O Stars Above: Cancer Full Moon


Big Daddy Wields Tough Love

Endings and beginnings tend to overlap and mingle like waters at the changing of the tide. Heaven knows, astrological signs and planets are in a constant dance of beginnings, middles and endings, but a brightly-lit full moon makes clear what hides in the dark. The Full Moon in Cancer lines up with the New Year (January 1, 6:24 pm PST) and highlights a major shift.

After three years in Sagittarius, down-to-Earth Saturn moved into Capricorn (December 19) where his reality-based powers shine. After a thirty year absence, he's returned to the sign he rules and he's shaking us awake. Whether focused and productive or kicking and screaming, we will align with him, one way or the other, before he moves on (December 2020).

Saturn steadied our antics in spontaneous Sagittarius, but take note: wiggle room is official gone and fiddle-playing grasshoppers won't prosper in this cycle. Focus, time-lines, budgets, patience and discipline gather rewards under Saturn's tutelage, who wants to bless us with worldly recognition. But we must wrestle with where we fit into our community and what skills we can offer or hone. It's time to focus on doing what must be done and staying with it until our mission is accomplished. Big Daddy wields tough love – but, when he does rewards us, we can rest assured we earned it.

The first moon of this era holds clues for navigating the sea change. Mercury's forward motion says embrace expansive thoughts. The Sun and Pluto, two serious power players, traveling together remind us life doesn't last forever and there are no short cuts for integrity. The Great Mother Moon along with Venus underscores the importance of taking on goals that nourish us emotionally.

When we follow these hints, our Saturnian efforts make a life worth living even in the process.

Horoscopes January 1 to 16

Capricorn, doors are open wide and you know how to put your adult panties on and work! But, this isn't about ambition, hierarchy, or titles. Pluto in Capricorn burned those to the ground. This is about leadership power and responding to heart-needs as the work gets done. The Means are the End.

Aquarius, like Robin Williams, sometimes we need a good director who keeps us from being our own worst enemy. What would Big Daddy say directly to you? “The Age of Aquarius is barreling in and you are the leader of the age. Don't be a rebel without a cause.” Do some deep listening and rest.

Pisces, as a mystic you wouldn't think Capricorn's reality would be a good mix. But, Martin Luther King (Capricorn Sun) had a dream and lead a movement with his heart (Moon in Pisces). His powerful friends came along for the fun of an outing they called...a march. Lead fun changes!

Aries, if you're a leader making plans behind closed doors for your company or organization, read Capricorn above. It's not about your position in society, but the position of your heart and how you use it for society. Spending time with family reminds you everyone has ambitions for their loved ones.

Taurus, there's rarely been a better time for your pragmatic principles. In your plodding manner, the next three years and your work ethic put you in a good position – even if markets tumble. Keep your heart in your work and consider “giving back” on a regular basis. Show us the way.

Gemini, even the most casual relationships exchange values. Align with friends who share your values. Don't squander your hard earned experiences. They don't need you. You need them! The years ahead point toward methodical exploration of values and trust – of yourself, your friends and society.

Cancer, sweet mama, you're the natural partner to Capricorn's legacy building. Earth and water are conservative: baking takes time and building a company takes time. You can't go wild and crazy while doing real work. Remind us to keep our heart in the game. Feel the flow and find the fun.

Leo, people have no idea the work you do to bring your colleagues and day-to-day contacts grounded action and a generosity of spirit. Taking care of your health is job number one for awhile. Follow a daily routine that works for you for food, exercise and sleep. Take a long winter's nap.

Virgo, earthy-you can flourish over the next three years. You naturally work but here's an interesting twist - work needs to be fun, personal and creative. And try not to turn that into a job. Invite neighbors over for coffee, cocktails, gardening, sewing. Whatever is FUN! You can do this...

Libra, your social graces keep the community grounded. Ponder how manners and beautiful surroundings encourage listening and kindness in difficult conversations. Open your home for meetings with go-getters with ethical projects. You've got leadership and ethics with a gentle touch.

Scorpio, Jupiter expands your world and Saturn's energy supports your efforts. Strategy and focus are natural for you. Mars in Scorpio gives your pokes extra punch for the next month because you see hidden agendas. Use that info for your mission and stay with your heart.

Sagittarius, you have friends, resources, skills, tools, and character. Society is calling you to use yourself up. The invitation offers self-discovery. You can make it fun! Yes, you can stand on a mountain and jump in a squirrel suit, but going for something with more lasting value is the energy of the moment.


O Stars Above: Aries Full Moon

Relationships and a Lightening Bolt of Surprise


Managing ourselves can be a full time job these days, right?! Well, here comes the Aries' full moon (Oct 5 at 11:40 a.m. PDT) offering reality checks on just how well we are doing – in relationship to our relationships. Full moons bring to light what we can't see and this one comes with feedback from our near and dear. Pointing out the errors of our ways may come with a polite smile from the Sun and Mercury in diplomatic Libra, but don't blow it off.

Aries, the sign of 'me' and Libra, the sign of 'we,' are at opposite ends of one line. If either gets too far out on its end, compromises are hard to come by. So pay attention to where you stand, what you hear and what results you want.

Spicy, Uranus in fiery Aries teaches us a lesson in finding courage to break past our barriers of playing small. But, as we learn new lessons, perhaps, we overstated our positions. Uranus' gifts often come out of the blue - like a lightening bolt.

Giving Uranus extra juice, expansive Jupiter wraps up a year in Libra. He's opened doors to us of more social interactions and networks which means we have new choices of who to hang with and who to cut since a year ago. The combination of Uranus and Jupiter with the full moon could end up resembling a game of musical chairs.

Questions to ask under the light of this moon: have I overstated my case, and been too pushy about my point of view? Have I forgotten that others, like my dear best friends and dearest spouse, have view points too? Or do I have friends so busy espousing their opinions that they don't realize they are about to be voted off my island?

Handled with Libran diplomacy, a new balance could be found. Or like Jupiter shifting to Scorpio (October 10), we could wave good-bye and move on.

Horoscopes for October 5-19

Libra, you're having your moment in the spotlight but, alas, must focus on your sweetie, too. Story of your life, but a behind-the-scenes waltz with Mars and Venus is so romantic!Squeeze the last bit of fabulous connections out of Jupiter in Libra - walk through newly opened doors.

Scorpio, get out and mingle just for the fun of it because you are in the flow. You can feel an electrical charge building but things are not ready for prime time. Shore up work in practical ways, review work details, budgets, timelines. Keep your head in case of surprises.

Sagittarius, autumn brings many harvests thanks to two years of hard work. Business friends and fun could find a way to mingle and give you a breather but don't go wild and crazy – it's still business. A guardian angel comes into play.

Capricorn, work successes and allies are active, but unexpected excitement at home demands attention. Work may encounter delays but don't push it. Let things work out on their own. Delay may actually bring you more power so don't be your own worse enemy, at work or home.

Aquarius, fly your latest, greatest idea by close, old friends. Then listen closely to what they say. A dream is becoming clearer and doors may be opening but, this is not a “build it and they will come” time. Make a pragmatic plan. Get real and go slow. This is your upcoming trend.

Pisces, it's time to know your own worth and align with business partners who share your values. Don't sell yourself out by either over- or under-estimating your worth. Close relationships are your guardian angels so listen to them. Work behind closed door for the big reveal to come.

Aries, take a bow, it's your moon. If you feel a little vulnerable, don't get all chest out and pushy. Lead with your dearest wishes and maybe, even show your heart. Your spouse has your back and good words to use. Get in step with work routines and colleagues.

Taurus, take a few days off before the full moon. Your inner world is tangled up with the Collective Mind and it's busy and loud in there. A little R & R gives you time to tend to inner business and could lead to a sensual dance. Tango, anyone?

Gemini, friends may need more attention than you can give them, because baby, girls just wanna have fun. Somehow your sense of humor and the right words settle the mob down and lightens things up. Seriously, you have a silver tongue. What other problems could you solve now?

Cancer, that moon spotlights you at work and you are delegating like the executive-minded force you are. Home, too, needs diplomatic words and your tender touch to smooth the brow of dear ones. Warning: The spouse may be especially sensitive!

Leo, neighbors, siblings, barista and hairdresser could use your diplomatic skills. The moon calls you to take the highest view possible of how individualistic people can be. If they're stressing you out, take a time out. Let your roots sink deep and dreams fly high.

Virgo, you are dancing through life with a bit of flow and balance, and give and take working for you. Let people hand you on to the next perfect person to open even more doors. Be your own best friend and value yourself like you do your BFFs. If you must, organize your finances.

O Stars Above: Pisces Full Moon

Emotional High Tide or Light-Hearted Joy


Leo came in like a wrecking ball shaking us awake. In the aftermath, we find ourselves in a whole new ballgame. We've left something behind, but can barely remember what it was (maybe our bloated egos?) and are rushing into our changing future.

Whatever we released is what kept us from living life from our golden hearts. With courage and hearts intact, we arrive at Virgo's door where service comes naturally because she knows the great secret. Connection to Spirit lies in our hearts. Forget that and here comes those bloated egos, again!

The second new moon in Leo created a switcheroo in the cosmic line-up. Instead of a new moon followed by a full moon in its sign, this game introduces a different batting order. Now the new moon is followed by the full moon of the next sign with its new moon trailing along later. In this set-up, the full moon crisis makes clear what intentions or corrections are needed at the new moon.

High tides of emotions flood in with the Pisces full moon (September 6 at 12:02 am PDT). We feel the servitude, drudge and persnickety attitude that happens when we do Virgo's routines without heart. (Yuck.) We feel all 'a-lone' because we are the only ones working, the only ones who can do it right. (Sniff.) Will we slide into a Pisces pity-party forgetting that we are 'all-one'?

Being aware of changing emotions in and around us and letting them flow shifts everything. Spending time in nature can return us to simplicity and help us find the sacred witness within who watches the dance of love that we are all attempting. Compassion for our feeble attempts reveals the magic of Pisces and the joy of All-One-ness.

At the very least, the full moon shows us what emotions pull us out of our hearts and where we must relax and find the light-hearted joy in daily life.

Horoscope September 6 – 15

Virgo, Leo's excitement threw you into the vast Collective Mind. (And you thought your mind was busy.) It's a foggy mess in there but Mars calms down, Mercury turns out of retrograde and you can get back to work with a new sense of why. Compassion flows.

Libra, much as you'd like some quiet and less work behind the scenes, the party continues as you engage wonderful new contacts, a showy lot who adore you which makes them irresistible! Some prove to be all show, no go. No problem, your social and work calendar is full. Next!

Scorpio, sometimes play is the re-creation of ourselves or simply an escape from reality. Hmmm...whatever, you need some. Take a pragmatic view of networking and your social sphere. Who is helping you do what? After a month in the limelight, new possibilities emerge. Get a strategy!

Sagittarius, the last few years were hard work and you're seen in a new light - which gets better everyday. Don't quit yet - except on what you don't want. Plan, then spend time and energy until the new year consolidating opportunities you do want. Go to your roots and from there, fly!

Capricorn, talking about dreams and aspirations illuminate them. The best ones open far horizons in terms of philosophical beliefs. Know who your true friends are, especially in business. The best use of this moon is moving pragmatic goals ahead by doing the details. Make it real.

Aquarius, your values and self-worth are being reviewed. It's hard to get a hold of those concepts about yourself and easy to fall into illusions or fantasies about your true worth. Sometimes in knowing your closest partners' values you can see your own. Align yours and theirs.

Pisces, your moon and your ruler, Neptune, stand out front where all is revealed. You may feel vulnerable. You may find that vulnerability is both your strength and most endearing quality. Transparency enhances your position even in business. True partners align with you.

Aries, Mars moves from fire to earth and you have work to do. First, what burned itself out in the fire of Leo's clarity? What excesses, what ego-based goals? Your heart is burned clean. Choose goals wisely and upgrade your diet, exercise and sleep routines. You need a body to play the game.

Taurus, as practical as you are, you're a softy: supporting charities and a sucker for your family, especially your progeny. (This is our little secret.) Consider expanding your idea of family and children to other creative endeavors and collaborators? This is the lesson for the next two years.

Gemini, at the root, you're logical and confident in that ability. Your roots and standing in the community are up for reconsideration. As for your standing, don't fool yourself in either fantasy or disillusionment. You're extra sensitive to how you're seen. Remember trees grow from the roots up.

Cancer, intuitively you can sort real possibilities from fantasies even as you let dreams fly in the process of finding your next one. They must add to life in caring, practical ways. Leo's fire-storm cleared the view of your worth. That is still in process, but the outcome is a harvest and a foundation.

Leo, the trail you are blazing goes on for some time with more being revealed in who you are, how you present yourself and how you are received. What you value and what you bring to the table has never been clearer to you. Only invest where there is total alignment.





O Stars Above: Scorpio Full Moon

Inner and Outer Plot Twists

Joey Kyber/Pexels.com

Joey Kyber/Pexels.com

The peaceful new moon in Taurus runs headlong into a dramatic Scorpio full moon on May 10, 2:42 pm PDT. These two signs represent the balancing of personal values and how they mesh with societal demands. Our plans of getting back to basics are stressed by a cast of characters: Pluto ruling societal power (plutocracy) challenges Jupiter's need for social justice which stands opposite relationship-oriented Venus in Aries, the sign of self-interest. Mercury, the Trickster, visits Uranus, the wild card, while stern Saturn supervises their mischief.

Count the players on stage so far. Eight out of ten.

With this many planets activating a multitude of points in a large number of our charts, we can expect major activity on both inner and outer levels. Additionally, these same planets are igniting the United States' chart. A ninth player, Mars, the Warrior, prods the USA's Mars to act like the warrior it is. (But, wait - there's more!) Another plot twist appears with Mars, also, making a pushy contact with Trump's Sun, Uranus, and Mars.

A Mars attack on both an impetuous man and a country's destiny can collide in many ways. We can only hope it is a flurry of ego-laden Tweets!

In our mundane lives, we may surprise ourselves by taking risky stands for what is near and dear. We could cut ties with those not aligned with our values, say no to unjust policies, or take to the streets in another people's march.

Caught between the February eclipse and the total eclipse of the sun which sweeps a dark path across America in August, this highly stressed moon is sure to shed light on what is to come and may well illuminate a defining moment in our culture and ourselves.

Stay tuned. News at eleven.

Horoscopes May 10 – 25

Taurus, you are so dependable that sometimes you take yourself for granted! Don't overlook what your heart wants. Venus, your guardian angel, whispers those closely held secrets into your dreams. Listen to friends who can clue you in if you can't read between your lines.

Gemini, Mars races ahead of the sun stirring your giddy-up-and-go! Mercury, fresh out of retrograde, urges forward action. Be sure what you take on has a strong element of self-support. Give yourself slack time to watch the daisies grow as you wrap up your last year.

Cancer, in spite of a ton of fresh ideas for work, friends insist you come out for fun, recreation and play. It renews your soul and there are puzzle pieces coming together if you listen closely. Pay attention to that still voice that is rallying for even more diversity and fun.

Leo, it's a conundrum. Should I stay or should I go? Part of you wants to visit far horizons and get out of town, out of your rut and go somewhere, anywhere. But, ruling the stage at work demands attention. Another part is happy to nestle at home. Have coffee with an exotic friend for excitement!

Virgo, dig long enough in the heavy, deep and real and you are bound to find treasure – the treasure of knowing yourself. Ideas are bubbling but not ready for action. Intimate chats give you new words and feedback so you can clarify what you truly want.

Libra, freed up from old emotional gunk lets you merge into new levels of intimacy. Balance the scales by being blatantly honest about what makes your heart sing. Trust the goodness of the universe to have your best interest at heart and live up to your values. Give up being careful.

Scorpio, as much as you try to keep a poker face, we see you and your sweetness. Maybe you feel vulnerable but others find it endearing and open doors for you. Lots of action around secrets, like money, sex, death, counseling, and strategies. Do your research.

Sagittarius, expand your friendship and acquaintance base. Make a business plan and go for it. It's the Kevin Bacon year and you're 6 degrees from what you want. One of your friends will connect you to the person who opens the magic doors for you. Keep putting it out there.

Capricorn, you're building a strong foundation and attracting the right attention in your career. Change is not only good but unavoidable for you now so keep at it and be strong in asking for the help you need. Fun and productive friendships go together. So call a friend and have fun!

Aquarius, political maneuvering at work can get you where you want to go, just don't play your hand too close to your chest. There's an element of going for it and taking risks here with your efforts well-supported. The surprise may be who helps you. Think about it and then mum's the word.

Pisces, a page has turned and a good chapter is ahead. If you let 'it' go, there's a flow you intuitively know how to work. Sometimes it pays to go unnoticed because you can work on what you want. Don't sell yourself out. Just keep talking it through until you see your way through.

Aries, you're firing on all cylinders and fresh approaches to being you are popping up like spring flowers. Use this energy to find a way to mesh your values with the groups'. Talk it out, listen and then do it again. These conversations add fuel to your drive to get it in gear the right way!



O Stars Above: Aquarian Full Moon

Single Stars and Constellations

The Peanuts character, Linus, made an astute point when he said, “I love mankind (Aquarian). It's people (Leo) I can't stand!” Yep, we get to deal with each other, and society, while striving to be our best selves. This full moon (Thursday, August 18 at 2:26 a.m. PDT) blends Leo's drive for Divine Illumination with the Aquarian vision of a Utopian Society. Taking on either of these tasks lifts us from an ego -bound drudgery to a great adventure – even if we fall short!

Full moons shed light on issues, sometimes personal, sometimes societal, and give us a chance to work things out. It would be lovely to think society's flaws are different than individual faults. But, society's issues are grass-root affairs. Once we get ourselves together (which none of us does alone) the job is to offer our gifts to the community, and pay it back.

Sitting with questions that arise in the light of a full moon, we are rewarded with self-knowledge and self-empowerment and move from pity parties to compassion. We discover our common human dilemma - every single person works hard at being alive no matter his circumstances! Personal clarity contributes to group clarity, and the grass-roots find the will to act. Thus, the collective unconscious becomes collective consciousness and society inches along.

This moon comes equipped with extra zest for 'we, the people' to join hearts with minds, both within and between ourselves, and get real about tending to society's most meaningful values. Who knows? By the light of this moon, we may awaken to find ourselves marching in a multitude headed in a direction that empowers wholeness at all levels for all people.

Sometimes we are single stars, and sometimes, we are part of a constellation - but, no less brilliant.

Horoscope August 18 - September 1

Leo, you lose no radiance when you lavish applause on partners. Assess skills and shore them up as needed but don't count yourself short. Bluster doesn't last - solid skills built with practice and detail does. It enhances what you have to offer and how you offer it in satisfying, focused ways.

Virgo, enjoy a few more days of life behind-the-scenes. Your personality is burgeoning with gifts, attracting friends and much good. Jupiter, your favorite uncle, finds yet more gifts for you in his bag before he moves to Libra. He leaves you brimming with self-confidence. Own it and use it well.

Libra, you see star-quality in friends broad and wide. They light you up. Your inclusiveness makes odd couples feel right at home. This month demands play, fun, romance. Angels, fairies and elves gather to rev up your imagination and dream world. Take a nap and good notes on insights.

Scorpio, use your brilliant strategist-ability to form a plan around money. You like it and school is in on how you manifest it. Focus. At home, the moon wants you in your heart and sharing your radical ideas. Then, uncomplicate it and go have some fun with your woo-woo friends.

Sagittarius, personal power and focus combine to get 'er done. If you don't know what you want done, seek advice. It's too good an opportunity to miss. Pretend you are the noon day sun - so high up you see everything, how it works and unfolds. Make decisions from there and mobilize the troops.

Capricorn, stay patient and steadfast on your own behalf. Your journey is slow, deep and at times painful as you reconstruct almost everything you think you are. Your dreams may feel heavy, pointed, and confusing. Sit with them. Honor the hard work you are doing day and night.

Aquarius, planning for the masses, while being human and vulnerable is a challenge. Oddly enough, that is where your power lies for the moment. Feelings, plus, not seeing the path clearly - darn, welcome aboard, Spock. Powerful friends work under these conditions and each has a puzzle piece.

Pisces, cement new, productive friendships with collaborative partners. Let them lead when you are on your hands and knees patting the earth to find your way. Watch for astute business partners. Dreams are restless. Your work focus is pretty amazing now. Push through and stay with it.

Aries, expand your friendships. A warrior's spirit combines strategy with attack and it's time to actively pursue your future. Small course changes make big differences over time. You discover work buddies are delightful and fun to be around. In fact, they are effective. Go, to – you have a mission!!

Taurus, your small turf needs work before saving the planet. Head, heart and a final sweep of good fortune are aligned on your behalf. There is a conflict between going for fun and staying in to dig through the mud of psychological mines. Do some of both, but do dig. Your future depends on it.

Gemini, family and childhood emotions surface in a way logical enough for you to 'grok.' It sheds light on the heaviness (fighting?) around your closest. Science says our hearts and guts have brains, too, so sit and think with a hand on one of them. Crazy ideas about your future edge in!

Cancer, you have enough sense of yourself to dig deep and rise up to a higher level of expressing care. Be irreplaceable you. This is especially true at work - you just aren't that weird! Focus, strategies and your soft touch solves issues of work and employees in a way that feels good.