O Stars Above: Aries New Moon

Excitement in Blossoming

No one is left out of the first New Moon of the astrological new year in Aries (April 15, 6:57 pm PDT). We journey again through the lessons of the Zodiac remembering our mission: to be the most radiant being we possibly can be. Here's inspiration from the ancient Inscription from the Oracle at Delphi:


Keep these Words, O, You who Wish to Know the Depths of Nature.

If You do not Find Within Yourself that which You Seek,
Neither will You Find it Outside of Yourself.

If You Ignore the Wonders of Your own House,
How do You expect to Find other Wonders?

In You is Hidden the Treasure of Treasures.
Know Thyself. And You will Know the Universe and the Gods.

To know ourselves, we must get real. Capricorn, the reality sign, gathers Pluto, Saturn and Mars to help us get down to it. And honestly, planets only get this real every twenty-eight years! Now is the time to upgrade whatever needs an overhaul in your life. Don't waste time in lose-lose situations. Use your hard won experience to say “Enough!” Re-invent yourself. Go for a cosmic make-over!

Saturn's reputation depicts him as a demanding, hard-core god forgetting that he also rewards adult action in the real world. In fact, he helps us undertake the tasks at hand! He reminds us to set limits and boundaries, do the work needed to build the lives we want and focus our energy, time and money to those ends. He empowers us to be the authority in our lives and if we aren't happy, make changes. Saturn, Pluto, or Mars don't promise easy, but they form strategies, are tough and get nearly impossible jobs DONE. Engage the challenge!

The new moon in Aries brings a powerhouse of dynamic, youthful outlooks to our mission. The radiant outwardly expressing Sun and the sensitive inner Moon (who knows the inner truth of what you will and won't put up with) are harnessed to the revolutionary/evolutionary intent of Uranus.

If we aren't dealing voluntarily with our urge for changes, Uranus brings it in unexpected ways like job losses, accidents, health issues, unexpected divorces, societal changes. Haven't we seen it all over the last eight years of Uranus' romp through Aries? As a society, we've taken his outspoken, in- your-face energies to the limits expressing opinions as though they are the only important ones while delivering them with the knock-out punches of a heavy-weight boxer. If you've unfriended family and friends and are sitting sad and lonely, make amends as AA says and clean up your overly enthusiastic (can we say bullying) behavior.

This moon's turning point comes bearing blessings from Venus, Jupiter and Neptune who reassure us that we are all blossoming into complete people, but at different paces. Perhaps knowing that allows us to offer compassion to all the other bozos on our bus.

How do you feel, behave or cope when your authority is challenged? Those reactions are a checkpoint in coming to know ourselves and discovering where our limits are and where we have work to do in order to join the broader society. We all have a right, and a responsibility, to know and heal our inner world so we can navigate our outer world and contribute as full beings to the Aquarian Age.

Horoscopes April 15 – 31

Aries, celebrate breakthroughs made over the last eight years. You are more capable of an authentic journey to full blossoming. Congrats and off you go! If your birthday is April 16-19, you're a work in progress and this moon has oomph in it for you! Keep on breaking free until next February.

Taurus, behind the scenes, things are trying to get you to moooove even as you look unruffled on the surface. This dichotomy calls for extra rest and quiet. Let go of outmoded beliefs that weigh you down. Upgrade to adult belief systems across the board. Too much indulgence is possible.

Gemini, what a relief, your buddy, Mercury, turns direct and you are good to go with a new spoonful of compassion for whatever and whoever is ailing you. Mingle with your tribe of friends. Possessions you share with others could be going through changes and forcing changes on you.

Cancer, close relationships and positions of authority put you in the spotlight and stress you in the process. Later in July birthdays feel this pull more. New boss? Or are you the new boss? How does that impact partners? You may be helping close partners take their next adult steps.

Leo, new ideas about old subjects open doors to possibilities. Pick the view that sets you free to be you. Then if you get applauded, you know it is for your true self. Fly free from ego-bound cages. Pretend you are young and just starting out - go for whatever feels like that!

Virgo, balancing your values with your partner's and learning to work together is a challenge.

But there is a release of energy available when you learn how to make it work for both people. Then instead of holding back yourself, you fly to new endeavors with more compassion, less nagging.

Libra, thank goodness for the spontaneity of your Aries partners who save you from weighing all the options. Just get up and go. You need the fun they bring as you find a storehouse of compassion for yourself – and them – even daring relationships! Inner work remodeling from childhood under way.

Scorpio, vigorous work envigorates you, especially if you are the self-starter in the work arena. Adulting in your home arena brings you a new sense of authority and presence. Simply put you feel more real and up to the daily tasks at hand. Early Scorpio birthdays feel the urge for change!

Sagittarius, go play! Be a kid! Find playmates. Take a risk, make a gamble. You've had enough adulting and you pay the bills, so if that's handled, give yourself a break! The down time resets incoming dreams and visions and you can't live without that. Then you can get down with new strategies.

Capricorn, what a powerhouse of planets at your fingertips. Inner renovation work proceeds but fresh starts are at hand. Some Cappies need the opportunities of responsibility in the world to find themselves. Some need to be responsible to and for themselves. Your roots hold the key. Steady on.

Aquarius, forging ahead in everyday life comes naturally to you and that is where your evolutionary instinct lies. Freedom? Or discord? It's a tough call because there are heavy hitters stirring up your inner world. Quiet and off-duty time gives you space to listen with your inner ear.

Pisces, you may seem meek and mild but you have a warrior's sense of personal values. You decide how to use your resources - time, money, energy, skills, creativity. There's a trend of faith and optimism even as you wade through some murky waters. Ultimately new beliefs set you free.