Stars Above Kitsap | First Week in November

Scorpio reveled in Halloween with those costumes from the “dead” zone stirring up instinctual horror of our own mortality. Before we scare ourselves to death, this full moon in Taurus jumps. “Enough already with creatures that go bump in the night. We need ‘creature comforts’ like a warm fire and flannel sheets. Get out of your mind and back into your body.”

The Nov. 6 full moon shines light on broader considerations: the physical, the practical, our heart’s desires, and resources to enact our plans. There may be more cuts to be made, but Taurus reminds us to take it slow.

This full moon has a sweetness to it with Taurus’ ruler, Venus, visiting Scorpio. This is a bit like  Little Red Riding Hood (Venus) visiting her grandmother’s cottage where the Big Bad Wolf (Scorpio) has moved in. The hearth is dark and cold. Little Red hustles around warming the cottage and serving soup (Taurus), and against his nature, voila, the wolf goes all warm and fluffy.

The soup could be spilled if overly enthusiastic Jupiter demands too much of everyone.

Balance and consideration is the key; not too much this, not too much that. Mars and Pluto, both military men, are conferring with ruthless truth on whether to stay in camp or  move to the battle field. Remember the saying, “Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned?” Pluto and Mars can have that same response. So we’d be wise to help Venus use her social graces in keeping peace.


Nov. 6–22

Scorpio, can you see the light at the end of the tunnel? You’ve worked with structural Saturn for two years and should be in a stronger, truer position. Give up straddling any gap. Make final adjustments and relax with trusted friends. And hey, good job!

Speaking of strategic thinkers, Capricorns are in good position this moon. Mars and Pluto are in your sign and those two are doers. Put them to focused work. Squeeze in a little fun at home with your honey. All work and no play ain’t good for nobody.

Taurus, Ms. Moon, all shiny and bright, your family and friends adore you! Go for the broadest view of life you can muster while plodding along. Beware of drama, that’s not your arena. Keep to your sense of integrity dull as it may be. It will pay off.

Home is a good foundation, Leo, so pay attention to the peeps you live with and the building you live in. Being a star is hard work even at home. Don’t let adoration distract you from your plan as you begin to get noticed.

Gemini, Scorpio energy is tough on a butterfly! Dream time might help you see solutions to congestion in your work sector; work, as opposed to career. Career is a bit nebulous for the moment. Friends, gossip and a good read can help you escape into your natural habitat.

Before you had an everyday routine, Virgo, you had a vision.  Remember it and eliminate the superfluous. Expansive Jupiter is a guardian angel bringing compassion to your door. Lighten up on the little stuff, (and it’s all little stuff, right?), delegate what you can and get ready to set a new cornerstone.

Work, home and spouse are all singing the same song, Aquarius. They want your attention, like now! But your star is rising and you can afford to tend to them like honored guests.  Time outs (and the appearance of independence) are important, so close the office door and take a break. Your nervous system will thank you.

Staying to routines, Pisces, can ground you. Even if you don’t feel like it. Your ruling planet, Neptune is a powerful, psychic antenna, but you can’t receive etheric messages 24/7 or you’ll go mad! Just kidding! Seriously, Ms/Mr. Fish, routines and humanitarian work will keep you sort-of-sane.

Libra, since you share gracious Venus as a ruling planet with Taurus, this moon feels familiar which can help you speak up for yourself. There is diplomatic power in how you put words together. Don’t let worries about “them” keep you from getting what you want and what you’re worth.

Halloween and creativity — so fun, Cancer! There’s a lot of tough news in the world and it’s stressing you out, so keep your party going. It’s what you need. Finger painting, dance to the music, cosmos with the girls, stress, just fun. (Seriously, fun!)

Aries, it’s almost intolerable not being your authentic self. You must find your courage and get out of any corner you painted yourself into. We need your fire and energy. Lead the way, or risk being quirky and crabby for no reason, and, baby, we don’t need that!

Sagittarius, hang a “Do Not Disturb” sign on the doorknob. Quiet, reflective home time could point you towards your destiny. Can you hear the soft murmurs trying to get your attention?  They are on the edge of daydreams and at night.