O Stars Above: Aries Full Moon

Relationships and a Lightening Bolt of Surprise


Managing ourselves can be a full time job these days, right?! Well, here comes the Aries' full moon (Oct 5 at 11:40 a.m. PDT) offering reality checks on just how well we are doing – in relationship to our relationships. Full moons bring to light what we can't see and this one comes with feedback from our near and dear. Pointing out the errors of our ways may come with a polite smile from the Sun and Mercury in diplomatic Libra, but don't blow it off.

Aries, the sign of 'me' and Libra, the sign of 'we,' are at opposite ends of one line. If either gets too far out on its end, compromises are hard to come by. So pay attention to where you stand, what you hear and what results you want.

Spicy, Uranus in fiery Aries teaches us a lesson in finding courage to break past our barriers of playing small. But, as we learn new lessons, perhaps, we overstated our positions. Uranus' gifts often come out of the blue - like a lightening bolt.

Giving Uranus extra juice, expansive Jupiter wraps up a year in Libra. He's opened doors to us of more social interactions and networks which means we have new choices of who to hang with and who to cut since a year ago. The combination of Uranus and Jupiter with the full moon could end up resembling a game of musical chairs.

Questions to ask under the light of this moon: have I overstated my case, and been too pushy about my point of view? Have I forgotten that others, like my dear best friends and dearest spouse, have view points too? Or do I have friends so busy espousing their opinions that they don't realize they are about to be voted off my island?

Handled with Libran diplomacy, a new balance could be found. Or like Jupiter shifting to Scorpio (October 10), we could wave good-bye and move on.

Horoscopes for October 5-19

Libra, you're having your moment in the spotlight but, alas, must focus on your sweetie, too. Story of your life, but a behind-the-scenes waltz with Mars and Venus is so romantic!Squeeze the last bit of fabulous connections out of Jupiter in Libra - walk through newly opened doors.

Scorpio, get out and mingle just for the fun of it because you are in the flow. You can feel an electrical charge building but things are not ready for prime time. Shore up work in practical ways, review work details, budgets, timelines. Keep your head in case of surprises.

Sagittarius, autumn brings many harvests thanks to two years of hard work. Business friends and fun could find a way to mingle and give you a breather but don't go wild and crazy – it's still business. A guardian angel comes into play.

Capricorn, work successes and allies are active, but unexpected excitement at home demands attention. Work may encounter delays but don't push it. Let things work out on their own. Delay may actually bring you more power so don't be your own worse enemy, at work or home.

Aquarius, fly your latest, greatest idea by close, old friends. Then listen closely to what they say. A dream is becoming clearer and doors may be opening but, this is not a “build it and they will come” time. Make a pragmatic plan. Get real and go slow. This is your upcoming trend.

Pisces, it's time to know your own worth and align with business partners who share your values. Don't sell yourself out by either over- or under-estimating your worth. Close relationships are your guardian angels so listen to them. Work behind closed door for the big reveal to come.

Aries, take a bow, it's your moon. If you feel a little vulnerable, don't get all chest out and pushy. Lead with your dearest wishes and maybe, even show your heart. Your spouse has your back and good words to use. Get in step with work routines and colleagues.

Taurus, take a few days off before the full moon. Your inner world is tangled up with the Collective Mind and it's busy and loud in there. A little R & R gives you time to tend to inner business and could lead to a sensual dance. Tango, anyone?

Gemini, friends may need more attention than you can give them, because baby, girls just wanna have fun. Somehow your sense of humor and the right words settle the mob down and lightens things up. Seriously, you have a silver tongue. What other problems could you solve now?

Cancer, that moon spotlights you at work and you are delegating like the executive-minded force you are. Home, too, needs diplomatic words and your tender touch to smooth the brow of dear ones. Warning: The spouse may be especially sensitive!

Leo, neighbors, siblings, barista and hairdresser could use your diplomatic skills. The moon calls you to take the highest view possible of how individualistic people can be. If they're stressing you out, take a time out. Let your roots sink deep and dreams fly high.

Virgo, you are dancing through life with a bit of flow and balance, and give and take working for you. Let people hand you on to the next perfect person to open even more doors. Be your own best friend and value yourself like you do your BFFs. If you must, organize your finances.

Stars Above Kitsap: Full Moon Lunar Eclipse - Libra

Super Moon Lunar Eclipse - First of Tetrad

Super Moon Lunar Eclipse - First of Tetrad

You Tarzan. Me Jane.

Rhett has Scarlett. The Lone Ranger travels with Tonto. Beauty tames the Beast. Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton acted out their passion for all the world to see. Sonny and Cher said it all in “The beat goes one.” It's the eternal dance between men and women. Active and receptive. Outer and inner. Aries and Libra.

Any ballerina will tell you the work that goes into achieving the moment of balance on a toe shoe. She makes it look easy, but for all the focus, the balance point lasts a mere moment, as she passes through it, and begins her fall to earth. If you've managed any balance in any area of your life, you know the blood, sweat and tears required!

Aries' and Libras' Equinoxes begin with on perfectly balanced point. Monthly full moons bring another balance between the male sun, and the feminine moon. One single moment in the month we attempt the still-point, and go a little luna-tic with full moon madness. Or is that excitement at having achieved the balance for even one brief moment?

Throw in a Lunar Eclipse at the Full Moon (Sept. 27 at 7:50 PM) and a Super Moon to boot (26,000 miles closer to earth than usual) and the idea of a balance point gets even more of a boost. As if those aren't enough indicators, Mercury, the communication god, retrograde in Libra, demands we rethink, revise and review our relationships. Clue: the ones that don't work this month, probably just don't work!

How is the harmony between your inner life and the world? How balanced are you between initiating action and receiving it? Do you give too much or take too much concerning your spouse and closest friends? Do your partnerships match with your values and purpose in life?

This is the moment when we focus on balance and relationships, inner and outer. Then it is back to Mickey and Minnie, Bella and Edward. You Tarzan. Me Jane.

HOROSCOPES Sept 26 – Oct 12

Dear Libra, we see your beauty, but the stress and strain of an eternal focus on balance weighs heavy. Cosmic advice is to give from your heart and pass on social nicety, give up giving too much! Review what others bring to you. Are they doing their part? No? Prune, for beauty's sake.

Scorpio, balance practical and ethereal needs. Let spirit guide you which means a little quiet, meditative time is in order. Let the answers come to you. Networking opportunities abound. Pursue the ones you want and let others fall like autumn leaves. Take your moment on the stage and bow!

Sagittarius, groups need your creative view but not to carry out your mission. Pragmatic, practical visions and serious, get-down-to-business actions are the way. You carry authority but must work for the respect. Blunt opinions ignoring feelings have a boomerang effect. Tape this to your wall.

Capricorn, yes, life is political-every time you act or speak. Do so wisely. Work is your be-all but even you, dear Goat, need family and nest. Don't take too much at home and give too much at work. After the last five years, surely you can trust the unseen world to hold and support you.

Aquarius, balance broad philosophy and personal opinions - which could be edgy as you rein in too many groups, people, ideas. Ground thoughts with pencil in hand. Idealism, the right group and steady friends are the ticket. Deep intimacy wants you out of your head and into the... You get it!

Pisces, you are worth it, and emotionally need support for who you are and how you do it. Do NOT give away your power even to a soul-mate. Meditate on the Pope or the Dalai Lama. They too work in the spiritual world but you wouldn't call them woo-woo or powerless. Let it work through you.

Aries, do you feel whiny about not getting 'enough?' That's a clue to balance give-and-take - not to gallop off into the sunset. New image: soldiers helping after Katrina or Haiti – not an aggressive stance but one that takes courage. Like tackling the pile of details at work! Get busy!

Taurus, pleeazzee, take it down a notch. Sit, stay, be quiet. Listen to your body. Even your steadfast little bull can only take so much. The new Venus cycle is about play and fun around home and family. You don't have to be the river boat gambler or Don Juan - just chill.

Gemini, network but pick fun groups who love your dynamic mind. Close friends bright enough to keep up with you add spice to movies, lectures, conferences and other venues with diverse food for the mind. At home, details. Be out with focused purpose looking for new horizons.

Cancer, go home, little Crab, re-center. Puttering time helps you feel the beat of the masses, which move like the tide, day in and out, subtle shifts and changes. What are they responding to, what's the next 'thing?' You arrive back at work with important information for the team. This is your forte.

Leo, daily errands, clerks, bros and sisters, talking, chatting, disseminating info, teaching, public appearances, publishing...it's a rush! Personal appearance counts - can't show up dressed like a fairy if you have Lady Macbeth ambitions. Use your radiance with purpose and shine!

Virgo, what's yours, what's mine, what is ours together? You have charisma and energy so don't bowl your financial/emotional partner over on your way to executing the plan. Some sit and stay quiet time lets you receive instructions for proceeding with grace without giving power away.