O Stars Above: Cancer Full Moon


Boxed In

We are barely back to work when a full moon comes blowing in that's guaranteed to have everyone feeling wired, reactive and boxed in. The chart looks highly structured but acts like a spider web where even small movements shake the whole while tangling us up. This moon in Cancer (Thursday, January 12, 3:34 am PST) rules mass consciousness and apparently, we are massively restless.

Other elements of this chart push us to express our independency - even if the situation calls for co-operation. The saving grace of optimistic Jupiter in social Libra brings good manners and civility back to civilization even as our hands are full juggling emerging awarenesses which will lead to new choices later.

The electrical agitation Uranus adds to the natural tension of a full moon makes or breaks us. A brisk walk around the neighborhood would do wonders to bleed the edgy energy off our poor nervous systems, but it's more likely that we'll surprise ourselves with unexpected...outbursts. (Oh, my!)

In headlines, the underbelly of society may rise up roaring as lion-taming, authoritarian figures, attempt to get unruly lions back on their pedestals. Add an element of deception to bossy behavior and the instructions in the Wizard of Oz to “pay no attention to the man behind the curtain” comes to mind. What we were counting on to save us turns out to be an illusion, “fake news” or only human.

The Capricorn Sun counsels us to think strategically with long-term goals in mind and reminds us of the resistance to any but the most conservative, co-operative steps we can make. The change we need most may be no change at all!

This moon activates a larger, wake-up pattern that began in April of 2014. It is a check point to see how far we've come in restructuring our lives, and society to reflect our authentic selves. It rattles our cages because we thought we had already handled 'that issue.' But, alas, adult life is a continual process of expanding awareness. Meanwhile, hold steady and be kind.

Horoscopes January 12 to 27

Capricorn, you shine with transformation and personal power. Check in with your nearest and dearest, though, and offer (and receive) nurturing care. Beware being an angel at work and a disruptive devil at home. Ambitions aside (just kidding), feelings lead the way and that's a new language for you.

Aquarius, your imagination bubbles over with information from the collective - take time to listen. What's your body saying? Pay attention and shake your booty because you need it to play the game of life. Eclipses head your way and people skills are mandatory.

Pisces, you're like popcorn so much is happening. Dreams, imagination, and creativity are driving you and it's FUN! You're taking a detour around the full moon's storm but stay close to your values in all areas. Kudos, Pixie-Person! Keep the good times rollin'.

Aries, doing your thing your way is your super power natural, but for the moment, consider co-operation and compassion as tools for leading. You can be 'ram-headed' but people at work and home have real feelings. Ease up! Intuition and imagination are on fire – you seem downright psychic!?!

Taurus, break out your cardigan and pretend you're Mr. Rogers. Your neighborhood pals need your kind heart to soothe the full moon craziness. Charitable and compassionate groups bring healing to your heart. Let those you deal with regularly know you appreciation them.

Gemini, so what's going on about money? Waiting for a loan or inheritance, maybe a raise? Feeling insecure? Manage your tension and give it time to come together. Intuition and flow are far stronger than logic now. Quit thinking (What?!?) and feel your way along for best results.

Cancer, you're cranking on four cylinders: self, relationships, home and work – the four biggies. Maintaining balance demands executive skills. Delegate and let others give back some of the care you give out. Stay in touch with feelings. Find the flow to get through. Then, spa day!

Leo, make resolutions about body strengthening: food, exercise and a long winter's nap. Emotional material emerges - take time to let it flow and feel the feelings. Set limits and expectations for the year using a calendar and to-do-lists. Eclipses head your way - you'll be ultra-busy.

Virgo, take time for light-hearted fun with casual friends. It will do you and your relationship good. Your main sweetie has your attention. Let that, too, be fun, playful and unstructured. Two years of deep work releases. Enjoy your reward for a job well done!

Libra, this moon has your number! You, work, home and relationships need your gracious, balanced and diplomatic approach. It's natural for you but won't be easy. You find the social grease to smooth the rails, but, then, schedule a spa day. You'll have earned it!

Scorpio, take a trip if at all possible. Even a short one – anything that lets you cruise along in the emotional, intuitive, go with the flow lane! If you can't travel, cut back on hard core responsibilities, hang with your buds, take a nap, lower expectations. Get strategic later.

Sagittarius, it's all about values, self-worth and money, honey. Stay in the game but if you must do something wild, crazy and fun, pick your moment outside of your responsibilities. Sounds crazy for you, but have you considered a yoga retreat? Think adventure with a loosely associated group...