Aquarius Full Moon - Lunar Eclipse

Eclipse Season Heats Up

Eclipse season surrounding the lunar eclipse (Monday, August 7, 11:10 am, PDT) and “The Great American Total Solar Eclipse” on August 21 interrupts summer. Eclipses carry extra potent energies that block our normal flow so we can fine-tune and reset our direction. Lunar eclipses close twenty-year cycles as life comes full circle. Some people leave, some reappear. The Earth's shadow covers the moon giving our sensitive, feeling nature privacy to reflect on what has passed and what lies ahead.

The energy of the Women's March of last winter appears in both eclipses in the form of four asteroid goddesses, all in earth signs, calling on the power of the feminine in all people. They remind us that our bodies, our earth, and our society need heart-centered care.

Their mission supports Leo's which helps us open our hearts and act from its instinctive kindness. The lion lends us courage to dare the risk of showing up as the Light itself. Our hearts know what is right and true and good and we ignore those truths at our peril. When we live from our generous hearts, we are equipped to join in discussions concerning society's enlightened future (Aquarian). Acting from false egos, we are unable to see how to care for ourselves, our fellow humans, and our earth. We are 'en-deadened' and act out in ugly, unconscious group behavior. Perhaps this is the current fascination with zombies.

In mundane astrology, the moon represents the masses and the sun stands for the king, chief, or president. The people's moon in the US chart is in Aquarius! Therefore we, the people, demand doctrines and policies of inclusivity that align with Aquarian principles. With the moon (the people) unable to reflect the sun (president), the question of this moon's eclipse is: How fast can you find your Light and offer it to the betterment of people and earth?

Horoscopes August 7 – 21

Leo, a new two-year Mars cycle brings action and energy to your interconnection with the world. Add in the Leo/Aquarius eclipse cycles in the area of dear relationships and you are knee deep in learning how to be you IN relationships and letting them be equally as radiant.

Virgo, time in deep silence helps in many ways. Balancing the quiet within with activity at work and in daily routines is a major lesson from the Leo/Aquarius eclipse cycle. Progressive ideas on how to nurture yourself everyday abound! Mercury retrogrades starts August 13. Relax. Review. Rethink.

Libra, good heavens, you know everybody! Find the ones who are fun, creative, expressive and fired up. Go play with them. Try something new and different. Suddenly, you are seen as the great nurturer. Give of your heart and listen to their needs. Your circle expands.

Scorpio, consider yourself discovered. You need time at home to balance the multitudes who are applauding what ALL you have to offer. Applause is grand but remember to seek and pursue that which is YOUR passion and desire. It's the start of a new two-year cycle. Don't waste it on...whatever!

Sagittarius, the closer you get to your goal, the more important each step is. What have you accomplished the last two years? What needs to be done to meet your goal? Remember the six-degrees of Kevin Bacon? Who knows who who can help you get to your endgame. Keep network expanding.

Capricorn, you have behind the scene power. Use it wisely. Remember there is a power and great value in receptivity, kindness and including everyone in the game of life. You are a power player but your transformation is learning a new value system: everyone counts. Teach other leaders this.

Aquarius, here's an interesting point: other people are interested in the betterment of people, too and you, yes, you, don't have to carry the banner alone. In fact, you must include everyone as a point of demonstration. Reach higher, feel more, include others – even those with power.

Pisces, while you are strutting your stuff at work (and, boy, is work fired up!) you need quieter times to stay in touch with more progressive messages. The masses carry weight and no sacrifice is needed, just every hand on the wheel turning the wheel of life. It feels radical when you put down the burden.

Aries, if born mid-April on, you're singing from the roof tops, and mountain tops – I gotta be me. All Aries are starting a new Mars cycle, plus with the eclipse cycle, your fire is lit and blazing. You will be you or explode in the attempt! Why? Love of self, others and planet, AND it's fun!

Taurus, work can't be impersonal, detached and intellectual 24/7 or you will lose your fan base at home. Activate your affection and caring and clean up any messes you've made. Bring your fun self home, play with the kids, the dog, the wife, for no reason whatsoever. Invest at home.

Gemini, go see the Total Eclipse of the Sun, talk to everyone else standing around waiting for the point of totality. This is what you are made for: an event with lots of people and no reason to be quiet. Shine your light on them and watch them light up. Fun!! (Oh, Mercury retrograde on the 10th.)

Cancer, the moon, there she is. Oops, she's gone. Take a break from your feelings and see what being detached feels like. Radical, eh? Finances, wills, insurance, and loans need a certain detachment but can increase security. Counselors who share your values can help. Let them.






O Stars Above: Solar Eclipse - Pisces New Moon

A Tide Change

New moons represent initiation phases and a time to plant seeds for future harvest. Eclipses emphasis the moon's meaning. This Sunday's Pisces new moon eclipse (February 26 at 6: 58 am PST) comes with a twist. It is the last of a two-year series in Virgo and Pisces. Thus, it is a beginning and an end, a tide change.

Astrological processes use the symbols of planets circling the sun through starry constellations. We go around and around, season to season, year in and year out, day to night, and night to day, again and again. Astronomy shows that we are not orbiting the sun in a flat plane but in a spiral, and so hopefully, in astrological terms, each cycle offers a higher perspective of what it means to be a human, or a society, or even a civilization alive on one small planet for a short period of time.

Each sign outlines a lesson plan full of growth and regressions. From Aries through Scorpio, we focus on individual development and actions, but the last four signs, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces, shift to societal views and how we fit into the whole. If we haven't fully internalized the first eight signs, we find ourselves ill-equipped for the final four.

In Virgo/Pisces, the eclipses turned our attention to how our personal, earthly habits fit into an eternal view. We hold these two extremes within our small bodies. Do we ignore one at the expense of the other? Virgo represents the individual seed, Pisces the endless ocean: Virgo, doing, Pisces, being. How do we stretch ourselves between today and eternity? After these lessons of the last two years, where do you find yourself today? What seeds of endless love and compassion are you planting for tomorrow - in your personal life and society?

Horoscopes February 27 to March 12

Pisces, if your life was a poem, what would the image be? You stand at the gate between your inner world and out...there. Pieces you were missing have come home to your heart giving your feet a solid place to stand where you can create your vision and transfer it to the outer. Halljeluha!

Aries, your dream world may be inundated with images and symbols even as you are ramming the gates of what you desire, love and will no longer deny. Pay attention for inner direction and expect sudden, unexpected change. Do not hurt yourself or others but focus on balance with true partners.

Taurus, you may look calm and collected but your cauldron is double, double toil and trouble. You can only plod along so long until an over-heated need bubbles up. Yours may have to do with wanting a love partner, someone (a work colleague?) who gets what a hot commodity you are!

Gemini, your Mercury joins a tribe in Pisces and suddenly, logic is out the window. Let it or it will be a rough ride while subconscious material bubbles up in public ways. Emotions, obsessive compulsive thoughts, living in two worlds at one time? It is the best of times. It is the worst of times.

Cancer, you could join a convent, or an ashram. At least, take a trip or a spa day. Emotions are awashin' you clean and fillin' your heart with hope. Don't take on too much for others. Pick your personal target and commit. Work is rambunctious, full of sturm und drang (egos). Stay true to you!

Leo, have you heard the expression “Give him enough rope to hang himself?” Be wary of doing yourself in as psychological material pops out like boils on your face where everyone can see. Even those you thought you could trust are acting crazy. Take a retreat - where no one knows you!

Virgo, radical forgiveness may be in store for yourself and dearly beloved one. Kindness and compassion go far towards making amends. Lists and agendas drop by the wayside. Meanwhile, tax or financial matters need action now. Don't give yourself up to hold on to friendships. Find better friends.

Libra, build kindness, compassion, imagination and intuition into your daily life. Otherwise, you feel fuzzy and unsure, you collect the unreliable, maybe even explosive. True partners and collaborators are your goal – people to see you through the next 12 years. Cherish yourself - outloud.

Scorpio, creativity, romance, FUN! Just go do it even if it makes no sense whatsoever! Revitalize your daily life. Get seriously active. Hang-glide, Zumba, rollerblade, shake it and move it before your nervous system explodes. This is a time to trust your intuition and risk the right action.

Sagittarius, you can be far thinking but at your root is not philosophy, dogma or adventure for adventure's sake. It is the great pearl of spiritual wisdom: compassion. It starts at home and if you can't feel it, look to your childhood. Your soul is undergoing a deep healing. Sit down and stare at the horizon.

Capricorn, transformation comes in chit-chat, bits and pieces, poems, images, songs, gossip, hints, mirrors, down-time. One small bit after another - a huge collage. Stand back to see the picture. It is not a five-year plan, another certification. It is the song of the collective – echoing in your heart.

Aquarius, without a baptism, utopian visions cater only to the few. This is the cleansing of your sense of self and your values. It is not fuzzy thinking – you are moving from head to heart. A fifteen-inch shift that can rock your world. Put your hand on your heart and feel it. Revolutionary!