in Aries slows down the fast, forward motion of the sign and cautions us to review, rethink and reconsider what exactly we want to accomplish. In other words, he's aligned with the stately, strategical conference of Mars and Saturn, even as the energy revs up underneath.

The question they are discussing is What target is worthy of this moment and the beginning of a two-year cycle between Mars and Saturn? How do we want to invest our lives' time, money and energy? School? Job? Building a family?

Political action and social legacy? The March for Our Lives in Washington DC last weekend combined the youthful, dynamic energy (Aries) supported by the “gray-hairs” (Capricorns) along the route demonstrated that route. The subject? Aries-ruled war machines. The Saturn-Mars combo beginning its new cycle under the auspices of a fiery, dynamic and youthful Sun in Aries lends power and significance to their movement.

But, let us not forget that on any dark and starry night, the full moon's brightness commands attention. This one in harmonious Libra Moon can be our greatest ally – when we know what we want and work with allies and around people who represent obstacles in skillful ways! Libra's queen, Venus, currently resides in Taurus, her other kingdom, as Queen of peace. This double-crowned Moon manages a handful of gods agitating for action, but she is a wily, charming influence.

If we let her, Libra reminds us that social graces can balance the needs of many through mature and skillful manners. If we let her, Libra points out how quickly allies can turn into enemies, and enemies friends. If we let her, Libra shows us no one is the Lone Ranger (not even Hans Solo) and we need allies no matter how courageous our warrior spirit is.

Much is at stake under this dynamic Moon. Engage in the inner work and win consciousness.

Horoscope March 31 to April 15

Aries, Uranus, the Liberator, has been in Aries for seven years of breakthroughs - revolution for evolution. This is the last month in your lifetime (!) your Sun and Mercury come together with this spicy energy. You are as prepared as you can be. Act, but keep your allies close and enemies closer.

Taurus, Venus in the house, feel the love directed at you! Consider it grace, or going with the flow. Find or recognize your natural work partners and colleagues. Ease up and take a bit of a break as you end a year and prepare to start anew. Finish up old business. Change is coming!

Gemini, network like there is no tomorrow. Touch base with go-getters and shakers and movers you've let go. Make a list and call, write or e-mail everyone you think might help in the future. You've done much lately but no one does it alone. Count yourself IN and master-mind a strategy!

Cancer, for a sensitive being, the energies are a tad intense but this is about how you plan on using your platform. Invite partners into your home for strategic meetings. It's hard to sit still with this complex energetic mix. Take some time-out at home. Take a bath. You are balancing energies for all.

Leo, changes in beliefs and high falutin' ideas are shaking up. Travel or give it time. Hang with caring friends. Nurthure your body, a focal point for extreme energy. Walk, garden, yoga, diet, adjust your daily routines. You're graceful on top, paddling like crazy underneath! Quack!

Virgo, getting alignment between your values and those of nearest and dearest is a stretch. You want recognition and respect - bless you! Sometimes we have to affirm ourselves. Sigh! It's tough stabilizing the group with change ahead. Take a deep breath and reconsider your approach. Sigh!

Libra, what you want emotionally and what the realities are around relationships and home are in a delicate balance. Move with your customary grace. You know your values and those of your partners. Be a diplomat on your own behalf. Try letting your partner lead and rest a bit.

Scorpio, this moon could have you feeling emotional, vulnerable or not quite up to “it”. Take down town and tune into your inner vibes and psychic sensitivities. If tuning out is too much, do a bit of service for someone. Focus on the mundane and neighborhood.

Sagittarius, even amidst networking there are people you feel a kinship with. They are the ones who make you feel good about yourself. Stick to them and take a step to bring them into your friendship circle. For the moment, your guardian angel is working way behind the scenes.

Capricorn, when you want time off, delegate a bit and head home - your body needs a break. You need time to work on a new strategy - one that balances home, work and health. Everyone wants to use your executive abilities but your ambitions are changing. Tread carefully.

Aquarius, talk, talk, talk but right action comes from the heart. Don't close yours by being too busy. If you aren't feeling that sensitive, soul spot, check in with buddies you can count on to hold the heart center while you bear down getting more done than you can see. Root changes are ahead.

Pisces, face your fears, especially the ones that have to do with people you “think” hold power over you. Loss of inheritance, sexual partner, not getting the loan, or the approval of whoever? The power they hold over you is in your mind. Value yourself enough to face your fear and set yourself free.