O Stars Above: Gemini New Moon

Tell A New Story. Sing A New Song

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Gemini, the first air sign, can come in talking up a storm: excited, curious, learning, teaching - but mainly talking. This month's new moon in Gemini (June 13 at 12:43 pm PDT) reminds us that communication needs both a talker and a listener with an emphasis on tenderness. It asks each of us to practice sending and/or receiving our conversations with greater gentleness. Gemini's ruler, Mercury, currently travels through the first water sign, Cancer, were emotions run personal and reactive from a well of memories.

Venus of love and harmony travels in Cancer, too, intensifying emotional sensitivity. Later in the month, Mercury runs headlong into first, Saturn who is concerned with realities and limitations and then, Pluto who loves power. These two are tough cookies, indeed, and opportunities for defensive, reactions run high. But with the chart's helpful set up and a gentle, persistent touch, we could learn that even cowboys cry!

Yep, whether we are cowboys or just general hard-a**es, everyone of us “survived” childhood. Cancer energy takes us back, not to memories of childhood fun, but to when we were out of control of our day-to-day destiny and lived in a stew of emotions which had to be squelched so we could follow instructions from god-like parents. Eat your spinach! (Yech!) Go to bed now. (But I want to watch the lightening bugs in the jar.) Get up now. (Wait? What?! I was asleep!)

All of which is to say, this is a month that wanders down our conscious and unconscious but deeply felt memory lane. Along with our fellow humans, since this is a cosmic lesson, we are sure to encounter scars, wounds, tensions, anxieties, shadows, monsters and...tigers and bears, oh, my!

We may also discover how we have become like those god-like figures who didn't want to listen to us. Which brings up the question of who in our lives are we ignoring? (Ouch!) We may discover how much energy it takes to keep people, the people we care about the most, away from our scars - depriving us and them of the nurturing and tenderness our hearts longs for.

The month may bring a trip down memory lane, but the universe assigns us helpers. Work with these cosmic allies and see where the call for growth leads. (Spoiler alert - for adult ears only. This is the prelude to eclipse season where issues that tripped us up nineteen years ago are found alive and well on memory lane, too.)

A harmonic relationship between Saturn, lord of boundaries, and Uranus the liberator, in the earthy signs of Capricorn and Taurus lends a helping hand. Their earth elements temper their differences and give them a chance to find common ground. The Saturn in us recognizes that we are the adults now. By using Gemini's energy to hone skillful, tender talks with our dear ones, we could help ourselves, and others, move out of old, stifling stories to the fresh air of Uranus' freedom.

As exciting as these possibilities are five of ten planets in retrograde grant us breathing room. Many aspects of our psyche, as represented by the planets, need reworked as stagnant waters begin to flow. Action comes later in the year. So relax and imagine your broadening horizons. Feel and talk together about the freedom from childhood wounds. Reclaim the energy spent in protecting emotional scars and remember healing simply means moving into the wholeness of who you are.

Talk a new story, sing a new song. Brave new worlds beckon.

Horoscopes June 13 – 27

Gemini, truly, new worlds beckon. This is a season of bringing the conscious and unconscious, inner and outer, active and receptive, old and new together. No experience or conversation is useless. At some time, all find their place and you are seeing the bigger picture? Why? You are loving yourself!

Cancer, reach out to others and speak only of love and you'll catch Mercury and Venus' lesson and blessing. Private time out of the spotlight nourishes you until Solstice (June 21). Lounging in the sun, bubble baths, daydreaming and nature bring energy for starting a new year next month.

Leo, take your sunny self out to gatherings, associations meetings, parties and all manner of functions where you can network. It's work, okay, not really for you, but it is work-related. Remember your goals and the 6 degrees of Kevin Bacon. Someone knows someone - who can open a door for you.

Virgo, sometimes a little warm chatter reveals the key to the problem. Stroll down to the cafeteria, water cooler, copy machine and talk – you never know what they know until you talk. Emotions count even in business, so warm up to others and they'll warm up to you. Fuzzy it up!

Libra, you are in the spotlight as you take your airy philosophy, give it warmth and make the office feel like a place everyone wants to be. Kind, human connections bring out the best in everyone no matter how matter-of-fact work is. Heart-felt courtesy works miracles and you know how to do it!

Scorpio, tenderness is rarely linked with you, the second water sign, but you feel Cancer's

depths. You often hunt in the depths, carefully, gently, prying into family secrets and taboos. Mars in Aquarius is on a scientific expedition in your home and family sector. Expect a long visit, so go easy.

Sagittarius, search for the secret of how you shoot yourself in the foot. Is it relationships themselves or how you blurt out or expose “truth?” Intimacy comes with implied care and concern for your partner's emotions. This is a month to learn from your them and keep a low profile. Speak sweetly.

Capricorn, in esoteric astrology, you are the high priestess, listening with your heart. You structure your world from the inside out. Remembering this works especially well in relationships now and gives you a new skill for listening and talking to colleagues. True power is softer than you think.

Aquarius, move with vim and vigor but June 26, Mars in Aquarius goes retrograde. Action turned inward, perhaps to watch your passions and desires and how you go about them. Turn your caring for others toward colleagues. When they see you care, they care. It's almost like Utopia.

Pisces, go home and hang out this month. Family talk, creative talk, children, games, being yourself and being with family – what else is there? The shifting water trine offers self-care, self-knowledge and forgiveness for where you've failed. Take time to let it do its work. Art, anyone?

Aries, living with a centaur (Chiron) in the house is only slightly less disruptive as having Uranus the lightening god in your sign. Talk about what's it like being a type-A when you're home with siblings, parents, spouse and your children. How do you help them feel safe enough to be who they are?

Taurus, you begin hosting the lightening god in your sign for eight years. You will change as you ground his awesome energy and break free into being your Self at the same time. First, you must catch up on what your true values are and soften your tone so those dear can hear your heart.