O Stars Above: (Re)Newed: More Light

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Summer 2018 - The Summer of Releasing

The summer skies with three eclipses and six retrograde planets set us up to review, revise, reconsider, replan, rethink, reduce, release and all those other re- words. This releasing of what is no longer sustainable prepares us for a brighter future where we make choices more aligned with nourishment for our hearts and soul.

Astrologers live under the same cosmic skies as you and this summer brought changes that cannot be side-stepped. And so, I must announce I am stepping aside from writing a new and full moon forecast plus the horoscopes. Much as I've learned from engaging in astrology in this format I am inspired in other ways which I (re)discovered through writing these columns.

When I write a forecast about a new or full moon, there is a dynamic story that often shows up in headlines, or later in historical periods. When I take the same information and write the sun-sign horoscopes, the information applies to a smaller group, like Aries, Taurus, etc. But, when I sit-down in a Moon Circle group or do an individual reading and apply the same information directly to someone's chart, magic happens!

One concern I looked at in making this decision is that I am adding to the general chatter 'out there' that makes us feel like we know something (and are therefore safe) when we are missing the power knowledge can bring when we apply it to ourselves individually. I wrote these columns hoping inspire you with how welcoming and useful astrology is as a powerful tool. It is neither a fate to dodge or a wished for event to passively wait for. Astrology is not 'out there'. It is a tool to use inside so we make better choices for actions 'out there.'

Astrology is a language for an energy we can sense but not name. Putting words to what we sense is an act of bridging the unconscious to the conscious and thereby becoming more awake to ourselves in the world.

Consciousness is a big word for awareness: a holographic awareness encompassing body, mind, emotions and spirit. My passion is using astrology to focus and facilitate our drive for consciousness and living a life more aligned with who we truly are.

I already offer small on-going Moon Circles that meet once or twice a month and those are growing and will continue. We look at the current astrological “weather” and then apply that information directly to each participant's chart.

My favorite chart “readings” are actually dialogues with those participants, and other people, who are on a mission of self-transformation. And since the skies, our shifting circumstances and consciousness present us with endless challenges and opportunities, life, is an on-going process that astrology can shed light on, also.

My true expertise and heart-felt mission is doing transformational coaching using astrology as the basis. My commitment is to make these services as available and affordable as possible so we can transform ourselves and thus, the world around us.

I invite you to bring the power of astrology home to your chart and  bring the sparkle back to your life. Staying on your heart-felt path takes introspection, courage, patience and a commitment to make the on-going decisions we need to in order to stay with our hearts - or get back on track. Good tools like astrology and encouraging companions like those found at Moon Circles keep us focused.

Today the universe offers us a beautiful full moon in Pisces and Virgo, tying the heights of heaven with the daily routine of earth. It's not duality - it's polarity. It's not an 'or' - it's an 'and.'
And it's not 'out there' - it's in you.

I'd love to hear how you used this summer of releasing and what heart-felt path you are traveling.