O Stars Above: Cancer New Moon

Cosmic change fills the air

The first new moon of summer in Cancer ( July 12 at 7:47 am PDT) carries the reset energy of an eclipse and leads a parade with two eclipses following over the next month. The moon's shadow barely infringes upon the sun's circle, but it introduces a new eclipse series in Cancer and Capricorn which echoes like a deeply resonant gong rippling out into the waves of change.


Saturn, Pluto, Neptune, and Mars along with Chiron invite us to slow down and look inward at many aspects of our psyches. Mercury and Uranus join this jolly backward troupe shortly. Seven of the eleven planets on parade are not moving forward through this reset. Why? Because we have inner work to do which takes a slower, quieter pace.

For the next ten days, there are extremely helpful patterns in these line-ups which dissipate by the full moon on July 27. One is in earth signs (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn) suggesting that staying in our bodies, breathing deeply and focusing on tasks at hand help us find solutions. Water signs (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces) join hands to ease us through this period when we monitor our feelings, allow others theirs and use compassion. The fixed signs (Taurus/Scorpio and Leo/Aquarius) help us stabilize, too. Some issues may work themselves out almost magically, but not mindlessly.

On average, three planets are retrograde at any one time. We are well beyond averages here. Between the retrogrades and three eclipses, clarity and certainty are on vacation. It's a major time out for reconsidering almost every aspect of our lives. Breath, ground, find the flowing river of emotions. If possible, avoid white-water emotions!

Mars represents passionate, personal action and is looking inward to see what actions our inner world longs to activate. Saturn shows us how we can use limitations, boundaries and self-discipline to navigate through life. Are we giving ourselves permission to be the authority or expert in our lives?

Pluto handles issues of power and where we hide-out or take a stand – or take a misguided stand out of our woundedness. Neptune works in the arena of imagination and creativity which can inspire future paths. He can also glamorize our world through addictions, pretending and not dealing with reality, too, so be aware of that slippery slope. Chiron helps us see whether we are using our woundedness for strength or as an excuse for wild and crazy behavior. Uranus can shock us back on to our true path, or show us the ways our personal genius is working out the snarls of life.

On July 25, Mercury, who is blamed for everything that goes wrong during its three, three-week periods a year, joins the retrograde party. Well-used, Mercury can assist us in catching up with details, communications and perceptions and getting current with ourselves as recent experiences translate into new thoughts and shifts in our course

Change is not easy. Breaking our hypnotic gaze at the outer world – or on our screens and devices – is not easy. Turning inside ourselves so we can engage in the world from a more authentic place is not easy. It takes quiet time. S-l-o-w-e-d down time. Mindfulness.

Constant reaction to the outer world without the connection to our inner world can leave us feeling like we are living a meaningless life. These energies are not the sky's way of doing-it-to-us! The purpose is help us become who we are meant to be and stay the course with our soul purpose. The world needs who we are and what we bring but we've got to own up to those deep longings – and become more skillful at advocating for those dreams so they can express through us and into the world.

With this much cosmic commotion, the best approach is to kick-back and let the process have its way with us. Take time to smell the roses and make up animals in the cloud shapes that float by in the blue sky. Focus on day-to-day tasks and leave beginnings and resolutions for later. If you've lost the flow, quit. Take a break.

Remember everyone operates under these skies and no one is getting ahead. If it appears that way, the work won't hold and will need a redo when more inner information comes to light. Maintaining full speed ahead is fraught with frustration. Give up on FOMO!

The eclipse itself in Cancer resonates with family, ancestors, clans and homes. A line-up opposite Pluto could reveal family secrets and hidden power structures. Cancer, as the first water sign, takes us into personal emotions, traditions and heritage – the very story lines we expect to stay stable and not change. Any secrets or unexpected awareness about our families can disrupt long-held perceptions and bring up tender or fearful emotions. The full moon eclipse on July 27th is fraught with intense emotions. Be kind to yourself and others through this period.

The retrogrades may bring a sense of being out of control which could bring up our issues since control is a way to keep issues, well, under control. (Duh!) Again, there's that emotional component. If you aren't deep in your emotions now, your friends or family member may be. And with six weeks to navigate before these retrogrades and eclipses end, our turn for being frustrated, scared and out of control could be just around the corner.

Horoscopes July 12 – 27

Cancer, families are the cauldron of all that we are. Children being separated from their families at the borders is a confrontation between society and families - the basic unit of society. What we get right as a society around family issues determines the society we live in. This is the work of the new eclipse cycle coming in. You can be a leader if you've done your inner work. Work it now!

Leo, Greek tragedies are the stories of families and form the basis of art, literature, poetry, dance, music, i.e. the symbolic tools of the inner world. Feel your inner family. Speak from your heart. Speak of the dreams of the collective. You are flooded with primal material that can become powerful work. Keep a dream journal of day and night snippets. Take good notes when the oracle speaks.

Virgo, feed the hungry, heal the sick. Take such care of each other hunger and illness doesn't occur. Join groups that tend to needy children, elderly, poor or animals. Remember why you do this work but, care for yourself in the process. It's so simple we forget: Do small things with great love. Remind us that love means taking care of each other in simple everyday ways.

Libra, diplomacy, negotiations, skilled communications, and societal abstractions are trying to land into the real world. There is a grounding of the emotional component you feel lurking around your peripheral vision. Your work must include the heart flow. The closer you can stay to grounded action, the more fulfilled your work will be. You know human rights are not an abstraction.

Scorpio, the flow of good fortune is upon you. Feel free to share it by preaching about goodness and expansion big enough to care for all. You are hooked up the water flow and the grounded earth energies. You are in the stabilizing pattern. Speak up and out. This is not the time to go into old patterns of hiding out in abstract thoughts and lofty arguments. You are ready for the shift!

Sagittarius, welcome a moment of emotional reflection about how you do and don't do emotions. You, too, have childhood wounds. Sometimes not talking about them inflicts them on your near and dear. You are a bit out of the energies of this eclipse so be the sacred witness and watch how you do “emotions.” Do you preach a harsh sermon from a wounded place? Revelation time.

Capricorn, focus on tasks and beliefs that have heart, are spontaneously fun and ground your energy. Flow with the love you have for your near and dear, as you join in larger groups and around your neighborhood. Consider power between you and your spouse and best friends. Do you always lead? Maybe mentor others (gently) and share the power.

Aquarius, you, home, significant others and work are so stable it may feel like a log jam. Old ways of unjamming the situation, like you leaving, just 'cuz you got to go, no longer work – even if you escape. The question is how do you be you and be in a group. Your work colleagues may be trying to teach you that. Be the pup in the group and let them.

Pisces, you've got flow handled. Now go for fun with your family. Watch the power-works and see if you react by ducking or being arrogant. Not your norm, but arrogance is a fear reaction. Just saying. If you have a vision, remember the symbols and message are personal to you and invite you to step further into the world.

Aries, time at home with family may lead to new sources of fun and entertainment. Some groups you've been working with are outdated. You need a livelier, more playful network. Home and work are the balance points around power. Be an angel at work AND home! Early Aries are stressing over limits and authority. Do you need to set some for yourself? Or lighten up on others?

Taurus, you old, wild and crazy one. Just joking! Although you do struggle with breaking out of your rut right now. More fun, more home, more heart talk with siblings, neighbors, your barrista. Pretend you are walking Mr. Roger's Neighborhood. Mix, mingle and show care and concern for all you touch throughout the day. It won't cost you a thing. Seek out simple pleasure.

Gemini, sometimes it is hard to see, but families are one of our primary assets. They help us and/or they teach us to be self-reliant. In deep ways, we share their values and emotional tone that are hard for a logical creature like yourself to grasp! Take a personal risk and share tea with a family member. Display your drama, power and fun. Feel the flow. Whee!

O Stars Above: Capricorn Full Moon

Note: Last month, the millennial astrologer, Aubrey Perkins, wrote the Forecast for the Full Moon in Sagittarius as a guest columnist. Your feedback agreed with my love of her youthful take on the cosmic dance and her sparkling writing. So I invited her back. Enjoy!

Red Full Moon w Clouds.jpeg

Only Time

As I settle down to write this article and attempt to collect my thoughts as they buzz around, while overwhelmed by all of the work I’ve done lately, and dreading how much more work I have lined up, suddenly, a particular song ear-worms into my awareness seemingly out of nowhere. Enya's song, “Only Time” floods in with the ethereal Irish songstress pondering, “Who can say where the road goes? Where the day flows? Only time.”

At this moment I wake up to this Capricorn full moon’s lesson: time. Capricorn is ruled by Saturn, who is sometimes referred to as the task master, the steamroller, or the Grandfather of time. It can represent our greatest lessons in life and requires a tremendous amount of effort to master. Capricorn takes the long view and thinks in terms of legacy while life's time is eaten up with minutia, and squirrels.

Full moons highlight the work we’ve been doing, whether in reality or the spirit, and matches it with other needs and longings. Our inner and outer worlds meet in this monthly climax and imbalances between them are revealed.

This rings especially true with this Sun-Moon match up (June 27, 9:53 pm PDT) because the moon is far out of its comfort zone in Capricorn and hemmed in by it's ruler, Saturn. The moon rules the emotional, inward-looking nurturer, Cancer, where the summer sun now sits. Energy may feel backwards as the feminine Cancer in the masculine Sun asks if we are nurturing our true emotional needs.

Generally, the moon’s nature asks this of us but tied up with Capricorn's focus on the many tasks at hand it can't dilly-dally with such a question. The emotional, cozy nature of the moon in this tough sign may have us feeling out on the cold edge of separation and isolation.

While Saturn’s influence can be painted as a malefic presence, we often overlook how generous his rewards can be. This Saturn-influenced moon advises us to give our best, work hard, strive for mastery, and in return, he gives feedback in a tit-for-tat manner showing us the truth of our efforts.

Adding to the general edginess is Mars who went retrograde yesterday. His outer action orientation shifts to inner world duties and feels constricted. It's all stop-action with the emphasis on stop. This two-month retrograde gives us time to sort out action that's meaningful for us from chaotic, undirected busyness.

(But wait, there's more!) The Sun, Jupiter and Neptune perform a lovely, synchronized swim routine, where tender feelings come to the surface. Healing and forgiveness are possible. The moon's no-nonsense nanny, Saturn, side-kick suddenly reveals its true purpose. We guided in being an extremely adult moment in the emotional land of our, bratty inner children. Hold the tension of emotions, give it time and answers appear.

This moon shows us the cost of living out of balance and dragging along unfinished business either emotionally- or reality-wise,. The outer and inner world both need their due. At last, we are growing up, taking emotional responsibility and tending to the real business of life. Manage our life's time well and complete our tasks and we can rest easy, book a massage and chill out to the dreamy Celtic stylings of Enya.

Horoscopes June 27 – July 12

Cancer, shine your light into the world because spouses and dear ones may be missing cues about your personal needs. Fill up on applause from those who adore you – even if from a far. They, like Gibran says, have a better view of the mountain (you) from a distance than those walking the path with you. Yes, you are water-y, but you are a mighty mountain, too.

Leo, you are sending out the “I love myself in my life” vibes, and, voila - everyone loves you back. You don't need to perform just find your golden heart and share its warmth. On the other hand, colleagues may be under-appreciative and you feel growl-y at work. Practice serving the common good for the moment. Yea, that adult-ing thing!

Virgo, at the best of times play and fun are hard for you – and this is the worst of times. However, your general network appreciates you and they can be the wind beneath your wings, or at least the reality check you need to lighten a dull cloud of futility. This too will pass and it shows where to make course corrections. Take notes in the midst of it to act on later.

Libra, home is where heaviness lies and your sun shines at work. Those polished, diplomatic skills you use easily for others need to application in your inner world to find your balance. This is an adult balancing act. Go where you are warmly received and bask in the ambiance of simple kindness and a cup of tea handed to you by a dear one.

Scorpio, even using your best communication skills it feels like you're speaking in code and no one is receiving. On top of it all, Mars is plowing up the peaceful land of home stirring hidden desires, passions, resentments and repressions. Thank goodness, you are a strategist with patience. Go out among the people and cultivate opportunities.

Sagittarius, shared values are making you feel like your values don't count for much. Are the purse strings held too tight around what you need to feel secure, to move forward with heart-felt projects or just have a bit of fun? Behind the scenes beneficial workings occur when you spread abundance among those who need justice. A little quiet helps you take a broader view.

Capricorn, ambition, perseverance, boundaries and self-discipline are right up your alley but weigh heavy on your heart for the moment. Figure in compassion and caring for others – and yourself – in our plan of mastery. If you can't extend kindness to yourself, your partner may be doing it for you. It's not particularly their job, but watch and learn.

Aquarius, man, karma is a pain! It may not even be your personal karma which seems soooo unfair, but you live in a time-span where the past figures heavily into your present and future. Summer slows you down with Mars in Aquarius retrograde for two months. Old habits pop up like mushrooms in a wet field. A coming eclipse resets your emotional patterns. Pay attention to yourheart!

Pisces, friends are in tough emotional shape and you may be right there with them. Help if you can - but this is not a time to sacrifice yourself. Jumping into the ocean to save someone when you can't swim only creates two tragedies. It's hard to tell who really needs help and who is a constant victim. Unless you're a life-guard, take time for recreation and play to renew yourself.

Aries, go home if you can because work is just too much right now and a lack of gratitude and appreciation isn't inspiring you. Home is struggling under this full moon, too, but if you can bolster the spouse and kids, it may remind you why you do what you do. Your ruler, Mars, went retrograde/on vacation, too, you might as well cool your jets this summer.

Taurus, as you start an eight year renovation on shaking it up, baby, narrow horizons may be weighing you down and bringing little reward. Walk your talk and shine your light on those you love. Love them until you can see them light up! Talk about family, tradition, roots and build memories of fun together through bonding experiences.

Gemini, here's your yearly review of what makes you feel safe and secure physically, emotionally and financially. Friends and family count but don't sell your personal needs out in the rush to be part of the group. Consult with financial and legal consultants and tidy up your records. Details, details, details - feels heavy to a Gemini.




O Stars Above: Gemini New Moon

Tell A New Story. Sing A New Song

Friends on Deck.jpeg

Gemini, the first air sign, can come in talking up a storm: excited, curious, learning, teaching - but mainly talking. This month's new moon in Gemini (June 13 at 12:43 pm PDT) reminds us that communication needs both a talker and a listener with an emphasis on tenderness. It asks each of us to practice sending and/or receiving our conversations with greater gentleness. Gemini's ruler, Mercury, currently travels through the first water sign, Cancer, were emotions run personal and reactive from a well of memories.

Venus of love and harmony travels in Cancer, too, intensifying emotional sensitivity. Later in the month, Mercury runs headlong into first, Saturn who is concerned with realities and limitations and then, Pluto who loves power. These two are tough cookies, indeed, and opportunities for defensive, reactions run high. But with the chart's helpful set up and a gentle, persistent touch, we could learn that even cowboys cry!

Yep, whether we are cowboys or just general hard-a**es, everyone of us “survived” childhood. Cancer energy takes us back, not to memories of childhood fun, but to when we were out of control of our day-to-day destiny and lived in a stew of emotions which had to be squelched so we could follow instructions from god-like parents. Eat your spinach! (Yech!) Go to bed now. (But I want to watch the lightening bugs in the jar.) Get up now. (Wait? What?! I was asleep!)

All of which is to say, this is a month that wanders down our conscious and unconscious but deeply felt memory lane. Along with our fellow humans, since this is a cosmic lesson, we are sure to encounter scars, wounds, tensions, anxieties, shadows, monsters and...tigers and bears, oh, my!

We may also discover how we have become like those god-like figures who didn't want to listen to us. Which brings up the question of who in our lives are we ignoring? (Ouch!) We may discover how much energy it takes to keep people, the people we care about the most, away from our scars - depriving us and them of the nurturing and tenderness our hearts longs for.

The month may bring a trip down memory lane, but the universe assigns us helpers. Work with these cosmic allies and see where the call for growth leads. (Spoiler alert - for adult ears only. This is the prelude to eclipse season where issues that tripped us up nineteen years ago are found alive and well on memory lane, too.)

A harmonic relationship between Saturn, lord of boundaries, and Uranus the liberator, in the earthy signs of Capricorn and Taurus lends a helping hand. Their earth elements temper their differences and give them a chance to find common ground. The Saturn in us recognizes that we are the adults now. By using Gemini's energy to hone skillful, tender talks with our dear ones, we could help ourselves, and others, move out of old, stifling stories to the fresh air of Uranus' freedom.

As exciting as these possibilities are five of ten planets in retrograde grant us breathing room. Many aspects of our psyche, as represented by the planets, need reworked as stagnant waters begin to flow. Action comes later in the year. So relax and imagine your broadening horizons. Feel and talk together about the freedom from childhood wounds. Reclaim the energy spent in protecting emotional scars and remember healing simply means moving into the wholeness of who you are.

Talk a new story, sing a new song. Brave new worlds beckon.

Horoscopes June 13 – 27

Gemini, truly, new worlds beckon. This is a season of bringing the conscious and unconscious, inner and outer, active and receptive, old and new together. No experience or conversation is useless. At some time, all find their place and you are seeing the bigger picture? Why? You are loving yourself!

Cancer, reach out to others and speak only of love and you'll catch Mercury and Venus' lesson and blessing. Private time out of the spotlight nourishes you until Solstice (June 21). Lounging in the sun, bubble baths, daydreaming and nature bring energy for starting a new year next month.

Leo, take your sunny self out to gatherings, associations meetings, parties and all manner of functions where you can network. It's work, okay, not really for you, but it is work-related. Remember your goals and the 6 degrees of Kevin Bacon. Someone knows someone - who can open a door for you.

Virgo, sometimes a little warm chatter reveals the key to the problem. Stroll down to the cafeteria, water cooler, copy machine and talk – you never know what they know until you talk. Emotions count even in business, so warm up to others and they'll warm up to you. Fuzzy it up!

Libra, you are in the spotlight as you take your airy philosophy, give it warmth and make the office feel like a place everyone wants to be. Kind, human connections bring out the best in everyone no matter how matter-of-fact work is. Heart-felt courtesy works miracles and you know how to do it!

Scorpio, tenderness is rarely linked with you, the second water sign, but you feel Cancer's

depths. You often hunt in the depths, carefully, gently, prying into family secrets and taboos. Mars in Aquarius is on a scientific expedition in your home and family sector. Expect a long visit, so go easy.

Sagittarius, search for the secret of how you shoot yourself in the foot. Is it relationships themselves or how you blurt out or expose “truth?” Intimacy comes with implied care and concern for your partner's emotions. This is a month to learn from your them and keep a low profile. Speak sweetly.

Capricorn, in esoteric astrology, you are the high priestess, listening with your heart. You structure your world from the inside out. Remembering this works especially well in relationships now and gives you a new skill for listening and talking to colleagues. True power is softer than you think.

Aquarius, move with vim and vigor but June 26, Mars in Aquarius goes retrograde. Action turned inward, perhaps to watch your passions and desires and how you go about them. Turn your caring for others toward colleagues. When they see you care, they care. It's almost like Utopia.

Pisces, go home and hang out this month. Family talk, creative talk, children, games, being yourself and being with family – what else is there? The shifting water trine offers self-care, self-knowledge and forgiveness for where you've failed. Take time to let it do its work. Art, anyone?

Aries, living with a centaur (Chiron) in the house is only slightly less disruptive as having Uranus the lightening god in your sign. Talk about what's it like being a type-A when you're home with siblings, parents, spouse and your children. How do you help them feel safe enough to be who they are?

Taurus, you begin hosting the lightening god in your sign for eight years. You will change as you ground his awesome energy and break free into being your Self at the same time. First, you must catch up on what your true values are and soften your tone so those dear can hear your heart.

O Stars Above: Sagittarius Full Moon


Hi, Star Gazers,
I invited Aubrey Perkins, a millennial astrologer, to be our guest columnist and write the Forecast for this Full Moon. I hope you enjoy her dynamic view on the morning's full moon and her playful writing style as much as I did. Thanks, Aubrey.


As Gemini season moves through, you may find yourself quite literally distracted by butterflies - reflecting on chaos theory and the butterfly effect. You’re pondering what the cause and effect of a butterfly flapping its wings may be and if it could have a profound effect on the future. You gather your friends and theorize. You google search to see what scientists have written on the subject. You subsequently fall into a wikipedia wormhole detailing the attributes of macrolepiodptera, “a group of insects within the order of lepidotera.” Before you know it, you’ve been staring at the blue screen of your computer for hours, it’s 2 in the morning, and you’re full of information about butterfly species, their mating habits, their food sources, but you still don’t have a clear picture on your original question.

The Twins are an energetic duo, bouncing around, collecting tons of information in any direction their hearts pull them. As the moon moves into opposition on May 29th (7:19 am PDT) in steady-handed Sagittarius, we learn that The Centaur’s arrow is direction - and that direction is forward. The energy of any full moon is that of an emotional peak that pulling us in two directions. Gemini is an airy, social sign of sensing, gathering and formulating as many ideas and opinions as possible. Sagittarius seeks to burn away the fluff and assert which ideas make the cut to true genius and personal wisdom in leading us towards our greatest vision.

This full moon asks you to use your intuition to whittle away to the core of whatever ideas you’ve been creating around and focus on what keeps you on the bold, daring and adventurous path of living your truth. Gemini and Sagittarius are opposing signs that are the most like each other, so despite the tension of the opposition, this should be a giddy, high energy time full of interesting conversations, learning new things and hopefully setting a course of some kind. Action is called for with these two and they both point to another accent-on-action planet. Passionate, fiery Mars’ move into mad-genius Aquarius amplifies the energy and idea-oriented nature of the Gemini sun and supports the moon's Sagittarian forward thinking mission. Aquarius and Gemini both deal with the nervous system, so you may want to forgo your morning coffee, as this Mars/Sun pairing sets up an inner buzzing!

The ruler of Sagittarius, Jupiter is in Scorpion and happily hooked up with Neptune in Pisces and Venus in Cancer. Much of the magic of the moment comes from a gut-level feeling as you find the flow and marry the head to the heart.

Horoscope May 29 - June 13

Gemini, if caught in the full moon's opposition, let your partner lead the way. Ride the joy of Jupiter rushing along in a water trine - like whitewater rafting. New visions come on fast! Mercury arrives in Gemini. Think about the symbolic meaning behind words. And let your light shine!

Cancer, o sweet Mama, isn't it fun having Venus in your sign? The action is behind the scenes for you and frankly out of your hands. Who cares? Flow with it. Your body feels lifted up. Don't over do it but tap into adventure. Let intuition find wisdom in the info. Words are symbols, listen carefully.

Leo, party with your tribe, dance with your clan, make merry and lighten up. Your home could be Grand Central for your peeps. This is mucho energy and you are naturally that way. Most will play with you but some won't. Let go of what and who's holding you back. Take a little down time, too.

Virgo, hope your weekend was fun. Back at work you'll be firing on all engines. Prepare for an influx of information and communication. Meanwhile, your heart and soul wants the home party to continue. Communicate with every time you talk.

Libra, you hear wisdom everywhere you go and philosophical talk sounds a bit like yada-yada to you. Basically, your Venus is tied into a beautiful, heartfelt conversation with all the water signs. Open your heart and let the logic go. It won't last forever but the ties that bind will be stronger.

Scorpio, it's amazing, you can be this open with your feelings and everyone opens up to you. Somehow, your self-esteem expands and your often serious self feels – buoyant! That being said, there's no permission for a temper tantrum at home. Whatever that's about, look at it scientifically.

Sagittarius, looks like you are the life of the party and that life comes bouncing back to you pretty fast. Don't get overblown with yourself, emotional energy is on a binge here too and that isn't your forte. Try feeling into what you preach and see if it matches your heart. Yep, walk your talk time.

Capricorn, even with ambitious skills and opening doors, there are things you are out of control of. However, your friends, neighbors and cohorts, even your significant other may know the way. Let them take the lead for a while and trust the universe to let you rest in it.

Aquarius, it's like you are taking a special supplement for brain power...as if you needed it. Your scientific approach might not win you as many points as a warmer, less detached approach to those of us out here. On the other hand, follow your passion, and use your contacts. Include them in some fun.

Pisces, the water party could sweep you away into alternate realities in a tsunami of emotions. Use it to express YOURself and further your creative projects. The gregarious and optimistic moon in your work arena could be opening doors if you have a focus. Entertain friends at home.

Aries, so how's it feel to have your fingers out of the electrical outlet as Uranus moves to Taurus. Mars in Aquarius helps you step down energy incrementally. An energetic moon - go expand your horizons. Act on passion with detachment even as emotional energy shows you the flow.

Taurus, feeling edgy? Over amped? Welcome to the rest of your year. Getting clear on your values and those you share with others/society will be your rudder as you ride the new winds. The water energy works for you, so find/feel your flow. Plan on the go but get moving.

O Stars Above: Taurus New Moon

Energized New Moon


This new moon brings to mind the song lyrics “hitch your wagon to a star.” Normally sedate Taurus hooks up to star-power in the form of Uranus, the electrical, r/evolutionary and revelatory planet moving into its meadow after an eight year rabble-rousing tour of Aries on the new moon (May 15, 4:47 am PDT).

Uranus' last trip through Taurus was in 1934 as it tip-toed back and forth from Aries to Taurus (as will happen later in the year) before settling into its new corral in 1935 until 1941. Many ultra-conservative and totalitarian trends attempted to take hold: Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Mussolini.

In the USA, the infamous Dust Bowls led to innovative and humanitarian action in the New Deal which helped people negatively impacted by nature. Clearly the possibilities are an open field when Uranus settles in its new sign in March, 2019.

Uranus in Taurus brings revolution to both what we value and how we handle money through our banking systems. Think cryptocurrencies and other money changes ahead. How we work with nature is sure to take center stage, too, especially over the next few years with Saturn and Pluto planted in earthy Capricorn, the sign of traditional, established power and legacies. Our most important and valuable legacy is nature itself. Our disastrous impact on earth and earth's own urges, like the volcano in Hawaii, show a need to engage with nature as an interactive, collaborative force rather than something to be conquered.

Mars in a push-pull match with Uranus at the last, unstable degrees of bossy Capricorn and Aries. Both planets move to the next signs, fixed Aquarius and Taurus within hours of the new moon giving us a peek at what entrenched positions we will be bull-ing our way out of over the next eight years. Keep an eye on headlines for clues.

Taurus can be quite self-satisfied and content to loll in the sunshine, smell the roses and sip lemonade on the porch. Stubborn and slow to change is Taurus' middle name but as Uranus gets comfortable in the pasture, those words will shift to restless and changeable, especially with Mars nipping at the Bull's heel for the rest of the year.

Venus, ruler of Taurus, is in Gemini and a lovely relationship with Mercury, ruler of communications, who welcomes Uranus at the farmer's gate. Venus in any sign urges us to find harmony, love, affection, and beauty, diplomacy, and kindness and common courtesy. Speak with love, hold harmonious thoughts in mind, and Uranus, the king of Higher Mind, can elevate any fears around change and security

Taurus says the greatest security we can have is in grounding to our bodies, our inner values and hearts by staying rest, being in nature, and being kind. We can do that - even as we feel the sizzle.

Horoscope May 15 – 29

Taurus, wake-up, little bossie! Get clear about your mission and communicate it as you go. Your mission is to be so rooted in yourself that outer circumstance barely ruffle your hair. Oh, that's always your mission. Well, Uranus loosens up what needs to change so you can grow. Ye-Haw!

Gemini, if you've been working away on what's right for you, Venus in your sign comes as a harbinger of rewards to come. Reach out to friends, find the flow and rest. You wrap up your last year this month and begin to imagine the year ahead. Dream of goals you can manifest and make real!

Cancer, enjoy your broad network of friends and acquaintances. Build bridges and do small things to strengthen the bonds of friendship. You are building a system of strong partners and friends while imagining projects to set them loose on. Watch out world, Mama's here!

Leo, some may think you're in it for stardom. Few know how hard you work to manifest solid results and make magic happen when you are on stage. Steady on as you learn new skills so you can keep your craft alive and worthy of attention. Details, patience and applause!

Virgo, you must have an earthy, pragmatic belief system to see you through life. It's not all about work so use your discernment to cut the cord to what's a waste of time and energy when viewed in the light of your philosophy. You can't be everything to everybody or have skills for every need. Go play.

Libra, behind the scenes, you are sorting through what you will and won't do because some things you just plain don't care about. It's okay. Sort and file, then carry on with your plans. Not everyone needs to know, it's your business. You have the social grace and grease to soothe others AND be you!

Scorpio, your devious mind can go deep but only to set your foundations on bedrock. Ancestors and our families count in more ways than most know – but, YOU know. Root around in your family cellar to find the mysteries that impact your relationship. Then own up to your part of the tangle.

Sagittarius, we all shoot ourselves in the foot sometimes, but you have an angel helping you figure out how you do yourself wrong. Pay attention to your daily life and what works for you and what is a form of compensation and a place to self-soothe. Listen to your body like it knows what you need.

Capricorn, your basic death and rebirth project gets juiced by Uranus' move to Taurus in a good way. Adopt a mantra of “Surrender and let go” even as new life stirs. Be sure new opportunities match your action plans and doesn't simply solve a problem for “them.” It's intense stuff - take a spring break.

Aquarius, Mars' visit stirs your pot. Innovate, network, investigate, and move to more humanitarian arenas. Stodgy ideas, fixed habits, and childhood programming are due to change. It's time to figure out how you are your own worse enemy! Yep - until December! Talk therapy, anyone?

Pisces, talking about and writing goals are two concrete ways to start manifesting your powerful dreams and imagination. Just be sure to take those next steps and put plans into action. You're guardian angel lifts you up to higher perspectives. Drop whatever weighs you down.

Aries, can you feel the down shift as Uranus takes off for Taurus (8:16 am PDT, May 15)? It takes an adjustment, or at least, a deep breath! Look at the last eight years and see how you stepped into yourself. Tweak the innovation and individuality while the slower energy of grounding flows in.