O Stars Above: Sagittarius Full Moon - Number 1

Walk your Talk and Find the High Way

Geminis love talkin', and Sagittarians love highfalutin' ideas. This moon asks us to listen to ourselves and figure out how our talking leads to actions. Full moons shed light on what we've overlooked, and every two or three years, the universe gives us a chance to look at one particular issue in our chart - twice in a row. The full moon in Sagittarius makes its appearance on Saturday, May 21 (2:14 PM PDT) and, again, on June 20, repeating a pattern of 1997. What got started and maybe didn't get finished way back then? Maybe an old story line needs an update view...

The focus for a bit is on chatty, changeable Gemini and high-minded, truth preaching Sagittarius. Geminis may celebrate this occurrence because they have been indirectly involved in an intense line-up since September 2015, drilling us on how perceptions and beliefs impact actions. This full moon helps them locate the 'enemy' and it may appear to be 'out there.' But in astrology, the enemy is often an under expressed part of ourselves squabbling for attention.

The Sun tied to Venus is loving, but changeable in Gemini, and stands across the chart from a rowdy Sagittarian Moon joined by stern Saturn and pushy Mars, a strident, mouthy and emotional combo. We may see headlines about a lot of 'trump'-eting and hubris. Mars opposite the Sun and the Moon opposite Venus stresses the energy between males and females. The best use of astrology focuses not 'out there' but inward to our own expression.

What are you carrying on about? What 'truth' are you shouting or bullying others (and yourself!) with? Talk, talk, talk, but how's your walk? We're undertaking a two month roa trip with children and know-it-alls piled in the back seat before we find the High Way.

Horoscopes May 21 – June 4

Gemini, get out and talk it up. You're arriving ahead of your entourage but there is much chatting to be done as you begin to see what's been hidden in your shadow. Put words to it and the bogey man goes away. Logic needs perception and both need wisdom. Speak up and listen, too.

Cancer, work buddies are just full of themselves. Or wait, is that you? Time to quietly keep at it, and see results later. Freudian slips could be most revealing so pay attention when your mouth goes into gear. Stick to practical topics and don't take anything personally. Take alone time.

Leo, use action and discipline for yourself and not against others. The arena of personal self-expression helps you express in new ways. With this revved up fiery moon, you don't wanna be the pulpit thumping' bully. Use the high energy to empower yourself and heal male/female issues.

Virgo, you're feeling the pull between home and worldly obligations and it's quite a stretch. Jupiter direct in your sign, wants to see progress. Lucky you, your man, Mercury moves forward Sunday. You know what needs doing, so make the list - and pick away at it. Yea, lists!

Libra, get out of the rut. Venus and Mercury move to airy Gemini so put on your social, butterfly wings. Listen to how others are their own bosses and follow their own path. It may only be a mental adjustment needed. Bring your voice to the table and let others speak for themselves.

Scorpio, Mars returns to your sign next Friday so if you've lost your way, slow down and reset your personal desires dial. Figure out what went astray to be ready to charge ahead June 29. Spending and sharing money shows where your true values lie. Adjust as needed.

Sagittarius, two months of an emotional check in with yourself. Are you emotionally connected to what you're doing? It's a question only you can answer. If yes, carry on quietly building a strong foundation. If no, build an exit strategy. Where is your partner in this - talk and listen closely.

Capricorn, at the very least take a few days down after Saturday's full moon. Deep quiet, no talking – listen to what's going on in your own subconscious. Look for symbols, bizarre connections, odd dreams, repetitive thoughts. Take care of your body. Two months to recalibrate...

Aquarius, network, my friend. Reach out and touch those just out of reach. Listen to their dreams and see where they interconnect with yours – over coffee, just talking, kicking the can. There's a lull now, but take notes and stay in touch. Make it personal. They'll appreciate your interest.

Pisces, your cosmic make-over needs you grounded AND a little dreamy so you can feel the way. Relax any resistance and flow. Tend to the business of spirit. Remember your vision and see how it's shaping up. You are changing and it's good. You can get real AND dance with the angels.

Aries, it's a tricky road ahead. This fiery moon can instigate the bully in you if you're having a pity party. In your cosmic lesson plan, keep your nose to the grindstone and invest in yourself. Don't take slow downs personally. Use words wisely and dig into what no longer works for you.

Taurus, let yourself be seen. See your value through the eyes of others and let us see your true self. It's a study in the difference between your talk and your walk. Trust that giving comes 'round and turns into receiving. Use the current safety net to try a new way of expressing affection..