O Stars Above: Scorpio New Moon

An Abundance of Dark Brings Light


The new moon brings the darkest time of the month and the sun in Scorpio is one of the darkest months of the year. A breath prior to the new moon, the dark of the moon holds a review. What do we want to leave behind and what did we learn that we want to move forward. In another breath, the New Moon arrives and we peer ahead planting new seeds of intention for our future. Emphasising the theme of darkness, the Scorpio New Moon (Nov 18, 3:42 am PST) arrives in the deep dark of the night. What's with all this dark!?!

“Dark,” “night,” and the “water” of Scorpio are metaphors for our interior world. It's time to dig deep into the closet of our emotional life, especially with Jupiter's arrival into watery Scorpio after a twelve years absence. She's accompanied by Venus in Scorpio and brings a torch of faith and optimism to assist in our inner sortings. Treasures we had long buried, such as the tool or skill we are accused of possessing - but can't see in ourselves - may come to the light of Self-consciousness. (Who me? Courage?) Personal baggage, like our bogey-man, isn't scary any more and so we let go.

Leaves dropping off a tree uncover parasites such as ivy, or insects overtaking the tree, dooming it's future. Pruning needs and signs of missing nutrients show up and we can see the stark beauty of the tree's structure. Scorpio energy strips us down to bare essence, too, revealing where we need to lose the fluff and let the beauty of our core shine through. Slowly, we release what we don't need make to room for activities, people, and adventures that regenerate our zest for life. It's the coming year's work but worth the effort as our best selves come forward naturally.

Whatever obstacles you find this fall that separates you from your essential self is a peek into the inner maintenance needed for your future. They say, “Winter is coming!” Scorpio, in the midst of darkness, responds, “Spring will return.”

Horoscopes November 18 - December 3

Scorpio, you're in for new realization in how you present yourself and whether it results in opportunities you want. Re-invent yourself aligned with inner passions to bring excellent results.

Unconscious restlessness around relationships make you your own worst enemy.

Sagittarius, it's an embarrassment (literally) of riches in realizing how you undermine yourself. Negative self-talk, dwelling on the negative in the situation? Maybe, but what about the issue of pushing your good away? Fairies and angels - okay, good helpers - show you corrections.

Capricorn, it might surprise you how much your friends support and promote you. If they aren't, an editing of friends or groups is at hand. Go where you are naturally accepted and can be yourself. Ask for help if needed - come on, it's only fair - you'd help them. In fact, you have!

Aquarius, if you aren't doing the work that fulfills you, shake your web for an abundance of possibilities and people to open doors for you. Move yourself into work where you feel passion and energy return. It may be stepping up right where you are. Make it so.

Pisces, being stable doesn't mean quit exploring new possibilities, discoveries and adventures. Trust your higher Self to guide you out of your comfort zone. Pay attention when it feels right. Routine is great but inspiration lifts you up high enough to remember what you do and why.

Aries, aligning with partners doesn't mean taking over what's theirs whether it's belongings or the work only they can do for themselves. Interestingly, what you want to save them from may be the very thing you need to save yourself from. Own it, hot dog!

Taurus, the dark brings light to your closest relationships. Are they supporting you as much as you support them? Are you an equal partner? If it's out of balance, it shows up now and some may need to be cut free. Healthy and mutually beneficial ties are blessed.

Gemini, it's truth time for how well you are taking care of yourself. Over-commitment needs to stop, saying no needs to step up, and slowing down lets you catch up on duties and obligations you're sidestepping altogether. Your health talks to you. Your partner talks to you. Are you listening?

Cancer, fun and games take stage-center reminding you fun is an essential life ingredient. But, too much of a good thing can be a procrastination. Too much of the wrong thing can be endeadening! Be sure play time truly re-creates your joie-de-vive! Also...call your kids.

Leo, this month stresses the parts of you and your relationships that the August eclipses ignited. Family gives you roots but if you're too attached or responsive to them, you miss opportunities for growth. Have faith and reach up while putting roots down deep.

Virgo, speak up. This is no time for quietly planning, time-lines and to-do lists. Let everyone know what you are up to and get the family's buy-in. Get daily routines in order so you can get down to the business of being you. Support the lifestyle, the people and activities you want.

Libra, drop the baggage of what you no longer value whether it is a possession, a task, a skill, or an obligation. Let go of the fluffy-looks-good-stuff-but-I-have-to-dust-it and free up time and energy so you can fly. Get current with your values and live them.

O Stars Above: Scorpio Full Moon

Inner and Outer Plot Twists

Joey Kyber/Pexels.com

Joey Kyber/Pexels.com

The peaceful new moon in Taurus runs headlong into a dramatic Scorpio full moon on May 10, 2:42 pm PDT. These two signs represent the balancing of personal values and how they mesh with societal demands. Our plans of getting back to basics are stressed by a cast of characters: Pluto ruling societal power (plutocracy) challenges Jupiter's need for social justice which stands opposite relationship-oriented Venus in Aries, the sign of self-interest. Mercury, the Trickster, visits Uranus, the wild card, while stern Saturn supervises their mischief.

Count the players on stage so far. Eight out of ten.

With this many planets activating a multitude of points in a large number of our charts, we can expect major activity on both inner and outer levels. Additionally, these same planets are igniting the United States' chart. A ninth player, Mars, the Warrior, prods the USA's Mars to act like the warrior it is. (But, wait - there's more!) Another plot twist appears with Mars, also, making a pushy contact with Trump's Sun, Uranus, and Mars.

A Mars attack on both an impetuous man and a country's destiny can collide in many ways. We can only hope it is a flurry of ego-laden Tweets!

In our mundane lives, we may surprise ourselves by taking risky stands for what is near and dear. We could cut ties with those not aligned with our values, say no to unjust policies, or take to the streets in another people's march.

Caught between the February eclipse and the total eclipse of the sun which sweeps a dark path across America in August, this highly stressed moon is sure to shed light on what is to come and may well illuminate a defining moment in our culture and ourselves.

Stay tuned. News at eleven.

Horoscopes May 10 – 25

Taurus, you are so dependable that sometimes you take yourself for granted! Don't overlook what your heart wants. Venus, your guardian angel, whispers those closely held secrets into your dreams. Listen to friends who can clue you in if you can't read between your lines.

Gemini, Mars races ahead of the sun stirring your giddy-up-and-go! Mercury, fresh out of retrograde, urges forward action. Be sure what you take on has a strong element of self-support. Give yourself slack time to watch the daisies grow as you wrap up your last year.

Cancer, in spite of a ton of fresh ideas for work, friends insist you come out for fun, recreation and play. It renews your soul and there are puzzle pieces coming together if you listen closely. Pay attention to that still voice that is rallying for even more diversity and fun.

Leo, it's a conundrum. Should I stay or should I go? Part of you wants to visit far horizons and get out of town, out of your rut and go somewhere, anywhere. But, ruling the stage at work demands attention. Another part is happy to nestle at home. Have coffee with an exotic friend for excitement!

Virgo, dig long enough in the heavy, deep and real and you are bound to find treasure – the treasure of knowing yourself. Ideas are bubbling but not ready for action. Intimate chats give you new words and feedback so you can clarify what you truly want.

Libra, freed up from old emotional gunk lets you merge into new levels of intimacy. Balance the scales by being blatantly honest about what makes your heart sing. Trust the goodness of the universe to have your best interest at heart and live up to your values. Give up being careful.

Scorpio, as much as you try to keep a poker face, we see you and your sweetness. Maybe you feel vulnerable but others find it endearing and open doors for you. Lots of action around secrets, like money, sex, death, counseling, and strategies. Do your research.

Sagittarius, expand your friendship and acquaintance base. Make a business plan and go for it. It's the Kevin Bacon year and you're 6 degrees from what you want. One of your friends will connect you to the person who opens the magic doors for you. Keep putting it out there.

Capricorn, you're building a strong foundation and attracting the right attention in your career. Change is not only good but unavoidable for you now so keep at it and be strong in asking for the help you need. Fun and productive friendships go together. So call a friend and have fun!

Aquarius, political maneuvering at work can get you where you want to go, just don't play your hand too close to your chest. There's an element of going for it and taking risks here with your efforts well-supported. The surprise may be who helps you. Think about it and then mum's the word.

Pisces, a page has turned and a good chapter is ahead. If you let 'it' go, there's a flow you intuitively know how to work. Sometimes it pays to go unnoticed because you can work on what you want. Don't sell yourself out. Just keep talking it through until you see your way through.

Aries, you're firing on all cylinders and fresh approaches to being you are popping up like spring flowers. Use this energy to find a way to mesh your values with the groups'. Talk it out, listen and then do it again. These conversations add fuel to your drive to get it in gear the right way!