O Stars Above: Aquarius Full Moon Eclipse

Cosmic Commotion

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By Suzanne O'Clair & Aubrey Perkins
The time between eclipses can feel uncertain and transitional as change moves in. We don't know what part of our past we are leaving even as the future is at hand. Usually eclipses come in pairs. But, let's count. One: The new moon in Cancer on July 12 was a solar eclipse. Two: a lunar, or full moon eclipse, follows a solar eclipse. So the Aquarian Full Moon (Friday, July 27 at 1:20 pm PDT) is also an eclipse. Three: Waiting in the wings – pun intended – is a Solar Eclipse at the New Moon in Leo, August 11.

Triplets! Lucky us! A two-week “between times” extends to an entire month as past and future dodge cars bounce off each other with neither gaining traction.

Eclipses bring significant change. Whether or not that manifests as a “positive” or a “negative” depends on our level of resistance, our consciousness and what we've been putting into the Universe. What feels like a negative could be a course correction from the Cosmos urging us to get back on our path. Our consciousness can choose this opportunity as a catapult, or it can cry and complain, claiming “The Full Moon did it to me!”

This eclipse pairs the Moon up with a retrograde Mars who's slowed down enough to consider past and future actions. Also involved is a mathematical point called the south node of the moon, which ties into past habits and roads we've taken - and worn into ruts. The Sun in Leo, on the north node of the moon, where all things good exists, calls us to take courage and look at our emotional capacity. This potent combination could be the catalyst we need to shift gears and finally face forward leaving the past in our dust.

For sure, as an eclipse, we are in for an emotional purging deeper than that of a regular full moon. This eclipse offers the opportunity to begin life anew with a refreshed insight into our emotional, lunar world and how old feelings hold us back from being as radiant as our Leo nature wants. We can examine how we’ve been fulfilling our need for attention out of unconscious fear rather than stepping forward in courage and integrating our inner and outer realms in ways that express our individuality, uniqueness, even our genius.

In the extreme, Leo can be too reliant upon the adoration and opinion of others to validate and gauge self-worth. They can over-perform, whether for fame or infamy, while Aquarians carried to extreme become cool and self-contained fulfilling their need for notice by being endlessly charmed by their brilliant, idiosyncratic minds. They detach from their groups (and dare we say, reality and practicality) becoming floating, airheads full of ivory-tower ideas with no contact to their bodies and strained relationships.

An eclipse is a good time to assess how we have, use and perform Ego, the driven outward personality that can separate us from our Higher Selves, unless we are anchored deep within our rich inner life. Lunar eclipses re-align public expression with our intimate heart and soul. They also return to the same place in our chart every nineteen years (1999), so looking back to what we were doing, or not doing, or how we veered off our paths holds clues about what may now be complete, what we need to get back to and how to proceed.

Mars pursues personal needs, desires and longings in either transparent ways or in hidden ways such as through passive-aggression, covert competition or underhanded attacks. The Moon is our very own sub- and un-conscious which can surprise us with irrational responses or extreme reactions to small stimulus. However, we slice it this is a deeply personal full moon. Only we can answer questions about our deep longings and what keeps us from pursuing them and how we'll proceed from here. Many of us will feel prickly as Mars “pokes” us to wake up to ourselves, transforming unconsciousness to a new awareness and action when Mars goes direct in another month.

Okay, full disclosure – Uranus, the wild and crazy planet of unexpected change AND ruler of Aquarius, is involved in this eclipse stressing the Sun, and the Moon and Mars hook-up. Can you say “Rockets red glare?” Yep, it could be THAT kind of full moon, my friends. But, given that four fixed planets are tied into this moon, it takes that kind of explosive energy to get them to change! After all, their job is to stay fixed – until it's time to change!

And we will change.

On top of three eclipses, six out of ten planets are in retrograde, plus the asteroid, Chiron. On average, there are three planets retrograde at a time, occasionally it creeps up to five. But SIX?!?

Internally, we are all in transition no matter what our lives look like. As the retrograde planets turn direct, we will begin to take action on our new insights. For now, take time to notice your inner world and what's up in there, and be kind and patient with yourself and others.

All of this cosmic commotion comes bearing gifts of a more meaningful and fulfilling life, inside and out. The Leo/Aquarius eclipse cycle is drawing to a close after an eighteen month lesson plan. Leo awakens the personal creative and stands in it, radiant and proud. Aquarius reminds us we also have duties within the circle of humanity. Are you using your creative expression for the good of the whole, in ventures that uplift others and fulfill essential inner needs? If not, the cosmos is pulling for you, so set your sails and correct course.

Lucy, the famous Peanuts' curmudgeon said, “I love humanity. It's people I can't stand.” That in a (pea-) nut shell speaks to the Leo/Aquarius conundrum!

Horoscopes July 27 to August 11

Leo, stars need audiences. The audience you long to please and that you sometime give your power to is made up of your nearest, dearest, and oldest companions. Act from your heart so they can see you clearly. Projection isn't necessary but can be a powerful mirror. What do you feel from your entourage? Is it them or is it you? Risk collaborative action and quit jockeying for position.

Virgo, how much of what you do is out of fear of rejection. So you make lists and check them twice - for yourself and everyone around you. Enough all ready! Health could be compromised. Find the courage to trust that you are enough in the great scheme of things, like eternity and the cosmos. You are one little ant. Give yourself a break - a bold gesture for you. See that hammock? Go!

Libra, when you're in the flow, details bring beauty. Your social network is where you shine especially when you trust and imprint every moment with self-expression. Suppressing your personal needs and wishes is a set up for explosions and fireworks either at this moon or in the near future. Your ability to balance brings harmony to all when you expressive yourself. Bring it on, Beautiful!

Scorpio, are you a hero out in the world and a devil at home? Give it up! Bring your passion and heart to your own hearth and find out you aren't as alienated as you thought. Has a self-induced illusion of safety, of being alone, or free, or powerful became a prison. Join us mortals and shift on a base level and trust that life itself is rooting for you. It's a generous act that transforms your entire life!

Sagittarius, if you're preaching doesn't come from your true heart, no one listens! (Isn't that frustrating?) Grandiose opinions wrapped in rules won't get you far. Try story-telling and share stories and experiences from your life. Take a break to hearing what your guardian angel has to say. Shh – when God speaks, take good notes. Your future is calling.

Capricorn, power and resources. Don't give them away. There are so many ways to do that. It's your wisdom and your experience and only you get to decide what you value and how you want to disburse it. When with advisers, attorneys, bankers, powerful people, remember they are your tribe. Don't count yourself out! Power denied can be wicked and turn back on you. Depression, anyone?

Aquarius, humanity is made of individual people – who drive you crazy! Yet, you, too, are a messy human needing nurturing and self-expression. If you've given those up for the group, you may feel alienated, and a tad pissed off that “they” haven't. Don't be a rolling stone. Get back to your tribe. Your power lies within the group as an imperfect visionary and leader of imperfect people.

Pisces, meditation isn't your practice. Being you in a radiant, pragmatic way everyday is. The collective may scream in alienated rage, but you filter it through creative service. Otherwise, psychic confusion between what is your stuff and what is theirs can capture you in a way that isn't fun. Stick to your highest principles. They'll lift you up and carry you through. You could call it mindfulness.

Aries, this Mars/Moon mash-up definitely revs you up and sets you free from groups that don't appreciate your self-expression and fun. You simply must be YOU – even in groups! If you're just having a snit, remember you can be a spontaneous, adventurous leader. No one is wrong, it's just time to move to your own drummer. Over and out, cowboy! Now ride this big wave!

Taurus, this amount of tension between home and work is enough already. Let this moon's energy break you free. Close friends have your back so let go and see what happens. The rambunctious part of the universe is pulling for you – or is that on you? The shift comes fast, the clean up team makes pretty, and voila, you stabilize in a whole new field of clover. Try to hold on and it's not so good.

Gemini, embody your wisdom, talk about what you know and walk your talk. That's where your power lies. Not in dusty old philosophy books from college. You are making yourself nuts trying to hold to standards that are too high-falutin'. Just be your, walk the neighborhood and share what you know. Like a butterfly or bee pollinating your corner of the planet one flower at a time.

Cancer, sweet as you can be, this moon calls for that tough, crabby shell to protect as you stand up for what's valuable for yourself and others. There's tension between your values and those of others, and frankly, they may be asking too much. Balance lies in moving back to yourself. Assert your right to use your resources, both real and experiential, and your values for the long run.