O Stars Above: Scorpio Full Moon

Mr. Toad's Wild (Emotional) Ride

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Do remember the book of tickets Disneyland issued where the most exciting rides were the E tickets? The full moon in Scorpio on April 29 at 5:58 pm PDT reads like Mr. Toad's Wild (Emotional) Ride - fast, furious, and full of ups and downs. Scary as the ride might be, it stays on the tracks and eventually returns to the station.

The Scorpio moon's intense poking and prodding goes against the nature of the tender moon. Jupiter in Scorpio opened the door to the #metoo movement last October. Damaging, illicit behavior of those in power came to light lead by those who had been wounded by it. Sexual abuse, rape, disenfranchisement of half of the population in industry after industry came out of the shadows. Now long ignored sexual assault by the likes of Larry Dosser and Bill Cosby are winning in court. Jupiter retrograde is sifting through the psychological aftermath of such behavior and showing us the pain, relief and renewed confidence on the women's faces who were abused, denied and ignored.

April 15's new moon in dynamic Aries oversees this cycle keeping energetic Mars in Capricorn in the cosmic spotlight. He not only rules Aries but also co-rules Scorpio with Pluto. These two strategic planets wrap up a pointed conference together which adds fuel to the the brightness of this moon - and what it will continue to reveal.

Ponderous Pluto and Saturn have turned retrograde since the new moon. They continue to hammer out long-term decisions, even as Mercury in Aries, fresh from retrograde, is primed to forge ahead. But the three uber-strategists of Saturn, Pluto and Mars in Capricorn have clipped his wings and he's not at full speed yet. Use steady Mercury's energy by actively and courageously tackling issues that can trip up your future.

Aries looks like a revolving door with planets coming and going. At the front door, Chiron begins eight years of more clearly defining who we are. His expertise is in healing any shame or guilt at simply being who we are. He last traveled through Aries in 1969-1977.

Uranus, the planet of r/evolution, ends eight years in Aries, during which we embraced our idiosyncratic selves perhaps too much when we consider the exaggerated sense of entitlement and bullying.. He's off to wake up Taurus on May 15 which may usher in a more conservative period. He was last in Taurus from 1934 to 1941.

Thank goodness the Sun is in Taurus - steady, languid, pragmatic Taurus who;s combining his energy with slower Capricornian planets. The Taurean Sun says steady down, pay attention to the reality around you, listen to the signals from your body.

Here's the thing: each one of us knows exactly what compensation and fluff must be released in order to get down to essence where clarity and the re-vitalization of life's forces lies (Scorpio.) Healing is not a rip and tear activity. Healing happens when we feel safe, slow down and spend sweet, calm time with ourselves, significant friends and family and step into nature. Taurus' focus sounds simple and pays rich rewards. But only we can give ourselves this gift. The question is “Will we?”

Perhaps, if we sit beneath a spring tree and contemplate what needs released within ourselves, we too can catch a whiff of the Buddha's wisdom. After all, this is the moon he was enlightened under.

Horoscopes April 29 – May

Aries, three planets and five asteroids tap-dancing away lend you their energy. It's a mixed bag of action and nurturing. Wait until you know what actions nurture you. Look to actions that build memories you want to be remembered by and know that that alone creates a grand adventure.

Taurus, the time to slow down is when you're too busy! Watch and listen with inner eyes and ears. Enjoy the company of beloveds and diverse strangers. Embracing ancestral mythologies place you in the circle of life and bring out maturity, a sense of legacy. It's a different type of richness.

Gemini, you are undergoing a resurrection, revisiting old networks, taking private time to contemplate mysteries, exploring the psychological caves where life and others seem harsh. Or is that you asking too much of yourself and others? Some activities and people leave. Others return renewed.

Cancer, remember play brings its own rewards when you trust the process. The vibes of Capricorn call you from your inner world to leadership roles in your family and with all your relationships. Your right actions re-awakens youthful energy. Enjoy who you are and shine!

Leo, your sun so high in the sky is supported by the home team. Invest in skilled colleagues, daily routines, pets, good food, exercise. Feel your body come to life with the discipline of doing what it particularly needs. If work isn't backed by personal beliefs, change is coming. Align with yourself!

Virgo, a herd of aggravating little nigglies seem to need your deft hand and astute action. The right path – for you – is what you're looking for! Talk it through, sit with it, examine which path matches your beliefs, and that you can stamp with self-expression. When you find it, it is FUN!

Libra, you have much too offer but being spread too thin is too much. Ruffled feathers with all the tugging on you and your resources, skills, time, presence. Keep what you need for yourself and cut yourself free of “too-muchness.” Go out into this great world and play among her people.

Scorpio, can you feel the people out there feeling you? Feel exposed? There's a horror story for a Scorpio. Dig into family roots for deep perspectives that grow and nurture you. Look to the past to devise a strategy for a worthwhile future. Then - take right action – while taking care of your body.

Sagittarius, the work of 2015 through 2017 is paying off, literally. You've got solid, new resources. If they aren't translating to money yet they will. Make a serious plan. Take more play time, do nothing time, take a nap, daydream out the window. Solutions sneak in through doing not-much.

Capricorn, limits, boundaries, schedules, strategy action, a work ethic, your body, your network. Aren't you having fun? Since you threw off ambition taking time to regroup, you know what you are about, what you value and how you fit in the societal group. You know how to get things done! Yahoo!

Aquarius, this moon activates the shifts and changes the eclipses are pushing you toward. Best action? Get political, astute and focused on who has the power and what motivates them. What motivates you? Are you working the action from behind the scenes? Or are you being worked?

Pisces, this moody moon travels with your ruling planet. Drowning in the tides of murky waters, emotional surge tides? Ultimately, this is great stuff for literature, art and drama, but you got to get through it, right? Follow friends in your network who match your highest beliefs for the moment.