O Stars Above: Taurus New Moon

Energized New Moon


This new moon brings to mind the song lyrics “hitch your wagon to a star.” Normally sedate Taurus hooks up to star-power in the form of Uranus, the electrical, r/evolutionary and revelatory planet moving into its meadow after an eight year rabble-rousing tour of Aries on the new moon (May 15, 4:47 am PDT).

Uranus' last trip through Taurus was in 1934 as it tip-toed back and forth from Aries to Taurus (as will happen later in the year) before settling into its new corral in 1935 until 1941. Many ultra-conservative and totalitarian trends attempted to take hold: Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Mussolini.

In the USA, the infamous Dust Bowls led to innovative and humanitarian action in the New Deal which helped people negatively impacted by nature. Clearly the possibilities are an open field when Uranus settles in its new sign in March, 2019.

Uranus in Taurus brings revolution to both what we value and how we handle money through our banking systems. Think cryptocurrencies and other money changes ahead. How we work with nature is sure to take center stage, too, especially over the next few years with Saturn and Pluto planted in earthy Capricorn, the sign of traditional, established power and legacies. Our most important and valuable legacy is nature itself. Our disastrous impact on earth and earth's own urges, like the volcano in Hawaii, show a need to engage with nature as an interactive, collaborative force rather than something to be conquered.

Mars in a push-pull match with Uranus at the last, unstable degrees of bossy Capricorn and Aries. Both planets move to the next signs, fixed Aquarius and Taurus within hours of the new moon giving us a peek at what entrenched positions we will be bull-ing our way out of over the next eight years. Keep an eye on headlines for clues.

Taurus can be quite self-satisfied and content to loll in the sunshine, smell the roses and sip lemonade on the porch. Stubborn and slow to change is Taurus' middle name but as Uranus gets comfortable in the pasture, those words will shift to restless and changeable, especially with Mars nipping at the Bull's heel for the rest of the year.

Venus, ruler of Taurus, is in Gemini and a lovely relationship with Mercury, ruler of communications, who welcomes Uranus at the farmer's gate. Venus in any sign urges us to find harmony, love, affection, and beauty, diplomacy, and kindness and common courtesy. Speak with love, hold harmonious thoughts in mind, and Uranus, the king of Higher Mind, can elevate any fears around change and security

Taurus says the greatest security we can have is in grounding to our bodies, our inner values and hearts by staying rest, being in nature, and being kind. We can do that - even as we feel the sizzle.

Horoscope May 15 – 29

Taurus, wake-up, little bossie! Get clear about your mission and communicate it as you go. Your mission is to be so rooted in yourself that outer circumstance barely ruffle your hair. Oh, that's always your mission. Well, Uranus loosens up what needs to change so you can grow. Ye-Haw!

Gemini, if you've been working away on what's right for you, Venus in your sign comes as a harbinger of rewards to come. Reach out to friends, find the flow and rest. You wrap up your last year this month and begin to imagine the year ahead. Dream of goals you can manifest and make real!

Cancer, enjoy your broad network of friends and acquaintances. Build bridges and do small things to strengthen the bonds of friendship. You are building a system of strong partners and friends while imagining projects to set them loose on. Watch out world, Mama's here!

Leo, some may think you're in it for stardom. Few know how hard you work to manifest solid results and make magic happen when you are on stage. Steady on as you learn new skills so you can keep your craft alive and worthy of attention. Details, patience and applause!

Virgo, you must have an earthy, pragmatic belief system to see you through life. It's not all about work so use your discernment to cut the cord to what's a waste of time and energy when viewed in the light of your philosophy. You can't be everything to everybody or have skills for every need. Go play.

Libra, behind the scenes, you are sorting through what you will and won't do because some things you just plain don't care about. It's okay. Sort and file, then carry on with your plans. Not everyone needs to know, it's your business. You have the social grace and grease to soothe others AND be you!

Scorpio, your devious mind can go deep but only to set your foundations on bedrock. Ancestors and our families count in more ways than most know – but, YOU know. Root around in your family cellar to find the mysteries that impact your relationship. Then own up to your part of the tangle.

Sagittarius, we all shoot ourselves in the foot sometimes, but you have an angel helping you figure out how you do yourself wrong. Pay attention to your daily life and what works for you and what is a form of compensation and a place to self-soothe. Listen to your body like it knows what you need.

Capricorn, your basic death and rebirth project gets juiced by Uranus' move to Taurus in a good way. Adopt a mantra of “Surrender and let go” even as new life stirs. Be sure new opportunities match your action plans and doesn't simply solve a problem for “them.” It's intense stuff - take a spring break.

Aquarius, Mars' visit stirs your pot. Innovate, network, investigate, and move to more humanitarian arenas. Stodgy ideas, fixed habits, and childhood programming are due to change. It's time to figure out how you are your own worse enemy! Yep - until December! Talk therapy, anyone?

Pisces, talking about and writing goals are two concrete ways to start manifesting your powerful dreams and imagination. Just be sure to take those next steps and put plans into action. You're guardian angel lifts you up to higher perspectives. Drop whatever weighs you down.

Aries, can you feel the down shift as Uranus takes off for Taurus (8:16 am PDT, May 15)? It takes an adjustment, or at least, a deep breath! Look at the last eight years and see how you stepped into yourself. Tweak the innovation and individuality while the slower energy of grounding flows in.