Stars Above Kitsap: Leo Full Moon

Aquarian Blue Moon – A Syncopated Moon Dance

Oops, you slept through the full moon but no worries, there's a 'blue moon' yet to celebrate. There is NO astronomical or astrological significance to a blue moon. It's simply the way our calendar lines up with normal moon cycles. In common usage, it means 'something that rarely happens'. So get up and go surprise yourself - or someone else!

Blue moons today are considered to be two full moons in any one month, but historically, they are the 'name' of the fourth moon in any three month season. Almanac editors circled them in blue for emphasis. Combined with the descriptive names Native Americans dubbed the monthly moons, naming the extra moon 'blue' keeps the traditional names in order.

The spotlight (July 31 at 3:42 AM PDT) is on Leo as we seek courage to develop our highest Self-expression (with a capital S - as in soul) rather than through self-dramatization of petty (ego) issues. Aquarius lifts us beyond the personal to a loftier perch as we work with societal ideals of equality and individual expression for all people, not the king alone.

Leo's warm generosity remembers that just as it takes a village to raise a child, it takes a village (Aquarius) to elevate us to the height of Self-expression. Like a see-saw, this polarity moves back and forth, up and down, and therein lies our inner and outer work: balancing self-interest with the interest of society at large.

Are you singing the song of your highest and finest individuality? How do you bring the polished gift of yourself to the collective table? Do you play nice with others and applaud them? These are the questions for this blue moon.

And, ah, yes, Blue Moon is a beer! Who doesn't need a beer for pondering?

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Leo, myths of Sun Gods and Kings belong to you, but each sacrificed self for love of their people. Jupiter leaves Leo's stage, Venus remains, and Mars moves in. What do you love? Shine your light as inspiration for others to light their fires. Reflect your partner's light back at them.

Virgo, prepare for Jupiter's optimistic once-in-twelve-year visit. Remember loftier goals and serve spirit and the temple it lives in - the body. Your mind is a tool as is your ego - don't cater to them. The daily to-dos get done. Take time to ponder these truths and open up to bigger dreams!

Libra, partnership is grand but you must bring your personal desires to the table for true satisfaction. Your true tribe WANTS to support you. Self-work can be messy but turns into self-worth. Then you become a person of power in groups, large or small, and for yourself. Worth going for?

Scorpio, like Libra the messy work is all but done. Now get out there and shine. Your clarity and light can inspire the masses by reading what the masses are ready for - which is a truly valuable asset. Don't be shy asking for financial compensation. Tend to your foundation - home.

Sagittarius, you may feel like your wings are clipped as Saturn heads your way and Jupiter moves from fellow fire-sign, Leo, to humble Virgo and earthly realities.. What goals, ideals, beliefs do you want to 'get real' about? Prepare for a three year cycle to do just that! Ground your vision.

Capricorn, you do messy work in private - so clear your calendar. Some work is personal, some with power-partners and behind the scenes maneuvering. Ambitious you loves pulling those strings. The house of 'what's it all about, Alfie?' hosts a heavy guest. Interests shift. Some just end.

Aquarius, you were flying high until this last week brought everything to a surprising halt.

Your planet is moving to the inner world so slow down. Sit with accomplishments of the last few year to be sure they are going where you want. Partners need adoration. Aloof won't work.

Pisces, if work and colleagues aren't fun, PLEASE, go find the tribe that will delight in your imagination. Too much stress translates into vague physical issues for you. The group needs your quirky vision so don't sit at home lost in fantasy. Extra rest (and water!) may be needed.

Aries, consider if your dynamic, abrupt side is getting the results you want. Leo is urging you to soul-felt action and helps slow you down (compared to recent months). Late Aries may feel an overwhelming urge to make a sudden move. Just have your little 'Ram-lings' in a row!

Taurus, funny, your chart looks like 'White Christmas' where everyone is home for the Holidays and putting on a Big Play. This is fun, creative and undeniable - pull out all the stops. The last hesitancy around relationship is melting into more intimacy. If pre-nup is in place, go for it!

Gemini, what's more fun than a Gemini party? A Gemini at a Leo party! This month it moves from place to place so don't stay home and miss it. Everyday errands turn up the fun factor, find new friendships and land partners at your feet. Sibs could be your biggest fans! Go, girl, go!

Cancer, if feelings of self-esteem aren't where you want, figure out how to put your most personal stamp on life and do it. You already have? Then quietly claim your brilliance. In this case, no one can reflect it back to you. Look in the mirror, Gentle Pearl, and love your lovely self!