O Stars Above: Taurus New Moon

Energized New Moon


This new moon brings to mind the song lyrics “hitch your wagon to a star.” Normally sedate Taurus hooks up to star-power in the form of Uranus, the electrical, r/evolutionary and revelatory planet moving into its meadow after an eight year rabble-rousing tour of Aries on the new moon (May 15, 4:47 am PDT).

Uranus' last trip through Taurus was in 1934 as it tip-toed back and forth from Aries to Taurus (as will happen later in the year) before settling into its new corral in 1935 until 1941. Many ultra-conservative and totalitarian trends attempted to take hold: Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Mussolini.

In the USA, the infamous Dust Bowls led to innovative and humanitarian action in the New Deal which helped people negatively impacted by nature. Clearly the possibilities are an open field when Uranus settles in its new sign in March, 2019.

Uranus in Taurus brings revolution to both what we value and how we handle money through our banking systems. Think cryptocurrencies and other money changes ahead. How we work with nature is sure to take center stage, too, especially over the next few years with Saturn and Pluto planted in earthy Capricorn, the sign of traditional, established power and legacies. Our most important and valuable legacy is nature itself. Our disastrous impact on earth and earth's own urges, like the volcano in Hawaii, show a need to engage with nature as an interactive, collaborative force rather than something to be conquered.

Mars in a push-pull match with Uranus at the last, unstable degrees of bossy Capricorn and Aries. Both planets move to the next signs, fixed Aquarius and Taurus within hours of the new moon giving us a peek at what entrenched positions we will be bull-ing our way out of over the next eight years. Keep an eye on headlines for clues.

Taurus can be quite self-satisfied and content to loll in the sunshine, smell the roses and sip lemonade on the porch. Stubborn and slow to change is Taurus' middle name but as Uranus gets comfortable in the pasture, those words will shift to restless and changeable, especially with Mars nipping at the Bull's heel for the rest of the year.

Venus, ruler of Taurus, is in Gemini and a lovely relationship with Mercury, ruler of communications, who welcomes Uranus at the farmer's gate. Venus in any sign urges us to find harmony, love, affection, and beauty, diplomacy, and kindness and common courtesy. Speak with love, hold harmonious thoughts in mind, and Uranus, the king of Higher Mind, can elevate any fears around change and security

Taurus says the greatest security we can have is in grounding to our bodies, our inner values and hearts by staying rest, being in nature, and being kind. We can do that - even as we feel the sizzle.

Horoscope May 15 – 29

Taurus, wake-up, little bossie! Get clear about your mission and communicate it as you go. Your mission is to be so rooted in yourself that outer circumstance barely ruffle your hair. Oh, that's always your mission. Well, Uranus loosens up what needs to change so you can grow. Ye-Haw!

Gemini, if you've been working away on what's right for you, Venus in your sign comes as a harbinger of rewards to come. Reach out to friends, find the flow and rest. You wrap up your last year this month and begin to imagine the year ahead. Dream of goals you can manifest and make real!

Cancer, enjoy your broad network of friends and acquaintances. Build bridges and do small things to strengthen the bonds of friendship. You are building a system of strong partners and friends while imagining projects to set them loose on. Watch out world, Mama's here!

Leo, some may think you're in it for stardom. Few know how hard you work to manifest solid results and make magic happen when you are on stage. Steady on as you learn new skills so you can keep your craft alive and worthy of attention. Details, patience and applause!

Virgo, you must have an earthy, pragmatic belief system to see you through life. It's not all about work so use your discernment to cut the cord to what's a waste of time and energy when viewed in the light of your philosophy. You can't be everything to everybody or have skills for every need. Go play.

Libra, behind the scenes, you are sorting through what you will and won't do because some things you just plain don't care about. It's okay. Sort and file, then carry on with your plans. Not everyone needs to know, it's your business. You have the social grace and grease to soothe others AND be you!

Scorpio, your devious mind can go deep but only to set your foundations on bedrock. Ancestors and our families count in more ways than most know – but, YOU know. Root around in your family cellar to find the mysteries that impact your relationship. Then own up to your part of the tangle.

Sagittarius, we all shoot ourselves in the foot sometimes, but you have an angel helping you figure out how you do yourself wrong. Pay attention to your daily life and what works for you and what is a form of compensation and a place to self-soothe. Listen to your body like it knows what you need.

Capricorn, your basic death and rebirth project gets juiced by Uranus' move to Taurus in a good way. Adopt a mantra of “Surrender and let go” even as new life stirs. Be sure new opportunities match your action plans and doesn't simply solve a problem for “them.” It's intense stuff - take a spring break.

Aquarius, Mars' visit stirs your pot. Innovate, network, investigate, and move to more humanitarian arenas. Stodgy ideas, fixed habits, and childhood programming are due to change. It's time to figure out how you are your own worse enemy! Yep - until December! Talk therapy, anyone?

Pisces, talking about and writing goals are two concrete ways to start manifesting your powerful dreams and imagination. Just be sure to take those next steps and put plans into action. You're guardian angel lifts you up to higher perspectives. Drop whatever weighs you down.

Aries, can you feel the down shift as Uranus takes off for Taurus (8:16 am PDT, May 15)? It takes an adjustment, or at least, a deep breath! Look at the last eight years and see how you stepped into yourself. Tweak the innovation and individuality while the slower energy of grounding flows in.

O Stars Above: Capricorn New Moon

Jump Start Projects and Build Momentum

Circular Stairs.jpeg

All astrological signs offer something to everyone. Why? Because everyone has every sign somewhere in their chart. It's a circle of life and no one gets to sit out a round. This month ushers in Capricorn, the CEO of our lives, who's empowered when committed to worth-while projects demanding focus and concentration. They are master builders using self-discipline, patience, and management skills to accomplish solid results. In other words, Capricorn activates our adult.

The most critical decision comes in choosing what path to invest time and energy in. The wrong one turns our Great Work into an endless chore fraught with greed, ambition, and authority issues. Cynicism, depression, and workaholism squeeze joy out as shown by Scrooge in “A Christmas Carol.” His weak response to the heart of Capricorn was no less than steps in the direction of death on a cold and lonely path.

Venus who's been traveling with the full (January 1) and new moon (January 16 at 6:17 pm PST) counsels us to commit to work we love whole-heartedly so our work nourishes us. Saturn and Pluto are nurtured by huge cultural and societal projects – like the Golden Gate Bridge, the shot to the moon, the restructuring of society. These are projects no one person can accomplish alone, but as a society we can. Some of us are nurtured building homes and families, small businesses and communities. It's a different legacy that takes time and commitment, too.

Our adult urges are on steroids with Saturn back home after thirty years, and six planets in Capricorn. With all planets in forward motion until March 8 - an exceptionally long period – there's a crazy amount of energy available for jump starting projects and building momentum.

What nourishes you, inspires you to accomplish, to make a contribution, to demonstrate excellence? And what chunk of it can you accomplish over the next three years - starting now?

If you know, well, take that castle in the air and build a foundation under it!

Horoscopes January 16 – 31

Capricorn, Happy Birthday! Six planets in your sign bring the wind beneath your wings AND at your back. Make a decision, a plan and act. Be sure your heart is in it because you are naturally responsible and responsibility is heavy, man. Dare do it your way. Steady as she goes, with heart.

Aquarius, six planets off-stage need quiet, slack time to work for you. Cycles are ending and beginning. Your inner world speaks in symbol, fragments of songs, dream images, it's foggy and mysterious. Use imagination and unfocused intuition. Thinking doesn't work.

Pisces, groups of friends with humanitarian missions have a powerhouse of help now. Get in there and make things happen. You may rub elbows with power players without even know it, so just be yourself and follow up with those who feel like kindred spirits.

Aries, wow! Six planets in your work arena where they belong. After seven years of breaking free to be you, take it to work and show them the dynamic, responsible and inspired leader you are. Try to catch the subtle subtext of the power players. Imagine, subtlety, another kind of power.

Taurus, stretch your borders and be, uh, flexible, so the energy heading right your way doesn't knock you off your feet, just out of your rut. Long-term energies are lining up. Take a long bath and visualize where you want to be in three years. No rush.

Gemini, there's a struggle to let the past go and push into the re-birth canal. Much of it is intuitive and involves trusting others. The energy isn't direct so you must go to it consciously with less logic and more feeling. But it isn't woo-woo. You don't know where you are going, but take steps.

Cancer, how you feel about partners, close friends, and co-operation is shifting. You don't do it like you did and you won't do it like you are now in the future. Do you need new eyes to reflect the changes in you? Your shift is shifting them, too. Stay with the steady ones.

Leo, efficient routines get the most out of the work and service you do, your daily health habits and how you work toward personal growth. You're used to the spotlight, but this is where the curtain drops and you do the detailed work of making magic happen. You need privacy.

Virgo, planets are mainlining creative inspiration to you. Surrender and you could A) have more fun and B) surprise yourself at how much creativity you've got. Structure play into your routine - a line item on the to-do list. Play is serious business for you. Oh, heck, just go network!

Libra, your classy style comes from secure foundations. There's renovation going on at home, psychologically speaking, and maybe a remodel, too. Design your home so it supports you. Make it a retreat and a place to invite others in. Be your best friend.

Scorpio, much of your energy is a performance keeping others from seeing the real you. Well, we see you - so give it up and take dynamic steps to just be you, already. New skills around language help navigate daily life. Take courage and show up. Only expand where you want to go.

Sagittarius, after Saturn's three-year training getting you grounded, you're integrating what it means to be steady and reliable. Do you have more money due to those lessons? How does that mesh with your sense of self, values and self-esteem? Next lesson: contemplative listening. Shhh!







O Stars Above: Scorpio New Moon

An Abundance of Dark Brings Light


The new moon brings the darkest time of the month and the sun in Scorpio is one of the darkest months of the year. A breath prior to the new moon, the dark of the moon holds a review. What do we want to leave behind and what did we learn that we want to move forward. In another breath, the New Moon arrives and we peer ahead planting new seeds of intention for our future. Emphasising the theme of darkness, the Scorpio New Moon (Nov 18, 3:42 am PST) arrives in the deep dark of the night. What's with all this dark!?!

“Dark,” “night,” and the “water” of Scorpio are metaphors for our interior world. It's time to dig deep into the closet of our emotional life, especially with Jupiter's arrival into watery Scorpio after a twelve years absence. She's accompanied by Venus in Scorpio and brings a torch of faith and optimism to assist in our inner sortings. Treasures we had long buried, such as the tool or skill we are accused of possessing - but can't see in ourselves - may come to the light of Self-consciousness. (Who me? Courage?) Personal baggage, like our bogey-man, isn't scary any more and so we let go.

Leaves dropping off a tree uncover parasites such as ivy, or insects overtaking the tree, dooming it's future. Pruning needs and signs of missing nutrients show up and we can see the stark beauty of the tree's structure. Scorpio energy strips us down to bare essence, too, revealing where we need to lose the fluff and let the beauty of our core shine through. Slowly, we release what we don't need make to room for activities, people, and adventures that regenerate our zest for life. It's the coming year's work but worth the effort as our best selves come forward naturally.

Whatever obstacles you find this fall that separates you from your essential self is a peek into the inner maintenance needed for your future. They say, “Winter is coming!” Scorpio, in the midst of darkness, responds, “Spring will return.”

Horoscopes November 18 - December 3

Scorpio, you're in for new realization in how you present yourself and whether it results in opportunities you want. Re-invent yourself aligned with inner passions to bring excellent results.

Unconscious restlessness around relationships make you your own worst enemy.

Sagittarius, it's an embarrassment (literally) of riches in realizing how you undermine yourself. Negative self-talk, dwelling on the negative in the situation? Maybe, but what about the issue of pushing your good away? Fairies and angels - okay, good helpers - show you corrections.

Capricorn, it might surprise you how much your friends support and promote you. If they aren't, an editing of friends or groups is at hand. Go where you are naturally accepted and can be yourself. Ask for help if needed - come on, it's only fair - you'd help them. In fact, you have!

Aquarius, if you aren't doing the work that fulfills you, shake your web for an abundance of possibilities and people to open doors for you. Move yourself into work where you feel passion and energy return. It may be stepping up right where you are. Make it so.

Pisces, being stable doesn't mean quit exploring new possibilities, discoveries and adventures. Trust your higher Self to guide you out of your comfort zone. Pay attention when it feels right. Routine is great but inspiration lifts you up high enough to remember what you do and why.

Aries, aligning with partners doesn't mean taking over what's theirs whether it's belongings or the work only they can do for themselves. Interestingly, what you want to save them from may be the very thing you need to save yourself from. Own it, hot dog!

Taurus, the dark brings light to your closest relationships. Are they supporting you as much as you support them? Are you an equal partner? If it's out of balance, it shows up now and some may need to be cut free. Healthy and mutually beneficial ties are blessed.

Gemini, it's truth time for how well you are taking care of yourself. Over-commitment needs to stop, saying no needs to step up, and slowing down lets you catch up on duties and obligations you're sidestepping altogether. Your health talks to you. Your partner talks to you. Are you listening?

Cancer, fun and games take stage-center reminding you fun is an essential life ingredient. But, too much of a good thing can be a procrastination. Too much of the wrong thing can be endeadening! Be sure play time truly re-creates your joie-de-vive! Also...call your kids.

Leo, this month stresses the parts of you and your relationships that the August eclipses ignited. Family gives you roots but if you're too attached or responsive to them, you miss opportunities for growth. Have faith and reach up while putting roots down deep.

Virgo, speak up. This is no time for quietly planning, time-lines and to-do lists. Let everyone know what you are up to and get the family's buy-in. Get daily routines in order so you can get down to the business of being you. Support the lifestyle, the people and activities you want.

Libra, drop the baggage of what you no longer value whether it is a possession, a task, a skill, or an obligation. Let go of the fluffy-looks-good-stuff-but-I-have-to-dust-it and free up time and energy so you can fly. Get current with your values and live them.

2nd Leo New Moon - Total Solar Eclipse

Second New Moon, Second Eclipse:
Change, Change, Change


Note: Also See The Blog: Do We Stay or Do We Go?

Eclipses are super-duper new or full moons that occur four to five times a year. This new moon's total eclipse of the sun (Monday, August 21 at 11:30 am. PDT) pours on the energy with the eclipsed sun in the unusual position of being the second new moon in the sign of Leo. This majestic sun, the very ruler of Leo, should completely command the moment. But, no! It is plays second fiddle to the moon.

Representing our will and action, the sun bows to the moon who completely covers it and provides a quiet break in overheated actions. The moon, representing our inner world, steps forward with soul yearnings, giving us a reality check on how we use our light. Are we shining our heart-light in our worldly actions or scorching the earth with overblown egos?

Stories and dramas spring from the misguided ego which is Leo's shadow. As frightening as it is to see the noon day sun disappear, it's equally as frightening to see the unconscious antics of our egos, who mistakenly think they are keeping us safe. But, the Leo Sun encourages taking risks and being visible, not as actors wearing masks, but as our true selves - golden hearts.

In the Pacific Northwest, the eclipse lasts two minutes and nineteen seconds. The Leo Moon in her moment says, “Quiet. Feel the longing of your heart. Reclaim your innocence and let love's radiance shine through you.”

Can we take this time, wherever we are, to contemplate the great mystery of our existence on this tiny planet? Can we consider what our one precious life can do when we come from love?

When the sun reappears, we can choose to return to 'normal' life. Or we could remember who we are and make life-affirming choices. We could trust that our simplest actions make all the difference in the world - when our heart-lights shine like the sun.

Horoscopes – August 21 – September 6

Leo, this month has brought you powerful energies that spiral out over the next two years. Use it to well. Find your courage to live the truth and integrity of your heart with your natural grace and dignity. When you do, you won't have time to waste because your presence inspires others.

Virgo, your mission to serve the collective isn't about out there. It is about serving from your inner love and knowing what to do naturally. With Mercury retrograde, review this viewpoint. What would the Goddess do? She's speaking to you, and, frankly, it's less than you think. Shh, listen.

Libra, consider how you bring beauty and harmony to your broader community. Art and humanities nurture people and understanding those principles empower people whether they are choosing public art or new nail polish. Spread the grace of a beautiful life even at work.

Scorpio, your mission is leading at work from a courageous heart whether you are the boss or not. Show us the transparent, powerful strategies of bringing everyone on stage. Take on big problems and use your piercing skills to empower others to follow your example, maybe even the boss.

Sagittarius, your mission is to broadcast the bright, light-bearing ideas, to expand horizons so your natural partners can collaborate in a future where no child or any other person is left out. Maybe, you can reclaim the earth and her animals in the process. Big mission, but you love it!

Capricorn, behind the scenes, use whatever power and authority you have to empower others. Be transparent and doing the right thing for employees, employer, clients, colleagues and friends and family. Top of the mountain is lonely without a productive party! Besides, you'll go further.

Aquarius, ah, you stand for the masses, but not at the expense of the heart day your dearest mates and honey. Let them inspire light-hearted leadership. Find the biggest, roundest table you can and fill it with open-hearted people solving society's problems, large and small. Then, do it again.

Pisces, work must feed your soul. If it doesn't, your mission plummets from compassion to self-pity. Sacrifice is old hat and hardens your heart. Take up the inner fight for the right to shine. Psst, you have powerful friends with their eyes on you. Shine on!

Aries, you need no urging to be yourself! Play full out, lean into it and make it fun and show us how we can, too. Playing for yourself alone empties the playing field and grandstands. Poof, no playmates! So bring us along on your adventure in a way that makes us think it's ours!

Taurus, eclipses over the next few years mean change, change, change at home and in your career. Pretend it's your idea and lead the parade, you'll need the practice come next spring! Even pragmatics need to show their tender hearts. Work colleagues and family respond with dividends.

Gemini, shine on in your neighborhood and daily circuit. Talk it up, chat with everyone, introduce neighbors to neighbors. This frivolous appearing activity builds society from the ground up and binds us together. See, we need you. Reflect on the realities of your house – remodel or repair?

Cancer, you know the value of your empathetic heart. Feel the love return and know you're worthy of it. Your mission of weaving us into a one-world family nurtures your heart and soul, even as you nurture ours. That's what care-taking is about, hearts and souls, not 'just' cooking!






O Stars Above: Leo New Moon

Leo's Heroic Quest: Re-igniting Our Courageous Hearts

The messy cosmic weather promised for the full moon of July 8 appeared in a sniper on a sailboat holding boaters, businesses and homes at bay in Bainbridge Island's Eagle Harbor. The sniper, whose activities began within minutes of the full moon, did not live to tell his tale, but his actions will fuel future stories of those who endured a frightful few hours.

Cosmic action unfolds like a matinee's serial adventure. Mars, co-starring with the last few moons, remains on stage ramping up adventures. With planets partying in playful and courageous Leo, we may rearrange our lives so we remember to delight in life and ourselves.

Leo's new moon (July 23 at 2:45 a.m. PDT) ruled by the Sun itself, focuses on our vitality and willingness to be seen. We must re-commit to what brings energy and lightness to our hearts where it is natural to express warmth and generosity of spirit.

Two new moons instead of the usual one add weight to Leo's urges. Additionally, a lunar (Aug 7) and solar (Aug 21) eclipse are on the horizon interrupting the Sun and Moon's normal light and function. The switch up shows us where our inner Leo lives in the light of awareness and the dark of denial – and reminds us of the cost of denial.

Leo's shadow shows up in bullying, pompousity and constant demands for attention. The perpetrator remains oblivious while observers cringe at his obvious ineptitude. Perhaps the pain and disappointment on our national stage acts as a cautionary tale reminding us of how we look when we fail to clean up our petty dramas.

Only we know where our hearts are broken and what we must do to mend them. Therein, lies the heroic quest of Leo. When we undertake this task, we return to the innocence of the true Leo, a Golden Child with a courageous heart and on fire with life.

Horoscopes July 23 – August 7

Leo, at center stage, spotlights show every flaw. Few dare stand there but amp-ed up courage lets you look deeper at your reflection in your audience's eyes and shadows. You know the work and integrity it takes to live your life with your heart open. Polish your image!

Virgo, give your to-do list away. The collective unconscious beams powerful messages to you in quiet times. They fuel your coming year. Some point to unfinished business and some you receive for the group. You can't 'think' this through. Peace. Be still...and charitable.

Libra, until autumn, opportunities abound. The best partnership work happens when you speak your truth. Stand in your heart and tell yourself what you really, really want. You know people who know people. Let them help you find your balance.

Scorpio, the sun shines on you at work thanks to your creativity. Take a bow and let this infusion of energy inspire you. Are you surprised to be so appreciated? Does it stir up longing for more? Radiance and shadow. Watch and learn, Grasshopper, about yourself.

Sagittarius, expand your horizon through fun, daring and discovery. Many are pulling for you. Don't step off the ledge until your squirrel suit is zipped tight but the winds can carry you far if you've prepared over the last two years. High flying, Rocky, and happy landing.

Capricorn, oh, lordy, will this transformation process never end? Digging too deep and tearing open old wounds could smack of hubris. Use your creativity to dig yourself out of a downer and find the hidden warmth and gold of your heart. Friends lighten your load.

Aquarius, the world will survive just fine if you take your dearest heart out to play. A date, a romance: hold hands, revisit the old haunts, stir the magic and fun of the two of you. Some months are about humanitarian visions. This one is about the two of you.

Pisces, among your colleagues, you are quite a star in small day-to-day ways. Creativity doesn't have to be 'art.' It can be how you put it together each shining piece of your life. Like making work fun, competitive and exciting for the whole group. Yep, they think you're fun!

Aries, wherever you go, you bring the party, and kids love you because you pay attention to them, play with them, and take them (and you) on grand adventures! This is the lesson you are relearning – life has to be fun and a little risky! No taking yourself seriously.

Taurus, diversify your resources by investing time with your family. Shine the light of your attention on them. Bring all of your radiance through the door to them at the end of the work day. Courage to live from your heart - at home - is the ultimate asset.

Gemini, get out, be seen and expand your neighborhood. Open your eyes to what you don't see daily just outside your door. People have their hearts open to you. Hang out, chat, feel the goodness of being alive. Daily life, little routines, you love this stuff! Don't miss it.

Cancer, do not waste any time, energy, or your brilliance on what you don't value – or with those who don't value you! You are a powerful force even when you can't see it. Can a lighthouse see its own light? No! But it shines it far and wide for the benefit of many. We flock at your feet.