O Stars Above: Taurus New Moon

Energized New Moon


This new moon brings to mind the song lyrics “hitch your wagon to a star.” Normally sedate Taurus hooks up to star-power in the form of Uranus, the electrical, r/evolutionary and revelatory planet moving into its meadow after an eight year rabble-rousing tour of Aries on the new moon (May 15, 4:47 am PDT).

Uranus' last trip through Taurus was in 1934 as it tip-toed back and forth from Aries to Taurus (as will happen later in the year) before settling into its new corral in 1935 until 1941. Many ultra-conservative and totalitarian trends attempted to take hold: Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Mussolini.

In the USA, the infamous Dust Bowls led to innovative and humanitarian action in the New Deal which helped people negatively impacted by nature. Clearly the possibilities are an open field when Uranus settles in its new sign in March, 2019.

Uranus in Taurus brings revolution to both what we value and how we handle money through our banking systems. Think cryptocurrencies and other money changes ahead. How we work with nature is sure to take center stage, too, especially over the next few years with Saturn and Pluto planted in earthy Capricorn, the sign of traditional, established power and legacies. Our most important and valuable legacy is nature itself. Our disastrous impact on earth and earth's own urges, like the volcano in Hawaii, show a need to engage with nature as an interactive, collaborative force rather than something to be conquered.

Mars in a push-pull match with Uranus at the last, unstable degrees of bossy Capricorn and Aries. Both planets move to the next signs, fixed Aquarius and Taurus within hours of the new moon giving us a peek at what entrenched positions we will be bull-ing our way out of over the next eight years. Keep an eye on headlines for clues.

Taurus can be quite self-satisfied and content to loll in the sunshine, smell the roses and sip lemonade on the porch. Stubborn and slow to change is Taurus' middle name but as Uranus gets comfortable in the pasture, those words will shift to restless and changeable, especially with Mars nipping at the Bull's heel for the rest of the year.

Venus, ruler of Taurus, is in Gemini and a lovely relationship with Mercury, ruler of communications, who welcomes Uranus at the farmer's gate. Venus in any sign urges us to find harmony, love, affection, and beauty, diplomacy, and kindness and common courtesy. Speak with love, hold harmonious thoughts in mind, and Uranus, the king of Higher Mind, can elevate any fears around change and security

Taurus says the greatest security we can have is in grounding to our bodies, our inner values and hearts by staying rest, being in nature, and being kind. We can do that - even as we feel the sizzle.

Horoscope May 15 – 29

Taurus, wake-up, little bossie! Get clear about your mission and communicate it as you go. Your mission is to be so rooted in yourself that outer circumstance barely ruffle your hair. Oh, that's always your mission. Well, Uranus loosens up what needs to change so you can grow. Ye-Haw!

Gemini, if you've been working away on what's right for you, Venus in your sign comes as a harbinger of rewards to come. Reach out to friends, find the flow and rest. You wrap up your last year this month and begin to imagine the year ahead. Dream of goals you can manifest and make real!

Cancer, enjoy your broad network of friends and acquaintances. Build bridges and do small things to strengthen the bonds of friendship. You are building a system of strong partners and friends while imagining projects to set them loose on. Watch out world, Mama's here!

Leo, some may think you're in it for stardom. Few know how hard you work to manifest solid results and make magic happen when you are on stage. Steady on as you learn new skills so you can keep your craft alive and worthy of attention. Details, patience and applause!

Virgo, you must have an earthy, pragmatic belief system to see you through life. It's not all about work so use your discernment to cut the cord to what's a waste of time and energy when viewed in the light of your philosophy. You can't be everything to everybody or have skills for every need. Go play.

Libra, behind the scenes, you are sorting through what you will and won't do because some things you just plain don't care about. It's okay. Sort and file, then carry on with your plans. Not everyone needs to know, it's your business. You have the social grace and grease to soothe others AND be you!

Scorpio, your devious mind can go deep but only to set your foundations on bedrock. Ancestors and our families count in more ways than most know – but, YOU know. Root around in your family cellar to find the mysteries that impact your relationship. Then own up to your part of the tangle.

Sagittarius, we all shoot ourselves in the foot sometimes, but you have an angel helping you figure out how you do yourself wrong. Pay attention to your daily life and what works for you and what is a form of compensation and a place to self-soothe. Listen to your body like it knows what you need.

Capricorn, your basic death and rebirth project gets juiced by Uranus' move to Taurus in a good way. Adopt a mantra of “Surrender and let go” even as new life stirs. Be sure new opportunities match your action plans and doesn't simply solve a problem for “them.” It's intense stuff - take a spring break.

Aquarius, Mars' visit stirs your pot. Innovate, network, investigate, and move to more humanitarian arenas. Stodgy ideas, fixed habits, and childhood programming are due to change. It's time to figure out how you are your own worse enemy! Yep - until December! Talk therapy, anyone?

Pisces, talking about and writing goals are two concrete ways to start manifesting your powerful dreams and imagination. Just be sure to take those next steps and put plans into action. You're guardian angel lifts you up to higher perspectives. Drop whatever weighs you down.

Aries, can you feel the down shift as Uranus takes off for Taurus (8:16 am PDT, May 15)? It takes an adjustment, or at least, a deep breath! Look at the last eight years and see how you stepped into yourself. Tweak the innovation and individuality while the slower energy of grounding flows in.

O Stars Above: Scorpio Full Moon

Mr. Toad's Wild (Emotional) Ride

pexels-photo-204651 BuddhaGarden.jpeg

Do remember the book of tickets Disneyland issued where the most exciting rides were the E tickets? The full moon in Scorpio on April 29 at 5:58 pm PDT reads like Mr. Toad's Wild (Emotional) Ride - fast, furious, and full of ups and downs. Scary as the ride might be, it stays on the tracks and eventually returns to the station.

The Scorpio moon's intense poking and prodding goes against the nature of the tender moon. Jupiter in Scorpio opened the door to the #metoo movement last October. Damaging, illicit behavior of those in power came to light lead by those who had been wounded by it. Sexual abuse, rape, disenfranchisement of half of the population in industry after industry came out of the shadows. Now long ignored sexual assault by the likes of Larry Dosser and Bill Cosby are winning in court. Jupiter retrograde is sifting through the psychological aftermath of such behavior and showing us the pain, relief and renewed confidence on the women's faces who were abused, denied and ignored.

April 15's new moon in dynamic Aries oversees this cycle keeping energetic Mars in Capricorn in the cosmic spotlight. He not only rules Aries but also co-rules Scorpio with Pluto. These two strategic planets wrap up a pointed conference together which adds fuel to the the brightness of this moon - and what it will continue to reveal.

Ponderous Pluto and Saturn have turned retrograde since the new moon. They continue to hammer out long-term decisions, even as Mercury in Aries, fresh from retrograde, is primed to forge ahead. But the three uber-strategists of Saturn, Pluto and Mars in Capricorn have clipped his wings and he's not at full speed yet. Use steady Mercury's energy by actively and courageously tackling issues that can trip up your future.

Aries looks like a revolving door with planets coming and going. At the front door, Chiron begins eight years of more clearly defining who we are. His expertise is in healing any shame or guilt at simply being who we are. He last traveled through Aries in 1969-1977.

Uranus, the planet of r/evolution, ends eight years in Aries, during which we embraced our idiosyncratic selves perhaps too much when we consider the exaggerated sense of entitlement and bullying.. He's off to wake up Taurus on May 15 which may usher in a more conservative period. He was last in Taurus from 1934 to 1941.

Thank goodness the Sun is in Taurus - steady, languid, pragmatic Taurus who;s combining his energy with slower Capricornian planets. The Taurean Sun says steady down, pay attention to the reality around you, listen to the signals from your body.

Here's the thing: each one of us knows exactly what compensation and fluff must be released in order to get down to essence where clarity and the re-vitalization of life's forces lies (Scorpio.) Healing is not a rip and tear activity. Healing happens when we feel safe, slow down and spend sweet, calm time with ourselves, significant friends and family and step into nature. Taurus' focus sounds simple and pays rich rewards. But only we can give ourselves this gift. The question is “Will we?”

Perhaps, if we sit beneath a spring tree and contemplate what needs released within ourselves, we too can catch a whiff of the Buddha's wisdom. After all, this is the moon he was enlightened under.

Horoscopes April 29 – May

Aries, three planets and five asteroids tap-dancing away lend you their energy. It's a mixed bag of action and nurturing. Wait until you know what actions nurture you. Look to actions that build memories you want to be remembered by and know that that alone creates a grand adventure.

Taurus, the time to slow down is when you're too busy! Watch and listen with inner eyes and ears. Enjoy the company of beloveds and diverse strangers. Embracing ancestral mythologies place you in the circle of life and bring out maturity, a sense of legacy. It's a different type of richness.

Gemini, you are undergoing a resurrection, revisiting old networks, taking private time to contemplate mysteries, exploring the psychological caves where life and others seem harsh. Or is that you asking too much of yourself and others? Some activities and people leave. Others return renewed.

Cancer, remember play brings its own rewards when you trust the process. The vibes of Capricorn call you from your inner world to leadership roles in your family and with all your relationships. Your right actions re-awakens youthful energy. Enjoy who you are and shine!

Leo, your sun so high in the sky is supported by the home team. Invest in skilled colleagues, daily routines, pets, good food, exercise. Feel your body come to life with the discipline of doing what it particularly needs. If work isn't backed by personal beliefs, change is coming. Align with yourself!

Virgo, a herd of aggravating little nigglies seem to need your deft hand and astute action. The right path – for you – is what you're looking for! Talk it through, sit with it, examine which path matches your beliefs, and that you can stamp with self-expression. When you find it, it is FUN!

Libra, you have much too offer but being spread too thin is too much. Ruffled feathers with all the tugging on you and your resources, skills, time, presence. Keep what you need for yourself and cut yourself free of “too-muchness.” Go out into this great world and play among her people.

Scorpio, can you feel the people out there feeling you? Feel exposed? There's a horror story for a Scorpio. Dig into family roots for deep perspectives that grow and nurture you. Look to the past to devise a strategy for a worthwhile future. Then - take right action – while taking care of your body.

Sagittarius, the work of 2015 through 2017 is paying off, literally. You've got solid, new resources. If they aren't translating to money yet they will. Make a serious plan. Take more play time, do nothing time, take a nap, daydream out the window. Solutions sneak in through doing not-much.

Capricorn, limits, boundaries, schedules, strategy action, a work ethic, your body, your network. Aren't you having fun? Since you threw off ambition taking time to regroup, you know what you are about, what you value and how you fit in the societal group. You know how to get things done! Yahoo!

Aquarius, this moon activates the shifts and changes the eclipses are pushing you toward. Best action? Get political, astute and focused on who has the power and what motivates them. What motivates you? Are you working the action from behind the scenes? Or are you being worked?

Pisces, this moody moon travels with your ruling planet. Drowning in the tides of murky waters, emotional surge tides? Ultimately, this is great stuff for literature, art and drama, but you got to get through it, right? Follow friends in your network who match your highest beliefs for the moment.


O Stars Above: Aries New Moon

Excitement in Blossoming

No one is left out of the first New Moon of the astrological new year in Aries (April 15, 6:57 pm PDT). We journey again through the lessons of the Zodiac remembering our mission: to be the most radiant being we possibly can be. Here's inspiration from the ancient Inscription from the Oracle at Delphi:


Keep these Words, O, You who Wish to Know the Depths of Nature.

If You do not Find Within Yourself that which You Seek,
Neither will You Find it Outside of Yourself.

If You Ignore the Wonders of Your own House,
How do You expect to Find other Wonders?

In You is Hidden the Treasure of Treasures.
Know Thyself. And You will Know the Universe and the Gods.

To know ourselves, we must get real. Capricorn, the reality sign, gathers Pluto, Saturn and Mars to help us get down to it. And honestly, planets only get this real every twenty-eight years! Now is the time to upgrade whatever needs an overhaul in your life. Don't waste time in lose-lose situations. Use your hard won experience to say “Enough!” Re-invent yourself. Go for a cosmic make-over!

Saturn's reputation depicts him as a demanding, hard-core god forgetting that he also rewards adult action in the real world. In fact, he helps us undertake the tasks at hand! He reminds us to set limits and boundaries, do the work needed to build the lives we want and focus our energy, time and money to those ends. He empowers us to be the authority in our lives and if we aren't happy, make changes. Saturn, Pluto, or Mars don't promise easy, but they form strategies, are tough and get nearly impossible jobs DONE. Engage the challenge!

The new moon in Aries brings a powerhouse of dynamic, youthful outlooks to our mission. The radiant outwardly expressing Sun and the sensitive inner Moon (who knows the inner truth of what you will and won't put up with) are harnessed to the revolutionary/evolutionary intent of Uranus.

If we aren't dealing voluntarily with our urge for changes, Uranus brings it in unexpected ways like job losses, accidents, health issues, unexpected divorces, societal changes. Haven't we seen it all over the last eight years of Uranus' romp through Aries? As a society, we've taken his outspoken, in- your-face energies to the limits expressing opinions as though they are the only important ones while delivering them with the knock-out punches of a heavy-weight boxer. If you've unfriended family and friends and are sitting sad and lonely, make amends as AA says and clean up your overly enthusiastic (can we say bullying) behavior.

This moon's turning point comes bearing blessings from Venus, Jupiter and Neptune who reassure us that we are all blossoming into complete people, but at different paces. Perhaps knowing that allows us to offer compassion to all the other bozos on our bus.

How do you feel, behave or cope when your authority is challenged? Those reactions are a checkpoint in coming to know ourselves and discovering where our limits are and where we have work to do in order to join the broader society. We all have a right, and a responsibility, to know and heal our inner world so we can navigate our outer world and contribute as full beings to the Aquarian Age.

Horoscopes April 15 – 31

Aries, celebrate breakthroughs made over the last eight years. You are more capable of an authentic journey to full blossoming. Congrats and off you go! If your birthday is April 16-19, you're a work in progress and this moon has oomph in it for you! Keep on breaking free until next February.

Taurus, behind the scenes, things are trying to get you to moooove even as you look unruffled on the surface. This dichotomy calls for extra rest and quiet. Let go of outmoded beliefs that weigh you down. Upgrade to adult belief systems across the board. Too much indulgence is possible.

Gemini, what a relief, your buddy, Mercury, turns direct and you are good to go with a new spoonful of compassion for whatever and whoever is ailing you. Mingle with your tribe of friends. Possessions you share with others could be going through changes and forcing changes on you.

Cancer, close relationships and positions of authority put you in the spotlight and stress you in the process. Later in July birthdays feel this pull more. New boss? Or are you the new boss? How does that impact partners? You may be helping close partners take their next adult steps.

Leo, new ideas about old subjects open doors to possibilities. Pick the view that sets you free to be you. Then if you get applauded, you know it is for your true self. Fly free from ego-bound cages. Pretend you are young and just starting out - go for whatever feels like that!

Virgo, balancing your values with your partner's and learning to work together is a challenge.

But there is a release of energy available when you learn how to make it work for both people. Then instead of holding back yourself, you fly to new endeavors with more compassion, less nagging.

Libra, thank goodness for the spontaneity of your Aries partners who save you from weighing all the options. Just get up and go. You need the fun they bring as you find a storehouse of compassion for yourself – and them – even daring relationships! Inner work remodeling from childhood under way.

Scorpio, vigorous work envigorates you, especially if you are the self-starter in the work arena. Adulting in your home arena brings you a new sense of authority and presence. Simply put you feel more real and up to the daily tasks at hand. Early Scorpio birthdays feel the urge for change!

Sagittarius, go play! Be a kid! Find playmates. Take a risk, make a gamble. You've had enough adulting and you pay the bills, so if that's handled, give yourself a break! The down time resets incoming dreams and visions and you can't live without that. Then you can get down with new strategies.

Capricorn, what a powerhouse of planets at your fingertips. Inner renovation work proceeds but fresh starts are at hand. Some Cappies need the opportunities of responsibility in the world to find themselves. Some need to be responsible to and for themselves. Your roots hold the key. Steady on.

Aquarius, forging ahead in everyday life comes naturally to you and that is where your evolutionary instinct lies. Freedom? Or discord? It's a tough call because there are heavy hitters stirring up your inner world. Quiet and off-duty time gives you space to listen with your inner ear.

Pisces, you may seem meek and mild but you have a warrior's sense of personal values. You decide how to use your resources - time, money, energy, skills, creativity. There's a trend of faith and optimism even as you wade through some murky waters. Ultimately new beliefs set you free.

O Stars Above: Libra Full Moon

Prologue to a New Astrological Year


Sitting at the foot of the Olympic Mountains where Greek gods and goddesses may romp, we must not forget the power of their archetypal myths. Archetypes emerge from parts of our human brains. Fairy tales, stories, TV shows, movies, operas, song lyrics, news stories, even religious lore grab our attention when their underpinnings are archetypal. We need these classic comedic and tragic stories of men, women, children, lovers, parents and ancestors, heroes and jesters, elders, teachers, politicians, servants because they are instructional in their endless permutations of pursuing wants and needs.

We are fascinated by stories of “once upon a time” where the “hero with a thousand faces” marches on whether it is through a forest to a forbidden castle, to a galaxy far-far away, or a quest to Mt. Doom. We become Dorothy, Frodo, Harry and Luke longing to both be and have worthy companions like the Lion, the Tin Man and Straw Man, Companions of the Ring or friends at the Star Wars Cantina. We pray for magical helpers like Yoda or Gandalf, Oz the Terrible or Dumbledore to save us from Darth Vader, Sauron, a Wicked Witch of the West or Val de Mort.

Astrology's power and fascination lies in archetypes where planets named for gods and goddesses interact weaving star stories in charts of individuals as well as nations. Each month a new and full moon call the Olympian court together and in their timeless antics we imagine and re-imagine meanings, possibilities and pathways for our lives.

The Adventure Begins: The Strategic Dance of Partners


The gods and goddesses gathered at this full moon's (March 31 at 5:36 am PDT) are unsettled but the mood is slack. Mars and Aries, however, are not sluggish energies. (See, the plot thickens already!)

Mars wins the starring role (pun!) as ruler of the dynamic Aries' Sun. In the earthy realm of Capricorn, where Mars is a prince he's meeting up with its king, Saturn. Both are talented in strategy and action. Saturn bears the standard of a realistic, conservative, long-term view while Mars represents the youthful, hot-for-action warrior energy. But, both are as direct, focused and pointed as spears.

Aries and Mars move fast-fast-fast. Capricorn and Saturn move slow-slow-slow. To contain this energy split, we can use it physically while considering emerging options. Brisk walk, anyone?

Mercury retrograde in Aries slows down the fast, forward motion of the sign and cautions us to review, rethink and reconsider what exactly we want to accomplish. In other words, he's aligned with the stately, strategical conference of Mars and Saturn, even as the energy revs up underneath.

The question they are discussing is What target is worthy of this moment and the beginning of a two-year cycle between Mars and Saturn? How do we want to invest our lives' time, money and energy? School? Job? Building a family?

Political action and social legacy? The March for Our Lives in Washington DC last weekend combined the youthful, dynamic energy (Aries) supported by the “gray-hairs” (Capricorns) along the route demonstrated that route. The subject? Aries-ruled war machines. The Saturn-Mars combo beginning its new cycle under the auspices of a fiery, dynamic and youthful Sun in Aries lends power and significance to their movement.

But, let us not forget that on any dark and starry night, the full moon's brightness commands attention. This one in harmonious Libra Moon can be our greatest ally – when we know what we want and work with allies and around people who represent obstacles in skillful ways! Libra's queen, Venus, currently resides in Taurus, her other kingdom, as Queen of peace. This double-crowned Moon manages a handful of gods agitating for action, but she is a wily, charming influence.

If we let her, Libra reminds us that social graces can balance the needs of many through mature and skillful manners. If we let her, Libra points out how quickly allies can turn into enemies, and enemies friends. If we let her, Libra shows us no one is the Lone Ranger (not even Hans Solo) and we need allies no matter how courageous our warrior spirit is.

Much is at stake under this dynamic Moon. Engage in the inner work and win consciousness.

Horoscope March 31 to April 15

Aries, Uranus, the Liberator, has been in Aries for seven years of breakthroughs - revolution for evolution. This is the last month in your lifetime (!) your Sun and Mercury come together with this spicy energy. You are as prepared as you can be. Act, but keep your allies close and enemies closer.

Taurus, Venus in the house, feel the love directed at you! Consider it grace, or going with the flow. Find or recognize your natural work partners and colleagues. Ease up and take a bit of a break as you end a year and prepare to start anew. Finish up old business. Change is coming!

Gemini, network like there is no tomorrow. Touch base with go-getters and shakers and movers you've let go. Make a list and call, write or e-mail everyone you think might help in the future. You've done much lately but no one does it alone. Count yourself IN and master-mind a strategy!

Cancer, for a sensitive being, the energies are a tad intense but this is about how you plan on using your platform. Invite partners into your home for strategic meetings. It's hard to sit still with this complex energetic mix. Take some time-out at home. Take a bath. You are balancing energies for all.

Leo, changes in beliefs and high falutin' ideas are shaking up. Travel or give it time. Hang with caring friends. Nurthure your body, a focal point for extreme energy. Walk, garden, yoga, diet, adjust your daily routines. You're graceful on top, paddling like crazy underneath! Quack!

Virgo, getting alignment between your values and those of nearest and dearest is a stretch. You want recognition and respect - bless you! Sometimes we have to affirm ourselves. Sigh! It's tough stabilizing the group with change ahead. Take a deep breath and reconsider your approach. Sigh!

Libra, what you want emotionally and what the realities are around relationships and home are in a delicate balance. Move with your customary grace. You know your values and those of your partners. Be a diplomat on your own behalf. Try letting your partner lead and rest a bit.

Scorpio, this moon could have you feeling emotional, vulnerable or not quite up to “it”. Take down town and tune into your inner vibes and psychic sensitivities. If tuning out is too much, do a bit of service for someone. Focus on the mundane and neighborhood.

Sagittarius, even amidst networking there are people you feel a kinship with. They are the ones who make you feel good about yourself. Stick to them and take a step to bring them into your friendship circle. For the moment, your guardian angel is working way behind the scenes.

Capricorn, when you want time off, delegate a bit and head home - your body needs a break. You need time to work on a new strategy - one that balances home, work and health. Everyone wants to use your executive abilities but your ambitions are changing. Tread carefully.

Aquarius, talk, talk, talk but right action comes from the heart. Don't close yours by being too busy. If you aren't feeling that sensitive, soul spot, check in with buddies you can count on to hold the heart center while you bear down getting more done than you can see. Root changes are ahead.

Pisces, face your fears, especially the ones that have to do with people you “think” hold power over you. Loss of inheritance, sexual partner, not getting the loan, or the approval of whoever? The power they hold over you is in your mind. Value yourself enough to face your fear and set yourself free.


O Stars Above: Pisces New Moon


Let Love, Compassion and Forgiveness Blossom

Finding our way out of winter makes March tricky terrain every year. But with a plethora of planets in watery Pisces (!) it's easy to feel adrift unless we embrace the opportunity to experience our unity with everyone - plus plants, animals, rocks, and even mystical dimensions of fairies, angels and aliens. (Think of them as symbols if it helps.)

Pisces blurs the edges between our egocentric selves and the broader experience of the mysterious universe available to us. We are in the 'wave' of consciousness and can feel lost to ourselves in this unfamiliar territory where spirit and matter cease to exist as duality. They are a unity, part of a whole. The New Moon in Pisces ( March 17 @ 6:11 am PDT) bridges the gap between dreamy days of winter and energetic spring – but just barely! Mercury and Venus like those harbingers of spring, the robins and crocuses, forged their way into Aries on March 5 and 6 signaling a return to our sense of individuality where we are 'particles' of consciousness.

Astrologers and many cultures celebrate the Spring Equinox as a new year. Remembering that new moons are times to plant intentions and with this one coming a mere four days before the equinox, it's an especially potent time to set our hopes and aspirations for the new cycle. It is zero degrees Aries which infuses us with a dynamic energy to carry us forward.

This moon travels with Chiron, the Wounded Healer, who offers us a look at how far we have come in releasing our isolation and including ourselves in the Piscean sense of oneness. What illusions, addictions, powerlessness or victimhood have you released over the last eight years? How has unconditional love, compassion and forgiveness blossomed in your life over that time? Good work, and keep it going until spring and Aries arrive in abundance.

Horoscope March 17-31

Pisces, you embody unity. Catch the vision of how spirit moves through your body and personality. The more you are you, the more spirit moves you. (Dance, ballerina, dance.) The lesson you carry we need. If confusion sets in, let a girl friend untangle you.

Aries, Uranus, the planet of unequivocal individuality, has traveled Aries for YEARS! It moves on soon so make good use of it now. Break through barriers keeping you from your unapologetic, radiant self. There is a warrior in you. Take on the good fights!

Taurus, you've gone all altruistic on us. Good, your associates need your pragmatic philanthropy. The source of this benevolence lies in time with nature, music, quiet and dreams so don't skimp on down time. It fuels your sense of beauty, harmony and values making life richer.

Gemini, before tilting at windmills, you need a girl-friend conference to sort yourself out and pick a direction. A renewed sense of the common good is calling for your attention in your 8-5 job. Let the word out to your network. You are ready!

Cancer, your executive skills seek employment, collaboration and an exploration of the mysteries of the universe! Knowing your purpose and surrendering to it is the point of your life. Breakthroughs in how the dimensions intersect abound and you are travel through them.

Leo, creating is your game and when you dedicate it to the common good, you yourself are re-created and passions fire up. Dedicate your art to the art itself and those who benefit. Take a break from personal desires and let the river carry you. Stay positive and keep the faith.

Virgo, plant new intentions concerning close friends, spouse and enemies. Pile on the compassion and forgiveness. Yes, you spend LOTS of energy dealing with their stuff, literally. If they are gentle souls, remember they soothe your frayed nerves. For balance? A gossipy lunch with a witty friend!

Libra, for a relationship-oriented person wanting peace and harmony, relationships are a mine-field. Let friends sort you out and don't argue. Just listen! It would be hard for you to work too hard - it's not your thing, But it may be your turn and no time for a 'headache'. Sacrifice for a cause.

Scorpio, four days and counting before work goes into high gear at equinox. Put all ideas on the table and get creative. Then, enact the plan! Personal opportunities that opened up over last fall are up for review. It may be a question of which ones you want and how to balance them.

Sagittarius, what was up in the air could appear to be grinding to a standstill. It's just your guardian angel rehashing recent undertakings. Check your roots and home for details that trip you up. Untangle skeletons in the closet and watch your natural enthusiasm resurface.

Capricorn, a life, body and health renovation goes on even as things appear to fall apart. Bring your ambition home to the family. Focus on what you want - not what you are assigned to do. Inappropriate responsibility ruins health, family, relationships and work. Don't go there!

Aquarius, here's the scenario: you sold the idea, money is flowing your way and you are working like crazy behind the scenes. You may doubt yourself, so keep talking to allies, keep good records and keep going. You won't know you can until you do. Put your hands on the steering wheel.